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Pumping through my veins is the remnants of an ancient bloodline. I am of the last of the nephilim, a race of giants; half fallen angel, half human. My family is among the last of the nephilim families left on this earth. If we die, our race dies with us
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The Wall

I'm not yelling, I'm just a little blind and mildly self deprecating. Regardless, have a good weekend.

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Hi RootHacker I finally got my openbox set-up fixed up as I wanted, I even put a slight change of shade in tint2 panel so I can easily see witch desktop I'm clicking on. Looks a lot like crunchbang.
And if you had not of helped me when the icons were too dark to be seen I never would have went back near it and set it up, thanks.

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perhaps u r aware of this and i am posting this after reading your status update. fascinating interview which includes annunaki, nephilim, and Michael Lee Hill's blood tested among just a few of the things discussed.

Michael Lee Hill Appears On Bill Birnes (UFO Hunters - History Channel) Future Theater Radio! - YouTube

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thanks for accepting :3
Thanks for accepting. thump_up
Hello mate! smile
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
Have a nice Day!
Welcome back. Good to see your Open for business sign back out at kat. clap
thx for accepting the friend request
Look whos back in town lol Damn nearly 6yrs you would have thought we would have found something better to do with our time by now...ahhh well shit happens lol hope alls well thump_up
I have, it's called being an illegal copyright violator who is probably being watched by the government for talking openly against them and spreading the truth instead of their lies...damn Illuminati.....**coughs** Oh crap, I meant to say all is well and its good to see you to buddy! lmaotitterrofllol
Mr. R00th4ck3r: Please turn your official illegal downloader's ID card in.
MoFo's2 you are BUSTED!!
And I am FBI, not Illuminati.
LRS = an even bigger downloader, and Heaven forbid.......an illegal contractor!
(I gotcha on that one.)
They are probably still picking up the pieces from Edward Snowden blowing their secrets out on video lol

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