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fuand37 • 21 Mar 2015, 15:27 Show comment
Merhaba Sitede Yükleme Yapamıyorum Ayrıca Bir Çok Türkçe Dublaj Filmi Bulmaıyorum
KangFuish301 • 17 Jan 2015, 05:37 Show comment
Congrats on all the achievements man! Had a great new years and holidays too, man. Good to hear me and you are still one year kickin' again. Take it safe man, keep it cool! Nice to hear from ya too!
Psycho12.57K • 31 Dec 2014, 11:50 Show comment
The new year is only half a day away, Mr. Chigurh! I hope it is a happy and prosperous one for you and your family! biggrin
IzabelAma934 • 21 Dec 2014, 21:27 Show comment
I love your siggy chuckle
ohyesitwill6892 • 22 Dec 2014, 07:20 Show comment
thanks hehe, i like it too smile

Psycho12.57K • 21 Dec 2014, 08:57 Show comment
I have to say, it's a weird one but I enjoyed it very much. Best line
You know what date is on this coin? 1958. It's been travelling 22 yrs to get here and now it's here and you have to say. Call it.

Have a happy holiday season, ohyesitwill6892 and a Merry Christmas!

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ohyesitwill6892 • 21 Dec 2014, 10:46 Show comment
hah i'm glad you watched it, i agree it's a weird one lol, but a very original one too biggrin
happy holidays to you and your family my friend wrong user link smile

-AquariuS-3246 • 20 Dec 2014, 14:02 Show comment
Merci d'avoir accepté la "requête d'amitié" smile
Psycho12.57K • 15 Dec 2014, 15:46 Show comment
Couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Chigurh. Btw, you've reminded me that there's one more movie I need to see. pirate
ohyesitwill6892 • 15 Dec 2014, 21:20 Show comment
anton chigurh's got some awesome quotes too you'll see biggrinpirate

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