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this is a crazy mixed up world.
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The Wall

Thank You luckyjim for your Thumb on my "Let It Be" Torrent.!!smile
I am amazed at all the dnldrs on my Beatles torrents! Never Say Die. To me they were the greatest Rock Band ever. A Buddy and I were the only ones that showed up years ago at our Iron Workers job, (yeop walking the beams at 18 years old, madgr8 experience though) so we were on the lift placing rolls of insulation on one wall, and he suggested we try to convince the other one if The Beatles were best or if The Stones were best, (I shouldn't say this but we each did a "windowpane" that morning before working, normal stuff for that era) We each gave our points on each band all day long working side by side going up and down the lift over and over for 8 hrs, screwing in the roll insulation, at the end of the Day he finally conceded and said I convinced him The Beatles were best..) Little known fact is that Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys watched for every Beatles Album as he considered them hard competition and he tried to outdo their Albums...biggrin He even had his Band in the recording studio standing in a small pool of sand for the Beach effect. Pretty much a genius but I heard he messed with the lsd too much and it made him paranoid, just like Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.sad
THANKS!! piratecool
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