Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence.
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The Wall

infoman6927 • 26 December 2014, 22:07 Show comment
Good to see you back on some walls! I hope you have a great holiday. Take care, my friend. smile
kakarote1835 • 27 December 2014, 14:40 Show comment
Have a great holiday, you too take care, my friend :)loveliness

Penguinpirate26.46K • 25 December 2014, 18:28 Show comment
How are you keeping? Its been a while since I seen you on, hope you have a great christmas and new year!
They gave us new smilies for christmas!!
But this guy, he just looks likes he is having a shit!!dohdoh
kakarote1835 • 27 December 2014, 14:40 Show comment
Thanks bro loveliness Same to you, and have fun. New smilies looks good.tmifubarrockswearfinger

Last edited by kakarote, 4 months ago

Penguinpirate26.46K • 14 March 2014, 20:41 Show comment
How are you my friend, it has been ages since I dropped in. 12th of October if I'm not mistaken!!titter
I just seen your avatar in my profile and thought shit its been a while since I seen that avy on when I was. Anywho just popping in to say hello(friday night verbal diarrhoealol) Have a good one pal, its St.Patricks day monday so happy Paddy's day in advancebiggrin
kakarote1835 • 31 March 2014, 22:03 Show comment
thanks for dropping by man. Really appreciate it. Hope you are doing well too winksmile

infoman6927 • 22 January 2014, 22:37 Show comment
You are staying very quiet my friend. wink
I hope that all is well for you. smile
kakarote1835 • 02 February 2014, 10:28 Show comment
yeah, everything's great mate. just busy in some other stuff. how r u btw? and happy new year bro wink
infoman6927 • 02 February 2014, 20:15 Show comment
All is as good as can be expected for me.
Happy New Year to you too. I hope that it a good one. smile

Penguinpirate26.46K • 12 October 2013, 04:31 Show comment
Hi Kakarote its bee a long time since I seen your light on my wall its good to see you on now. How are things? All good I hope, I've been getting the training for christmas this week it was my sons birthday last thursday and my daughter is sunday then just for good measure and in case you actually have money left its mt brothers birthday tomorrow. I couldn't make this shit up!! Any way enough of my crap I hope to see you back on soon or drop by my wall, you're always welcome my friend
kakarote1835 • 24 October 2013, 00:59 Show comment
hi bro, i'm good. hope u're good too. I'm just busy with some things here, and not getting enough time to check kat. but i'll surely drop by your wall soon winktongue

22mangles10.78K • 11 October 2013, 05:10 Show comment
Hi there, I was scanning through comments and noticed one about Anon comments,
If you like you can pop in to settings and check the box to disable Anonymous comments
It is a newish feature alot of people are taking advantage of , cheers
kakarote1835 • 24 October 2013, 00:57 Show comment
thanks for letting me know bro winkloveliness

ms5d4416 • 11 September 2013, 03:37 Show comment

Last edited by ms5d, 1 year and 7 months ago

kakarote1835 • 03 October 2013, 01:30 Show comment
thanks bro! wink
ms5d4416 • 04 October 2013, 02:32 Show comment
Have a nice day...smilesmilesmile
kakarote1835 • 09 October 2013, 22:50 Show comment
u too bro winkloveliness

infoman6927 • 23 August 2013, 22:51 Show comment
I hope that all is well with you these days. Have you enjoyed the time away from school?
kakarote1835 • 03 October 2013, 01:30 Show comment
everything's good man. wat about u? how r u? sorry for replying so late.
infoman6927 • 03 October 2013, 21:08 Show comment
Late?!? It only took you a little more than a month. tongue
All is good here too, my friend. biggrin
kakarote1835 • 09 October 2013, 22:49 Show comment
and by late i meant "Very Late".lol loltongue

Penguinpirate26.46K • 16 July 2013, 18:58 Show comment
Hi long time since I dropped by hope you doing Ok
And if your not fuck it, could be worse!lol
kakarote1835 • 03 October 2013, 01:29 Show comment
well, yeah i m fine; no need to fk anything lol tongue how r u mate?

infoman6927 • 22 April 2013, 13:56 Show comment
Are you about ready for a Summer break from all of your school work?
kakarote1835 • 24 April 2013, 17:37 Show comment
yeah, i'm excited about it.biggrinlol what about you mate? any special plans this summer biggrin
infoman6927 • 25 April 2013, 13:29 Show comment
I have been thinking about going to China. I promised a friend that I would visit, and I always honor my promises. wink

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