Who comes there?
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The Wall

Ui Kaede, kumusta ka na kapatid? Tagal mo nang hindi naka bike around our tambayan ah. PM me if you can.biggrin
Welcome to Weird World Wednesday KAT-Tastic-At-Least-It's-Not-Another-Hump-Day-Gif Edition
I know this seems a bit late but. . .
Rukawa, Rukawa, L.O.V.E, Rukawa! Rukawa, Rukawa, L.O.V.E, Rukawa!
ahaha... hello wrong user linksmile
Hey! I'll have Sendoh beat you up, Rukawa! loltongue
Oh no, not Sendoh! Guess I'll have to call on Hanamichi for help! haha titterlol
Haha! Hanamichi is no match to my guy. Sendoh's going to pummel that monkey into oblivion. tonguetonguetongue
I'm not calling help for me, but for Sendoh... titterlol
I can easily beat that broomhead and monkey together all by myself. titterlol
Yeah right. Keep on dreaming. Oh, by the way, tell Rukawa to wipe the drool off of his face.

Just a little inspiration. Have a great day, my friend!
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