I have lost my VUL status, wait for May 6th to hit back in normal form :)

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hello extremerules just waiting for your QUALITY rip of captain america civil war 2016..thanks in advance.
oh no i was just lookin for the once upon a time episode you do the avi format witch is all i download, hope u get sorted soon but mate vul status is really nothing when ur trusted on here by ur friends,i lost mine cause i was reported for not uploading an i am ex staff an i was sooo made i deleted all my uploads so i feel ya but really mate the ones who dl from ya no ur ok
yeah I was bit of emotional when it comes to losing hard earned VUL status. There are people like you around who always trust me and download my stuff. Thank you very much for your support. I highly appreciate that. Its a hell lot of money to spent for seedboxs and stuff to provide you good speed while downloading. Your encouragement is our only fuel :)

And finally, I will get your "once upon a time" series from next wek onwards. Happy? :)

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Please upload srivariki premalekha and nachavule from youtube bro.Really appreciate your work.Trying for those movies for a long time.Thanks in advance.This is my request please record and upload them.
You are a Good uploader extremerules36.65K . keep up the good work.

Keep 'em Coming Mate. smile
Michael Hayes' stories crack me up. The New Day Rocks. It's a shame WWE is PG cos I'm sure Godfather, APA, Dudley Boyz, The Fabulous Freebirds and all the rest could have let us have it all with their raunchy rated R tales. What I find disturbing tho is despite it being PG the Godfather managed to bring out the Ho Train while his kids were there. I mean, how does that make them feel when he's dancing with them?
"Oh god Dad. please stop, no... Great the Hos are here. Kids cover your eyes, quickly!"
Keep upping those early .avi files, you're doing a grand job.biggrin
A friend request is on its way to you right now.loveliness
Thank you for being my friend :)

Any Idea Where I Can Download The Evolve 57 PPV from?

Much appreciated.
love your latest upload, request if you can upload VA - NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL COUNTRY , all volume if possible, Thanks
I will try get it :)

You're my Thursdays AVI heroe !! I love you !! inlove
You're welcome lovelinessinloveboowink

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It's Thursday, no uploads tonight ? sad I really hope you're ok.
Yeah, I'm fine, just was busy travelling.
Let me know which TV show you're looking for.
Don't worry, downloaded mp4 file and converted it. My tv for some reason refuses to play mp4 files. It's just easier and faster to download the avi file directly. Thank you anyway ! boo
Alright fine biggrin However I have released for important friday shows.
Enjoy loveliness

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My system is exactly the same, only plays .avi files, so you're not alone.smile

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