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The Wall

thank you Extremely Dave for xcept!
Hello mate!
You are so lucky you got a chance to see DEATH live.Never came by my place.
Cheers and have a nice day ^_^
Absolutely, growing up in Buffalo NY I was priveledged to see just about every Death Metal band worth a shit, and a few that weren't. lol. Chris Barnes and Rob Barrett are still two of my closest friends, although I think Rob may be a little pissed at me. He got married last week and I was sick as a dog and decided I didn't want to get a bunch of people from all over the US sick and spread my flu, so I didn't go. Believe me, if I wasn't sick wild horses couldn't have kept me away. So many bands reunited there it was ridiculous and I think it ended with like all 18 of them on stage together. If you go to my profile there's an album of concert photos I have shot in the last 20 years, I'mm put some old Cannibal Corpse up , unfortunately I worked security for Death and don't have photos. L8r Bor...\m//
WOW nice pics dude!
Shit you have some cool friends!!!
Peace and keep on rocking and pirating ^_^

IDK what happened? Y is my font so small? I can'rt even read it, HELP!!!
It would be really cool if U could create a section exclusively for Android and iPhone Apps or create an Android/iPhone sub category under the main headers so U can browse like Movies, Music, Games...? wink Just a suggestion, keep up the gr8 work, U provide an awesome and necessary service to those of us who can't afford to pay for games, software or Apps and then find out they're not what we expected and eat the cost. dizzy
Anyone know why it says SPAM in a red ribbon whenever I leave a comment on someone's profile? It says anonymous too, but I'm logged in, WTF? huffy
Sorry you have to burn them to double layered DVDs not sure if you can use external hard drive
probibly not. I just need to pick up some double layered DVDs? Any specific kind, Halo 4 is like 18 Gigs.
Just found this thread for ya. You can use an external hard drive.

You'll need to JTAG your 360 and you can play your game from a memory stick or external hard drive.
Whatever U guys were doing the last week that was causing problems downloading torrents, requiring we use magnet links was well worth the inconvenience. Connecting to downloads is 100 X faster, keep up the good work guys, I really appreciate it. wink
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