find me on xbl as bi0t0xin, psn as b10t0x1n,PC Master Race, steam as bi0t0xin, twitter as biotoxin, facebook as biotoxin, vine as biotoxin, and really any time you see the name it's probably me.
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Born on: March 17, 1988
Sex: male
Country: United States United States
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Idea: Side menu upgrade
Idea: Various site upgrades
Idea: A p2p achievement

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Shunsui6326 Uploader 15 December 2011

The Wall

Hope you see you come back soon.
next year I'm inviting you folks to find me IRL and party
chicago was a bit of a bust, would've been better if I'd had more people to enjoy myself with, you'd think it'd be more of a party with so many drunk people walking around but they're all in their own groups, meanwhile I'm stuck practically babysitting some whining under age kids from one pizza place to the next
at least now I know from experiencing every deep dish in chicago that lou malnati's is in a league of its own far above the rest
Happy B'day mate

Thank you bLkBrG4154 for this picture
thanks for the accept ^^
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