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Newest member of the artl house. She is a 7 week old Yorkie. She weighs 2lbs which is less than a kilo. Her name is now BELLA.
rena13 8528 02 January 2012, 00:58
woof woof image image
artl 308 02 January 2012, 01:28
working hard to get her to eat right and be house broken. She is pretty much at home now. We are feeding her the same food that she has been eating, but she doesn't eat much. Going to be a serious lack of sleep.sadloveliness
rena13 8528 03 January 2012, 12:42
she'll be fine, I know.. you and J. will be a good dad/mum for her loveliness
artl 308 03 January 2012, 18:50
Last night was a tough nite, she was crying a lot. Today she started eating the food she is supposed to, one of the Science diets puppy things. Her biggest thrill is when I am walking without shoes or socks, she will pounce across the floor to go after my toes.
rena13 8528 03 January 2012, 22:56
lol i think that's what all puppies do. And you must be careful, cuz it will be around and you may hurt it, or you fall down cuz of it lovelinesslol
RonthePirate 3719 02 January 2012, 01:47
BlueLady 1224 15 January 2012, 13:05
awww, what a little
artl 308 15 January 2012, 14:20
She really is. Had to put a harness on her when we take her out because if she sees a neighbor she will run to them even if it means crossing the street. That is a little scary. Yesterday was the 14th day we had her. She is now 3lbs. Camera got dropped into the canal, so haven't been able to do anymore.cry
BlueLady 1224 15 January 2012, 14:29
Yeah, Yorkies are incredibly friendly, also very stubborn...and they do love a routine, my Mitzi was extremely stubborn when it came to house training, but we got there in the end..
Oh !! yorkies also dont like getting wet...there not swimmers like some
artl 308 1 min. ago
Today in the 21st day we have had her. Yesterday she went back to the vet to get some more of her shots. She weighed 3.4 lbs. She continues to love to attack fingers and toes and shoes and pants. She growls and then jumps at her target. Getting her to slow down on this She gets 1/2 cup of puppy food per day broken into 3 meals. It takes her about 20 seconds to finish. She knows where her food and treats are kept and if you go near either place, she will run to you, sit and stare at you.
artl 1/26/2012 Yesterday started using water guns to use when we say no. Any time she is doing something wrong we say No and squirt her in the face. She stops immediately. Think she is learning what No means. It doesn't hurt her. Now when we reach for the water gun, she stops.
Feb 17, She was born on Halloween. Today she weighed 6 pounds. Last Saturday the wife took her to be groomed. The groomer puts the little dogs in a rather large room were they get to play. Bella apparently loved that. She also was very good for the groomers. She is/was afraid of loud noises. The last four days we have been having two 80 foot trees cut down and she has gotten somewhat more used to noise.
artl 2/25/ She still thinks nipping at hands, feet, and shoestrings is great fun. I have several little bite marks on my arms and my shoe strings look pretty raggedy. Have a new NIKON AW100 to replace KODAK that got dropped into the canal.image
Mar 3/2012 Bella has been going for walks around the neighborhood. Every time someone is in their yard she wants to visit. She is a lot more under control . Tuesday she is going to stay for a while and play with other puppies at a doggie day care center.
Mar 12/2012 She went back to play place Thursday, she loves it and comes home exausted. Today she weighed 7 lbs. Tomorrow she goes back to day care. She usually walks 1 1/2 miles a day.
March 31/2012. She is 17 weeks old and weighs 8 lbs. We think she will get to be about 10lbs.
This afternoon she threw up 8 times in 30 minutes. Took her to the vet who determined that she had a certain type of parasite that attacks the digestive system. I probably comes from wild boars. My wife took her for a walk two day ago in a park that we find out now does have wild boars wandering around. She has some medicine and seems to be fine this evening. She is running around the house playing with her toys.
April 15/2012 She is 20 weeks old tomorrow. She now weighs 8.5 lbs. She can now jump on our bed which is 3 feet high. Her latest game is to figure out where you are going to sit and then run and jump on that seat. Cocker we had before would do the same thing. At doggie day care she usually runs around with the other little dogs, this last week they put her in with the bigger ones. She made friends with some kind of herding dog who tried to herd Bella. The keepers said that she had so much fun with that that she was laughing. I suspect she was avoiding being herded. She is very fast.
April 23 -Monday. This Thursday she is going to be spayed and her teeth checked out. Typically Yorkies can develop bad teeth and the vets try to be sure things work for the teeth. She barks at anything that moves outside the house, even people she knows. She still gets very excited when she meets new people and old friends.
April 26 - She was spayed and had 12 baby teeth extracted, they were blocking her adult teeth from coming out. She has one of the cone things to keep her from bothering her stitches. We take it off if one of us is with her. We got her 2 hours ago and she is pretty much laying down.
May 3. She began being perky on the 27th. We decided to take the cone off when she was with one of us. Wife got interested in something else and Bella ate her stitches off Saturday. Took her to the vet and she said it was ok . We keep the cone on full time. Last night I took it off and rubbed her neck and ears which she loved. Also washed it. Today the new car seat came and Bella went for a spin.[/img]
May 5 Today at the day care center, she jumped about 4 feet up in the air to get into my wife's
arms after the wife put her into the entrance to the playground. That was over a fence. Last night she got her 1st oral flea and tick pill, she later threw her dinner up, which the vet expected to happen with the first pill.
May 14.. On the 5th she was also groomed, they made her look like a Scotty.? Yesterday we went to Orlando, about 1.5 hours. She sat in her seat in the back and was very good. We visited a girl who we had taken in when she became 18. She is a very successful financial planner now. Her husband trains their dogs very well. Bella was pretty good. She was also good on the ride home. BTW Mark caught a 5 in shiner with a cane pole with bread. He put the fish on a casting rod and caught a 9 lb largemouth bass in 5 minutes from his dock. He used to have his own fishing radio program in the Orlando/Daytona area.
July 6 2012 - She is now 8 1/2 months old and weighs 8.5 lbs. She is still very sweet and very strong. On Tuesday when she goes to the daycare center she will jump a fence from the other dogs to be with the humans. She has made friends with several of the other dogs. She has several problems that we are going to work on. She barks at everything. Jumps on people. Has a temper, but you can talk her out of being angry fairly easily. The fireworks yesterday did not seem to bother her.
PS: She is the first puppy I have had and is the smartest one of the 7 or 8 dogs I have owned. She still thinks my wife is #1. First time that ever happened. Maybe because she is so smart?
July 31 2012 This picture was take in May when she was 6 months old. She had just had been spayed and had 12 baby teeth extracted.
She is now 9 months old and weighs 9 lbs, we think that will be her weight. She is very strong and smart. Her latest thing is chasing chameleons. She walks on the sidewalk to the dive way and then runs around the corner in the hopes that one will be sitting on the bricks on the edge of the driveway. We don't let here catch one because they are supposed to be bad for a dog to eat. Will take some more pics soon.
Here she is lying in a place that there would normally be sunshine, but it was overcast when I took the pic. This is in my office (extra bedroom) where there are 3 computers including the laptop the client firm gave me to use. She is laying in front of the blue stool that is 11 inches wide. She stands on the stool to look out the window that is right above the stool.
8_4_2012Today Bella weighed 10.5 lbs. That is larger that we thought she would be, she certainly is not overweight. She is in very good shape. She usually walks about 1 to 2 miles in the morning and spends 7 hours on Tuesdays at a Dog Day Care place, where she plays very hard with the other little dogs. I think a lot of her weight is in her leg muscles. Also she is very much into chasing the lizards and constantly figures out new ways to sneak up on them. Also this afternoon we were walking on our front walkway and their were about 20 1.5 inch baby lizards, think we had a baby lizard boom.
8_17_2012Last Tuesday Bella's mother had to man a booth at a school convention. So she dropped Bella at the doggie day care place and we put Bella's car seat in my Z28 convertible. I picked her up in the afternoon and she was a little hesitant because she had never been in my car. She does not like new things in her environment, but she got in her seat and all was fine. While I am working, she will bring me squeaky toys or balls so that we can play. If I am busy, she just sits there for a while looking sad.
10/10/2012Bella will be 1 yr old on HalloweenHer favorite toy is a pig about 5 inches long, it is orange with purple spots. It sort of grunts when she squeezes it. She likes to have me hold and squeak it and she will attack it. If I am in my office and I hear her making it grunt, I know the next thing is that she will come in and drop it on one of feet..
Bella spends about 6hrs one day a week go to a day care place where she gets to play with other little dogs, she loves it. Think she has been watching the boy dogs too much. When she goes to pee, she squats like other girl dogs, but lately she lifts her left rear foot about 2 to 3 inches off of the ground..
10/31/2012 Halloween Today Bella has her birthday and is 1 year old. Since we only feed her good stuff, don't know what to have instead of a birthday cake.
11/04/2012 Sunday Today Bella is going to the day care place and have her picture taken with Santa Claus. It is part of a thing they are doing for a charity. Picture with Santaimage

Bella's first month after turning one. November. Tuesday 11/6 3:am. to Friday 11:am Ambulance people frighten her when they bring the gurney thing into our bedroom past her little carrier. When they take me out I try to calm her down. She goes to her day care, when she comes home she looks all over the house but can't find me. The next day the wife needs to take her back to the day care so that Joan can do stuff needed. Saturday we take her back to the Day care so that we can leave early Sunday to get to Ft. Lauderdale to go on the cruise. She was there until Wednesday the 21st when we came back. Thursday we put her in the TRUCK (more about that later)
and went to Orlando, where we had Thanksgiving dinner with our adopted daughter Terry and her husband's Mark's house and our son Tom and his wife Jackie. Since they have a back yard that is fenced Bella had a great time running out of the house, jumping down the steps and running around an jumping back up the steps and going into the house. Afterwards we went back to Crystal River which takes about 1.5 hours. After that things returned to normal for her.

DEC 27 2012 It in the 40's so we put her new Christmas sweater on, she doesn't mind it.
JAN 5 2013 A neighbor passed out 2.5 ft helium filled balloons. Bella is terrified by it. When she sees it she growls and barks, she is also afraid of 2 elves that stand on our porch for Christmas, the are about 4 feet tall. The neighbors tied the balloons on doorknobs when the people weren't home. Now Bella sees them when she goes for her walk in the morning. She hates all of them and tells them so.
FEB 23 2013Bella had to go to her day care center Monday thru Thursday. We are having the kitchen redone. She would have spent the day barking at the workers. She still is afraid of anything she isn't familiar with. Construction is not due to restart until next Thursday so she will be able to stay at home. There are two lady electricians coming to run a new line for the combined microwave/oven. It need a 4 wire connectiion and the old stove used a 3 wire. If Bella acts up Tuesday, I will bring her into the spare bedroom/computer room and shut the door.
MAR 12 2013Bella has been going to the day care almost every week day because of the workers in the kitchen. She would bark at them because she is afraid of everything, but when she gets to know them she would just pester them by jumping on them to be friendly.
So far the problems we have had with the remodeling of the kitchen.
Box on ceiling for recessed lighting was severely out of square, the cabinet guy had to rebuild it to make it square because new cabinets have full doors that prohibit molding.
Sink bent. wrong kind of vent hood ordered. dishwasher and disposal wiring connections not up to current code.
APR 22 The kitchen is done. Wife loves it.
During this time I had spend time in the hospital for something called C.DIS, a terrible thing that causes all kinds of other things, became so weak, could not walk from the front door to our pick up even with three adults helping. During that time Bella had to go to the puppy play ranch a lot because of the kitchen and visiting the hospital.
SEP17 Recently one of our friends, Gail played with Bella by getting one of her squeaky toys and playing Fetch. Bella pounces on the toy and runs around a bit and brings it back to Gail. Gail has done that a couple of times over the last two weeks. Yesterday Bella was looking out the front door and noticed Gail's car come into our driveway, before Gail got out of the car, Bella had run to her toy box and got one which she dropped inside the front door and waited until Gail came in.
October 31, 2013 - Halloween Today Bella is 2 years old. After her morning walk she got 2 little rawhide bones rather than 1. She has several friends on our street. Whenever she sees one of them, she pulls very hard on her leash. If there are no cars around, I let her run to them. She is incredibly fast.
November 3, 2013 Today the doggie daycare center is having it's open house party. Bella will have her picture taken with Santa again.
October 31, 2014 Today is Halloween and Bella is 3 today. Last week we were in Sanibel but she did not want to go into the gulf, but did LOVE running on the sand.

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