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Season 4 date is Feb 19th 2016 SOURCE: Vikings FB Page [Video]
Vikings 26 min.
New Season Aug 22nd
Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice 20 hours
torrent "Life Below Zero S05E11 The Crash HDTV x264-FUM[ettv]"
Life Below Zero 1 week
This Thursday
Life Below Zero 1 week
This is true. I've seen a few articles from reputable sources (Nerdist, PC Gamer). Even legit users experience choppy gameplay and a 30FPS cap (although you can tweak it)
1 week
No Problem
andy54211791 1 week
Sorry guys: THIS JUST IN: NBC will CANCEL Hannibal after Season 3 Source: IMDB and Hollywood Reporter
Hannibal 1 week
Anyone post 4x17 Bait And Switch?
Wicked Tuna 1 week
torrent downloaded
should be 5x12
2 weeks
Season 9 Starts Sept 21st 8/7C SOURCE:
The Big Bang Theory 3 weeks
torrent downloaded
mislabeling the torrents also mislabeling the episode Season and Ep Number in the description
3 weeks
torrent downloaded
Didn't work. Asks for Play disc (CD2)
4 weeks
torrent downloaded
FINALLY Got it! Thanks SRIGGA_
1 month
This is Knockout Punch not 4x15 It All Comes Down to This.
SRIGGA_31.15K 1 month
Up to date
Filthy Riches 1 month
torrent downloaded
Can't seem to patch the program
1 month
Should be Aug 24th 2015
Bering Sea Gold 1 month
Hopefully this will catch fire like Life Below Zero
Dead End Express 1 month
Season 9 June 6, 2015
Ice Road Truckers 2 months
torrent downloaded
No Need to patch it when I did it I just installed it and it had Premium Version activated (I had an old version already)
2 months
yeah I got eps 3 and 4 from Solar Movies
Game of Thrones 2 months
They're legit
Game of Thrones 2 months
Winter Begins Early 2 Episodes Pre-Air Release
Game of Thrones 2 months
Yup just got 5x01 The Wars to Come
2 months
torrent downloaded
YUP It's legit! New locations in the main title (The Errie, Pentos, Winterfell Held By House Bolton) the first scene is the flashback scene with Cersei and Maggie the Frog
2 months
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