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The Blacklist 1 day
Life Below Zero 1 day
it's up
Nepotu36.83K 2 days
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REQ: NFL (11/23/15) DAL VS MIA BTIA STATUS: FILLED. THANKS torrent "NFL 2015 RS Week11 (22 nov) DAL Cowboys v MIA Dolphins 720p -OgreS2009"
Nepotu36.83K 3 days
Sorry guys. No Episode this week. [Source: Legends Official FB Page]
Legends 1 week
Alert: Big Chief was involved in an accident during a race on Saturday night. He is currently recovering with his family. Please share your good thoughts and encouragement here to wish him a speedy recovery! [Source: Street Outlaws Official FB Page]
Street Outlaws 1 week
Street Outlaws 1 week
I like it.
Idea: Saw 1 through 7 Achievement. 1 week
Heroin is worse.
1 week
Found 7x11 Grim Reaper (NEW EPISODE. A "Compilation"/"Best Of" Episode like "The Living Dead")
Drugs, Inc. 1 week
Also TWO New Episodes Nov 25th Euro-Coke and Business Behind Bars [Special/Best Of/Compilation Episode]
Drugs, Inc. 2 weeks
TWO New Episodes Wed Nov 18 Episode 1: Heroin Island, NYC Heroin use on Staten Island is reaching epic proportions as young users leave prescription pills for dope. Meet the dealers, police officers and users overcome by the opiate. Episode 2: Holidaze [sic] Follow the rise in demand for narcotics during Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Independence Day, and New Year’s Eve, through the eyes of dealers, law enforcement and users.
Drugs, Inc. 2 weeks
2x08 Area 51 Info on Tracheal intubation Tracheal intubation, usually simply referred to as intubation, is the placement of a flexible plastic tube into the trachea (windpipe) to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer certain drugs.
Scorpion 2 weeks
1x07 A House Is Not A Home Dual Tracking Dual-Tracking
The Player 2 weeks
idea "Cheevo: I Am Your Father"
andy54211996 3 weeks
This is 5x13 When Life Gives You Lemons (Last Week's Episode)
1 month
May be cheesy at first but give it a fair go of it and wait for it to flesh out.
Supergirl 1 month
Seems we got 2x01 Earlier than expected. Someone check them out make sure their Legit. Legends FB Page still says Nov 2nd
Legends 1 month
Sorry Jan 1st 2016
Sherlock 1 month
Jan 1st 2016 (Special Episode) The Sherlock special THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE will air 1ST JANUARY 2016! [Source: Sherlock FB Page]
Sherlock 1 month
NEW SEASON NOV 24th 9/8C [Source: LBZ Official FB Page]
Life Below Zero 1 month
I Am Cait Season 2 is a Go!
I Am Cait 1 month
Got mine today (99 Achievements +1)
Achiever 1 month
Episode 5 will be called "Safe Space" The new Whole Foods Market is asking a question that is making some South Park residents feel uncomfortable. [Charity Shaming] Subplot: Eric Cartman gets body/fat-shamed on Yelp & Twitter after posting a pic of himself
South Park 1 month
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