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The Wall

70 Gig? why not break it down to seasons? I want season
7 but is it worth sorting through this large a torrent? Please

Great British And Continental And War Railway Journeys - To Jan 2016

I did a test and 25 seconds from clicking download torrent to telling it I only wanted Series 07

Last edited by Slimoo, 4 days ago

Nino_Z1388 Wrote:
I wish the narrator would not have a speech impairment. Great upload, thank you!
Audio 8

Nino_Z1388 has been a member here for almost 4 years! You would think that in that time he/she would have read the rules, looked at Threads and Blogs, and learned that we rate the ENCODING QUALITY, not how a narrator spoke - or what clothes he/she was wearing, - or whether we liked the content etc.

Some people ALWAYS believe that they are correct and fire off a complaint about poor Torrent quality when there are already 30 people stating that the downloaded Torrent was perfect.

LOOK at the feedback from other people before you complain about the quality of a Torrent !!!

On the other hand, perhaps Nino_Z1388 has a HEARING impediment and could not hear the narrator correctly!


Last edited by Mayland, 3 days ago

anonymous wrote

Thanks a lot!!! For the new S05 season, Is it possible to encode in MP4 or MKV, in 720p ? Thanks in advance.


I wrote; KAT have invented this great new feature called SEARCH

dumbl31167 Wrote
Quality is not great, grainy and colors are off. You should better go for the HDTV RiVER/FoV/TLA rips..

So he has gone to a torrent that has XVID in it 10 times to tell you HD is better. What a fountain of knowledge.

But if you want higher quality then don't get HDTV RiVER/FoV/TLA as dumbl3 says, because the DVD was out weeks ago
emseateng201423 Loves the reseed button
I post a torrent and 5 minutes later he asks for a reseed
Over, and over, and over again he clicks that swear button
Comment is deleted
I wonder if he will learn to behave, now?

You kinda know when someone is that stupid he will always be looking for another way to show he can click a button more than another user

Last edited by Slimoo, 2 weeks ago

sanjitkhan67 could not find the reseed button because it has seeders so the button does not show. That means he\she sent a PM to reseed a seeded torrent


PM number 2
just because i wanted that torrent very badly and wasnt getting good speed. Never mind.

Last edited by Slimoo, 3 weeks ago

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