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Mayland2301 Show comment
Hi Slim,

I must publicly thank you for that huge "Boats & Ships" collection that you recently uploaded. I still have around 10% to download but I've already watched several episodes and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.

(edit - now all downloaded and seeding biggrin )

I can't even begin to guess the huge amount of time that you must have spent putting all those episodes together - just for our viewing pleasure. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your generosity in sharing your collection with us.

That collection will remain on my computer for as long as possible to keep that great Torrent alive and seeding.

Your video and audio quality is never compromised - always as good as the original broadcast. Always a pleasure to upload your Torrents.

Thank you, once again.


Last edited by Mayland, 1 week ago

Slimoo13.32K Show comment
Hi, welcome to
You appear to be rating a lot of good working torrents as bad?shocked
See here:-how-rate-torrents-please-read
I hope this thread helps you continue to enjoy downloading on KAT.biggrin
Angers4921.12K Show comment
Congratulations on your 1000 torrents uploaded, I am witness to the quality of your uploads, thank you.
Slimoo13.32K Show comment
Ahh that's only 1000 on KAT
I think it's more 5000+ in total
Demoniod was 3000 and that was not everthing I posted and that was a few years ago.

I am witness to the quality of your uploads

Thankyou I'm glad you enjoy them
If not I'll post a another one tomorrow til I get it rightlol

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