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The Wall

Thanks for the thump_up
Torrent: Lightnin' Slim - 1972 - (1992 Reissue) [EAC FLAC]
Thank you for the great tunes :)

imageGood Morning,my new friend SkyMtn...wave
Hello SkyMtn111.85K !!
Dropping by to wish you an wonderful weekend,...
Let's party!!!

They really have to be more careful when putting together a building! I think Escher is gonna get fired lol.
Have a great day!

Hello dear friend!
How are you? I hope it's all good!!
I'm feeling inspired lately,...
Questioning everything,...
...mostly about the universe,...
...human behavior,...
...and destiny,...
One of this days I'll lose my mind!!!
Anyway, I'm just passing by to wish you a great weekend!!!!

Yea...and I missed it.
At least you've got a nice picture chuckle
A rare occurrence. rock

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