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GARBAGE! Get a life, FAKER!
mersjere-107 1 month're starting resemble me. Welcome back to the Dead Green Zone!
BradsAnnoying64.95K 1 month
Hey, yeah! Five years! Cool, r00t, congratz!
r00tH4cK3r46.89K 1 month
Dragons: were they real? 1 month
My wife will agree 125% with you: they were real to her, and still are. She was born under the Dragon in the Chinese calendar. And shows every trait of it! (I am a Rat......extremely compatible couple) They were not here to dominate the Earth, but to help us in all endeavors we undertook. But we did not understand them, and killed them and drove them away. Somewhere they still exist, hiding away, waiting for the right time to come forth and help mankind like they used to do. We sure could use their help now, with the world in as much turmoil as it is. It may be a Dragon is Earth's last hope.
Dragons: were they real? 1 month
Pretty bad. But you Canadians really coped well! Kudos to you! Looks like our Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana: Or my old home town, Chicago, the Blizzard of 1967:
DISASTER!!!! 1 month
"aggravating blog"
S.A.F.C. 1 month
I think sz235711 is looking for the blog rules here.
S.A.F.C. 1 month
Hee hee! And the same ones that keep chasing parked cars. got it right, time for a blog revolt, instead of revolting blogs.
S.A.F.C. 1 month
So true, Mads! My ex was Jewish, I'm German. The very first time I came to their house, her words to me were, "Get out of my house, you dirty Nazi bastard!" OUCH! From then on, my name for her was "The Old Crone".
Man digs under house and finds his 50 year old mother in law. 1 month
I was 3 in 1951. I actually remember sitting on my parent's sofa and watching this show. It was on some big ol' clunky television set that didn't quite get the best reception. But it was ours! And it was TELEVISION!
Black and White 1 month
Mods have their own ways to check things like I mentioned. This idea is for us "commoners" that don't have X-ray vision. Thanks for the thumbs-up. Appreciated!
Idea: Feedback for reported threads, posts, torrents. 1 month
It's been awhile, but I think I joined because KAT's torrents kept popping up on searches I would make. And I would try them and they weren't fake! So I just started looking around on the forums, and here I still am 4 1/2 years later.
Why did you join and what was your first experience here on KAT? 1 month
Only two things come to mind: 1.) Good fences make good neighbors, and 2.) Bumpersticker I saw: "Some people are alive simply because it's illegal to kill them:. I'm lucky. We have cool neighbors now. They used to own a bar, so they LOVE to drink! And they buy! They got a dog, but it has adopted me as Grampa, so i can't help but like Duchess. No noise, no music. Ahhhhhh........the sounds of silence. Now the assholes across the street: They had Macaws! BIG ones! LOUD ones! The damn birds were so loud, we couldn't open our door for cool air, couldn't hear the TV. We had a beautiful site two weeks ago: a pickup truck drove away with the two squawkers in the back. Ahhhhh.......again the sounds of silence.
Neighbors: Can't Live with 'Em, Can't Blow 'Em Up 1 month
Wow, that hurts, man. Losing all that hardware, PLUS all those torrents. I guess you just have to pick yourself up and start all over. Oh, you might want to make a thread in the Hellenic community section too, if you haven't done so already. Once again, hope you get some new gear ans redo what you lost. Best of luck!
Notification 1 month
Doesn't she kinda look like JLo??
Do I got a question for you! 1 month
Gee, I guess they left out the part where they would put cocaine in the drink and give it to kids. Also, the old Coke was the best rust remover for car bumpers I ever used. Not to mention the fact that Diet Pepsi is now outselling Diet Coke. Ah well..........guess I'll just got get me a rum and Coke.........:lol:
Enjoy Coca Cola! 1 month
So very true. But there is a difference in the degree of the fault(s). Reagan had his faults. Clinton, Eisenhower, Truman, they all had theirs. But none of them put this country into a state of almost total communism. And yes, thank God it's his last term. Maybe we can still salvage ourselves.
Barack Obama - The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream) 2 months
I used to install those when I worked for Illinois Bell Telephone. That was hi-tech back then.
A few things 2 months
Paid agent?? r00t infiltrating our ranks?? OMG! Plain stupidity! Hahahaha!! I've known you for how long, r00t, maybe three years now? You're as much an infiltrator as I am a Staff member here! And as for Linux, yep, he's (IMO) the best Linux man on KAT. I would trust him 125% with my machine. Who's the jerk (s) calling you that, r00t? Probably some noob that don't know anyone or anything here. Oh, and BTW: congratz on getting Forum Mod back (again......and again!) :lol:
A few things 2 months
Andrew Jackson was a war hero against the British, during the War of 1812. Barack Obama is less than nothing. He is a Communist leading this country into the worst state it's ever been in. Every bill he's pushed through has broken the laws of the land, and violated our Constitution. The only reason he has not been impeached is, he has too many powerful people on his payroll. Oh, and it would be prejudice to impeach a black president. We only have two more years, America. Two more years of putting up with his blatent abuse of Executive powers. There's very little difference between running and ruining the country. There's more.....too much more to put here. But that's my rant. I don't get this upset over many things. But I love my country, and I hate watching it get ruined by a person that KNOWS he's ruining it.
Barack Obama - The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream) 2 months
Yeah, I agree with ZQ and Red. Once you get a sig, keep it up for awhile! Man, that would irk the shit outta me if I spent a day or so making a work of art, then some jerkoffer uses it for a week and gets his buddy to make another one. Oh, and of course, the buddy's sig looks like CRAP! And yes! Do NOT hurry the artists. Like the greats, they need time to get "inspired". Then to put their brainchild into pixels. Mads, I see your post of how long you've had Smitty's sig up. I would have had mine way longer, but I kept getting demoted and had to change sigs!! :lol:
Patience is a virtue (A rant of sorts) 2 months
Hey! You forgot the main badass Pirate here.......ME! :cry: :sad: Other than that, you've outdone yourself, Smitty. How many 10-spots did it cost you to keep them dancing?? And ZQ never cleaned up that good for me.........
Girls,Girls,Girls...KickAss Women.... 2 months
I say no. And the reason is, this could cause chaos on the site. Users will be muting for fun, when this is actually a form of punishment. If anything, the reasons given could be handled just as well by a Forum Mod on up.
Idea: Ability to self mute 2 months
Hey.......I'm gonna challenge him for that! :yes:
My Story 2 months
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