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My Native American name is "Works with Hands"

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The Wall

Happy Cindo de Mayo -- a victory over Napoleon

This is in Japan.

Cable Car in Japan

Georgeann and I have decided we would rather walk than ride in this monstrosity!
The Cat Stationmaster this is in honor of recently died. so sad. So popular that they did a train in the cats honor.

Last edited by CindyKAT, yesterday

Hi there RON!! How is the train project going??
Those are ADORABLE! That's a real KATtrain!
And mew mew mew on the top pic! I want them on my railroad.
just some creative internet searching :)

Dear KATylonians,

It's time to start with what you eagerly have been waiting for.
It's time to kick off KAT Avatar Theme Weeks!

KAT Avatar Theme Weeks #1 - Marijuana
Suggested by: MisterGaga62.49K


For More Info:
Blog: KAT Avatar Theme Weeks - The Kick Off
Thread: KAT Avatar Theme Weeks #1 - Marijuana

KAT Avatar Theme Week Idea By Bartacus49.63K
I couldn't sleep last night and ended up doing a google search of my surname, I already had my parents, grandparents and so on, back to around 1830-1840 and I found a site called and there I found some research that allowed me to follow back as far as the year 720!!!!!!shocked
Fricking amazing, I thought I might get a bit further but 720, wow!

Actually my surname was only first used during the 1100s, before that they didn't use surnames but they could link them back to 720 just by first names.
As it happens my second name was a name of some Irish chiefs that ruled a county in Ireland back then so it was actually easier to trace back. They even got a town called Bally(my second name).cool
Pretty cool I thought, but didn't help me sleep.
Thanx for the add!

Hey Ron, I just noticed your join date, I'm not sure but you might be one of the oldest users I know. I can only think of 1 or 2 others that might be here longer. Are you here 6 years or nearly 6?
I know 1 user that is here 6 years.

And how are you this fine day, young man?pirate
Yo... a captain to a captain ...cheers...rock
BeerBoobs! A delicacy where I come from. Yum yum.
They're a delicacy anywhere!!inloveinloveinloveinlove

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