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The Wall

Below was old Six Flags -- this is track for Seven Dwarfs coaster --

Now this is some track lay out -- three tracks crossing

Disney Roller Coaster Train

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Oh, man, I wrote that long msg and had no idea you were one of the tech geek geniuses! Teach me shit, PLEASE! Anyway, I really would love to chat, you just seem cool. OH, my b-day is a month and couple weeks after you (and about 30 years, hahaha tittertongue). You're my aunt's age and born in the same year as one of my all-time favorite poet/songwriter/musicians, Tom Waits! I LOVE KAT; the community, file-sharing, everything, and I'm a bit of an anarchist (unfortunately only realistic on the PC, now, as I'm not young and ideal enough to believe in Utopia anymore sad). I love freedom, and regarding info, the good hackers are the only ones doing anything about it, in my opinion, you know? So, I was no good at computers, but I took a Tech school program in the 90s (thank GOD) and since then, loaded with the basics, I've taught myself as I do everything else wink; gotta LOVE the research, it does a brain good (screw milk). Okay, so, again, Namaste, Asalam-Alaikam, Peace, and Shalom!
coolpirateTyphanei, the Punk Piratepiratecool
CindyKAT wants to play... there you go.... back on the tracks...

wow look at this track layout!!

May is International Hamburger Month
Woot, here it is... Vote now!!
in the strangest poll ever created!!

Thread: May 28 - May is Hamburger Month! NEW Condiments Poll#2

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