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Anime recommendation blog list

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Making this so I can put it up on my wall so peeps can see it.

Starting from newest to oldest.
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...ouni Kenshin: Reflection OVA
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda... Kenshin: Trust/Betrayal OVA
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...imi no Uso/Your Lie In April
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 31 Fate/Stay Night
Pringlescan Anime Yuusha no Estetica
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...ol. 29 The Pilot's Love Song
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 28 Sekirei
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 27 Golden Time
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 26 Otome Yōkai Zakuro
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...l. 25 Mezzo Forte/ Mezzo DSA
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...uunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 23 Saikano
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 22 Inuyasha
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 21 Samurai Champloo
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 20 Love Hina
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...nbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda... no Niwa/The Garden of Words
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 17 Heroic Age
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda... Cowboy Bebop/story thoughts
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda... Vol. 16 Kurokami(Black God)
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 15 Black Lagoon
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 14 Aquarion EVOL
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...13 Dance in the Vampire Bund
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 12 Trigun
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...Amagami SS & Amagami SS+
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 10 Guilty Crown
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 9 Rumbling Hearts
Pringlescan Anime of Zero/ Zero no Tsukaima
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 7 Cowboy Bebop
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 6 Blue Gender
Pringlescan Anime Recommenda...Vol. 5b Clannad: After Story
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 5a Clannad
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 4 Rurouni Kenshin
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 3 Freezing
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 2 True Tears
Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 1 Shuffle!

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Darn internet connection, can only see the cat freaking out posted by my dear friend CindyKAT31.58K ... or could the servers on here be overloaded? smirk

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Yes I guess I broke the servers. funkfunk

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Hello dear friend... oh dear, what is IT??

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Kat's first snow ball...

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Some flavors I don't want to try. Only in Japan. lol
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The shrimp one sounds good. I'm a huge fan of shrimp chips.
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I rather have fresh shrimps. smile

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Friends are precious... LIFE is precious

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No more dandilions till spring, let's hope for a short winterboo
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