The Wall

Thankyou so much for all your efforts!
Thank you so much, especially the ETTV. Coming here everyday hoping to find new monthly torrent. Bless you.
Tthank you so much for the Eckhart tv uploads. I guess that's your part in creating the "New World" as Eckhart calls it. Really really appreciate it! Many thanks from Bosnia!
nice job . The world loves you
Hello One_World:

If it isn't happening right now, I am asking for you to seed the current (June 2014) ETTV. I've been stuck at 69% the past few days and I need a little more juice to grab the whole thing. Thanks again for continually giving us the reminders to be present. :)

My seedbox has been down for a day, it's back up again. Here's a screenshot of my progress:
The month after next I will be re-subscribing to Eckhart Tolle TV, I might need some info on how to make a torrent of the content. Can you help with that? I an not completely computer illiterate so I'll just need a few pointers.
Stay in "The Now" my friend,
Hi -
Very nice. :)
Sure, I'd be happy to help, it is really easy so no worries.
I've resubscribed and I've purchased for download a back issue I wanted. March 2011, "The Teachings of Meister Eckhart". I'm going to try to put that one up as a torrent. If I run into any trouble I'll drop you a line.

Peace, One_World

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