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The Wall

Merry Christmassmile I was suppose to post yesterday so it would have been 1 year since the last post but i forgot lol
Merry Christmas image
love it! thank you!
and a happy new year to you <3

how are u enjoying the DCnU , have you any stand out books so far? tongue
I am loving them, thanks again for making them available!
Right now I am most interested in Catwoman and Suicide Squad - those are the two I've decided to purchase physical comics of (all I can afford as well!). I am also considering starting a third but the first prints are so expensive now...
I am also very interested in most of them so far, specifically: All Star Western, Aquaman, all the Batman, Blackhawks, Green Lantern New Guardians, Justice League, Justice League International, Mister Terrific, Nightwing, Red Hood, Static Shock, Superboy, all the "Super"s, Teen Titans, Voodoo and Wonder Woman :) Just to name a few, ha!
How about you???
yeah I am loving the new take on Catwoman as I have always been a fan its nice to see a new direction and as for Harley in the suicide squad I think she rocks and I hope they really get to use her as I think she has loads to offer( seeing as she may possibly have had a baby to joker at the end of the Arkham City game )
Batman and Catwoman tattoo
to be followed by
in similar style lol
hahaha i think i love you!
I'm gonna try and make up a whole sleeve of the DC couples in the various stages of love . so here's my idea Batman & Catwoman = forbidden love , Joker & Harley = Crazy love , Hawkman & Hawkgirl = undying love , Green Lantern & Star Sapphire = unrelenting love , Aquaman & Mera = conquering love , Green arrow & Black Canary = true love , Nightwing & Batgirl (barbara gordon) = plain old fashion love
so whaddya think am I on the right track ?lol
Right on! Except, I've always been more of a Batman & Batgirl kind of girl. I mean, Barb obviously has the hots for Wayne, and you know Dick has the hots for Barb, so that whole love triangle thing always really interested me.
What...Barb doesnt love Dickshockedtitter

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