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The Wall

All good.
To university einai ligo touph.
ti kaneis filos :)
Killer logo, I was lucky, I was able to catch DEATH back in the 80's at the Skyroom in Buffalo, NY, before Chuck got sick. Even better, he dropped his guitar pick right in front of me and I was able to pick it up between songs when the pit stopped for a minute. Must have been using it for a while, it's a green Tortex and it barely resembles a guitar pick it's worn down so much. Lotta grinding. The Skyroom was Amazing, it was Buffalo's answer to CBGB's or Whiskey. It was only open a few years, but it saw a lotta great shows. Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation and, The Goo Goo Dolls all started and were discovered there, I worked securitythe last 2 years it was open. I used to squat down next to the center moniter and had a partner on the other side, our job was to make sure no crowd riders knocked mic stands or anything over and keep them from bothering the musicians. We would give them a 3 count to dive back into the crowd or they would either be be escorted off the stage and back into the crowd, or they'd be tossed back in by either my partner or myself. We jad so much fun it was hard to believe they paid us to do it. I have aVHS tape of the last show before it was shut down due to complaints by the Dollar store below, who owned the building. They said every morning after a show there was plaster and ceiling tiles all over the floor that fell down because of the pit above. Too bad, in the few years it was open I remember seeing The Misfits (with Danzig), Danzig(solo), GWAR, Death, Metallica(with Cliff Burton), Sick of it All, Biohazard, KREATOR(Millie actually came with us to an after party at a friends house), Agnostic Front, Morbid Angel, Sepeltura, ICP, DRI, Faith No More, Testament, Death Angel, Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson(and the Spooky Kids), Lords of Acid, The Deftones and I could go on and on. The Skyroom is legendary, fittingly Cannibal Corpse was the last band that played on the last nightbefore it shut down. For about an hour after Corpse finished it was packed, people were taking souveniers, we were security, but we were so pissed off at the Dollar Store for shutting it down, we trashed the place. After getting everyone that wasn't an employee, or a good friend of an employee out, we hung out until morning drinking all the booze. I had the greatest souvenier, a couple of us went backstage to the dressing rooms and took pieces of the wall where just about every band that had played there autographed and wrote funny shit on it. It was cool, we divided it up between us. My piece had Sepeltura with a crazy cartoon drawn by one of them on it, Danzig's band with John Christ, Eerie Von and Chuck Buiskits, I don't even remember who all else. I miss it, there'll never be another club like it. To add insult to injury they reopened it as a Country bar, with a mechanical Bull and country bands. They had to do a lotta remodeling. because it was missing walls by the time we were done with it...lol
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