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Nice to see President Obama is taking CWERA to heart. With all my heart, I hope Congress will approve Republican Chuck Hagel's nomination as Secretary of Defense.
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
Next year we'll be importing them from China.
Sad Day for America 3 years
Red = blood (remembrance of lives lost to survive) Blue = royalty (the various lines of nobility that stretch back to ((in the west)) to King David or, arguably, King Saul) white = surrender (or peace) gold = eternity (it doesn't decay or oxidize) green = photosynthesis (obviously) black = mourning
Question 201 3 years
Yeah, I tried this once already but they just don't care. People on Kickass feel dis-empowered which is a self-fulfilling attitude. I have moved on.
3 years
Congratulations to President Obama on his decisive reelection. Kudos to General Petraeus for acknowledging and upholding the honor system by resigning his appointment as CIA Director. Fie on Secretary Clinton for clinging to her position as Secretary of State by effectively concealing her true power source (national embarrassment) thereby removing herself from peer-based performance review and enjoying an unmerited reputation of accomplishment and ability.
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
John Sanford, top of the list. Martin Cruz Smith, best of the best. Stieg Larson, Worth it even if you've seen the films.
Lee Child, Ian Rankin and Michael Connelly 3 years
I'm always open to suggestions.
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
Children's Rights. It's time that we face the fact that every time someone's "rights" become an issue, someone else's "rights" become imperiled. There are only so many "rights" to go around (it's like a pie chart, only so many slices). If gay "rights" go up a notch, it causes an equal slump in religious "rights". If victims "rights" become the hot topic, prisoner's "rights" take a bath. Equally, a rise in women's "rights" means, essentially, leaving children to fend for themselves (or in the trusted child care center). First we must recognize a "right" is an arbitrary thing occurring when the government steps in with legislation that allows individuals to use the court system to sue on grounds that are related to a legally defined group of people for causes of action that are not necessarily untrue fabrications of 'inequalities" created by polls and surveys and streams of public rhetoric (such at this one). "Rights" are the embodiment of squeaking wheels getting greased. There is one group of individuals however who haven't really figured out how to squeak loud enough to be heard above the other groups...these being, sadly, our children. Children simply don't know what their ""rights" are. They only know what we tell them. It isn't usually until high school that they become acquainted with the process of retaining counsel. And even then it is more of an academic understanding than a tool. Single moms pretend they are squeaking for their children when they are out campaigning for equal wages but at this point the problem has gone beyond the odd bit of grease being able to fix the problem. What we need is new legislation. (Insert satirical emoticon). Unfortunately, I'm being serious here. Of course it is a unwieldy assignment for the state to pretend it knows how to compel its citizens to protect the "rights" of their own children. And so, after some thought, I am going to introduce the Children's Rights Act. (CRA). At first glance it might seem that Children's Rights are well (or well enough) protected as they are but in some instances we are only talking about greasing wheels and not about real legislative maintenance of changing and challenging moral issues. So, what "rights" should Children have? And, more importantly, how can those "rights" be legislated? At the top of the list, high above anything else, a "right" which seems to have been overlooked in the mad scramble for legal abortions and no-fault divorce and the bennies of gay marriage, is; Children should have the "right" to two loving parents. Bang a gong. Of course, in a free society (in our free society anyway), the government cannot compel people to wed or to remain wed, however (and here's where the legislation comes into it) the government can craft tax laws that will tend to benefit, not just couples who shack up with papers, but couples who assume the responsibility of raising the citizens of our future generations. So it would work like this: married people, the biological parents of up to two children, earning less than $50,000 a year would pay no income tax. Those with two children earning between $50,000 and $100,000 would pay income tax on a sliding scale. Couples with more than two children would lose this benefit and pay regular tax (the regular single/jointly/with dependents taxes). And everybody else would pay regular tax. Simple, no? The idea is, as much as a government reasonably can, is to support two loving parents and work to reduce demographic warfare and religiously inspired overpopulation. Wedding vows would, in effect, be amended to read until the children achieve majority rather than death doing us part. Parents would be encouraged to work through the shortness of their honeymoons and act like adults and concentrate on their kids. The government would be acting on its own behalf to create a somewhat elite group of well balanced, patriotic individuals able to lead us into the future. Comments? Squeaks?
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
It's the rainy season here in Penang.
Question 176 (for PiratMas) 3 years
With the world idling at the crossroads heading to war and to peace, I would opt for the realization of the Provisional Articles Relating to the Cessation of Hostilities and the Creation of the State of Palestine. (ref. KAPP) War sucks. Peace is nothing to be afraid of. KAPP KAPP KAPP.
A Novel Idea? 3 years
I'm off to Thailand for a visa run. Back in a few days.
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
No question about it; The Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. The whole story of mankind is right there. It amazes me how few people have read them as the trilogy they are meant to be.
Favourite book? 3 years
Doesn't make much sense about Breaking Bad unless it was pushed out for trivializing or glamorizing the drug trade. Seems like Walt was heading for trouble but it would have been in character for him to get out of it in style. Miss that show.
Question 172 (for PiratMas) 3 years
I like this one, it is moving toward the concept of humanity as a single organism.
str8's Famous Quote Of The Day Thread 3 years
Let me amend this: Slavery dispels knowledge the way starvation erodes a healthy physique.
str8's Famous Quote Of The Day Thread 3 years
High Hopes.
Question 171 (for PiratMas) 3 years
You are such a man, :D
Ahh which One will you choose if you've a chance.... 3 years
Coming back to life.
Question 171 (for PiratMas) 3 years
Slavery. We have allowed ourselves to become shackled to a narrow definition of this concept created by past political purposes. The threat of civil disobedience on the home front remains the bottom line when reason fails. The juxtaposition of moral values from exporting state to importing state and from one historical era to the present day confounds understanding. Lost is the remembrance of 'white' slavery among the early generations. Absent is any appreciation of the cost in blood of the efforts of the rulers of this land to lift up those caught in the web of world politics from their condition as landless, homeless, wordless laborers to this pinnacle freedom that is our President Barack Obama. More than ever it is time to ask what you can do for your country not what more your country can do for you. We are at the verge of becoming ourselves the slaves of China and Russia and if you do not as a country awaken to this fact the sacrifices of our fathers will be for naught. KAPP KAPP KAPP KAPP KAPP.
If KAT was a political party, what would be its platform? 3 years
Quite honestly, any role other than who I am would be a demotion.
Ahh which One will you choose if you've a chance.... 3 years
Ultimately every breath you take and every step you make is a gateway.
Is cannabis a gateway drug? 3 years
Black coffee.
What are you drinking right now???? 3 years
What do you want from me?
Question 171 (for PiratMas) 3 years
Often enough I think fear is the most effective tool that politicians possess.
str8's Famous Quote Of The Day Thread 3 years
If we accept the fact that everything House said was created by a roomful of writers with days to craft each situation and consider the angles of each witticism and take his intelligence at face value, then, indeed, compared to him, the vast majority of people could be considered stupid thus validating this quote...however, in the real world, I think a person like House would benefit immensely with a few days with the Dog Whisperer.
str8's Famous Quote Of The Day Thread 3 years
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