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Well Hello There

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Anyone that doesn't know me I am Jesterz7369 . I am a 2 year member of KAT and a proud member at that. I will help anyone that asks and will upload anything if you ask nicely. Let me be the first to say I am a tempermental bastard but probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but do not piss me off because I can also be a complete dick. When I first started on this site I was helped by 2 people hunniboo11.49K and L4zyBear21.28K (R.I.P. bud and you're still missed). They helped me alot and so I try to pay it forward any chance I get. This blog will probably be attacked by the blog busters but I am okay with that because I wanna sticky it and I just got my blog rights back so I hope all goes well there. I have a long history here , Some Good & Some Bad but thats me a Living Ying Yang. If you need any help pm me and I'm there. Hope everyone has a good day and all that fuzzy stuff.



Oh and just because I love this gif



and tell me this isn't funny as hell

I wanna post more but I don't want to write a novel.

Sorry Pringles for knocking of this Blog

p.s. Ausy please unblock me so I can post on your blogs and stuff

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The Wall

Hi mate..
Thanks for being my friend.
Use my torrents (Recommended)enjoy content (Mandatory) thankx for add image
It a great place wish I would have hooked up soonerpirate
Thanks for accepting. Hopefully it is not -8°F where you are at.

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no just 3°F here

Merry Christmaswaveimage
The Pumpkin King, Sandy Claws!
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