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zombiRG Updates

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zombiRG has undergone some insane changes as of late. We lost quite a few encoders, however, we will still strive to upload content.
There are a few more changes coming in the future as we modify what was zombiRG.
You will still get your fix of classic and 80's horror but also something newer thrown in to the encode mix as well.
If you have any sources to offer or anything to request contact [user]https://kat.cr/user/zombiRG/[/user] As always we are looking for skilled encoders to upload and share content, however, we do not do this for fame nor money, it is strictly to share content that is hard to find on the p2p world.
Enjoy and seed!

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Hey hey Horrorhound... I,m pleased you took my invite, I think your picture up top is wicked but I checked out your albums and found nothing really worthy to your name... I like the era, type of pictures and art above and I think if you add to your portfolio I,m sure your fans/friends would be grateful... Please don't take this as criticism it's just that I,m hooked and need to see more. Lol
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Please upload the anime series of "Fate Stay Night" !
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Extremely Important Spam For Anyone Reading:
Request: Legend (2015) Released 9th September.
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Thanks to acceptsmile
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