Prime Minister - Dodgy Dave

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The Wall

Your request East West The Dark Side has been deleted by Gooner15.01K for the following reason: .
Well well well since he became a Rocket Scientist he's got 15k of rep dulllollol
Kit KAT Chunky?? bandit

You can say much about our Admin, but he gots muchos humour tonguetittertitter

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What happen to Mr.Gooner464.66K ? tittertitter
let me guess he'll become A Former US president next monthlollollol
"Full English Breakfast" smile

Eggs and bacon? With orange juice? thinksmile

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Well he just got promoted, againdulldull

i think that he poisoned the Admins and didn't told em and when they demoted him he revealed his master plan and if they wanted the antidote they had to promote him again, permanently promoted lollol

You evil genius fubarlollol

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