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Peace my friend :wink:
EDGE3355 3 years
Ummm.. Is that you aSBo ?? On the right ?? :titter:
3 years
The sharing of tools for Hacking Accounts just encourages more number of people to use these tools.. This is quite different from sharing E-books for Hacking,which mostly involves Ethical Hacking or the guidance for your protecting your own systems,not hacking someone's personal accounts. There are many tools available on the internet for hacking accounts and they can be found one way or the other,but sharing it in a torrent(which is the hottest thing today),just makes it so easy for others to get access to such hacking tools and use 'em for the wrong reasons.
Hacking torrents 3 years
My deepest Condolences friend... I never got to see my Grandpa.. Its hard to bear a loved one's absence.. My heart goes out to you and your family.
This is a sad blog 3 years
Umm.. Yeah, I couldn't find any more mooses to eat.. You're the only one left.. I spared the best for last. Any guesses what my next move will be ?? You better watch your back... You never know what can happen to you.:titter: And I don't eat kangaroos anymore, I suffer from gas troubles.. So, no.
EDGE3355 3 years
torrent downloaded
Awesome Quality... Thanks :biggrin:
3 years
Adding his 5 Moves of Dpom.. I think Cena goes to sleep at 8 PM with his bible, milk and cookies. I feel Teletubbies are more dangerous than Cena :titter:
EDGE3355 3 years
Change your Avvy 1st :titter:
3 years
This thread should be moved to Free Speech guys :)
Just a quote and a Salute to all the war vets. 3 years
There are lots of torrents on the Internet, but they're all fake. So,you just need to have some patience for this movie. When there is a legitimate copy available (Be it CAM or Dvdrip), it"ll be Uploaded over here.
3 years
Here you go :) torrent "Saving hope S01E11 FASTSUB VOSTFR HDTV XviD-PROTEiGON"
TV Show Request 3 years
PM'd ya :)
Official Movie Request Thread 3 years
Congrats.. Well deserved :biggrin:
Thhaque413.85K 3 years
i hate all my avatars... they make my ar5e look big... :titter: TB write some blogs and i`ll publish them if people here have no objection. :wink:[/quote] Bring all his blogs, PM's are also welcomed.. Is TB browsing Anonymously ?? :titter:
3 years
Super User babbby... How many times huh ?? There should be an aSBo Achievement for so many Promotions/Demotions.. :titter: Really Happy for you:wink:
aSBo14.83K 3 years
yeah i agree about the avvy change it back TB... add a "TB avvy revert" poll option i`ll vote then... :titter:[/quote] I never liked Avvy's with Cars or bikes or any vehicles. I don't know, a Robot is a better idea. TB's lost it in this Top User drama. A poll about his avvy change is a good idea.
3 years
There are already so many Titles that you can earn over here.. Adding another title "Top User", will just create some confusion with SU as I don't find any difference between them. Adding Top User is of no purpose whatsoever. So, No from my side bud. I like the Idea of Bubs for Super-Uploaders based on their Reps or No. of Uploads(Atleast 1000), that could work. Those guys don't have any part in the forums, but they're big time uploaders. That could work. You know, I really admire those users who Upload some good stuff as well as participate in the forums.. Its like a complete package. Obviously, you want to be a Super User(who doesn't want to ?) I'm not a Staff Member or Mod, but I think you were doing a good job in the community so far,but now seems you're pushing to be a SU, just my opinion. You mentioned that Dedicated, Hard working Users should be called Top Users, but thats just what a SU really means. And let me tell you, Uploading has nothing to do with SU status,believe me. I started uploading after becoming a SU, just to contribute a little more. If you want to be SU, just work for it pal. Good luck. And yes, but your old Avvy back on(That skull), that was more cool :wink:
3 years
Kill me.. Now !!
gimme your top 10 ... 3 years
BUMP :titter:
SPAM SPAM SPAM - For Just Raving On About Nothing! V2 3 years
Bang Bang Bang.. Whooopiee !!
SPAM SPAM SPAM - For Just Raving On About Nothing! V2 3 years
By the way, I had a moose for a Breakfast yesterday.
EDGE3355 3 years
I'm here just for the Blogs.. Seriously :tongue:
Why do you think KAT is such an addicting site? 3 years
No, we know you won't self delete so easily.. Even if you do,you're gonna browse as Anonymous for some days.. And then make your triumphant return for the 62,834 time.:titter:
Why do you think KAT is such an addicting site? 3 years
You had your dose of Viagra bruv ? Otherwise its gonna be useless being here:titter:
Why do you think KAT is such an addicting site? 3 years
VUL ? Maybe. SU ?? Definitely.. Spamming images and having high reps should be added to "How to become a SU Thread". It was "Earned" before, now its just Awarded. Really unfortunate.
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