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The Wall

hi, any chance to you could re-activae the Hazell Dean torrents that you previously had active. thanks wave
Have a great night!
Hi matey!
Have a great day!!
Conhe├žo essas siglas,...tittertittertitter
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Stoppn by to say Hi
G`day bro ... how can i search the torrents u have uploaded ... im chasing up as much AUSSIE HIP HOP as poss bro ... can u help me out with any links etc to get as much AUSSIE HIP HOP ... i just downloaded and SEEDING Pupose_and_Confidence-The_Purpose_of_Confidence-2012-FrB n its fkn awesome ... im not an artist im just a mad supporter/collector/hoarder of aussie hip hop bro ... i have a fair bit of signed up CDs n Merch from artists all over the our great country ... hard copies are heaps better naturally. but if u could hook me up with links n stuff would be dope as ... mad respect bro from Barnzee
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