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Thank you and have a GREAT weekend!
Darius19543820 17 hours
GREAT one! Thank you VERY much!
Darius19543820 1 week
I like it!
Idea: Cheevo for cheevo day(achievement day) 1 week
I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the weekends for my dose of Calvin and Hobbes! Thank you!
Darius19543820 2 weeks
It's Halloween, the weekend and Calvin and Hobbes!! YAY!!
Darius19543820 3 weeks
YAY! It's the weekend and that means Calvin and Hobbes!!! :)
Darius19543820 1 month
It's Friday with Calvin and Hobbes!! YAY!! Thank you once again!!
Darius19543820 1 month
A WONDERFUL idea! I personally am aware of breasts all year round!!
Darius19543820 1 month
YAY Calvin and Hobbes! Thank you and you do the very same!!
Darius19543820 1 month
I thought I had seen them all...don't remember that one!
Darius19543820 1 month
It's the weekend and no new Calvin and Hobbes...sniffle...
Darius19543820 1 month
LOVE these Calvin and Hobbes strips!! Thank you!!!
Darius19543820 2 months
Read my blogs...:)
Darius19543820 2 months
Darius19543820 3 months
I am well...how about you?
Darius19543820 3 months
Calvin and Hobbes is my very FAVORITE!!!!
Darius19543820 4 months
I am well, Innocent.Baby...and how are YOU???
Darius19543820 4 months
Hi Innocent. Baby! It's so nice to see you again!! :)))
Darius19543820 6 months
Good idea...
Idea: You'll always be my brother ...ent for tribute Paul Walker) 6 months
I am fine, Darling Girl...how are YOU?
Darius19543820 7 months
Yes, Comrades...a day for the Workers!
Idea: Achivement for May Day (International Workers' Day) 7 months
I am just peachy! And how are you?
Darius19543820 7 months
But I want to be you....can't you be someone else, please?
I Refuse To Be Anything Other Than Myself 8 months
I'm right here, my little blood-lusting love muffin! :biggrin:
Darius19543820 9 months
Hi, Innocent.Baby....long time no see...:biggrin:
Darius19543820 9 months
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