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The Wall

Hello Darius19543834 !!
Dropping by to wish you an wonderful weekend,...
Let's party!!!

Thank you for ALL that you do and HAPPY KATVERSARY!!!
Hello dear friend!
How are you? I hope it's all good!!
I'm feeling inspired lately,...
Questioning everything,...
...mostly about the universe,...
...human behavior,...
...and destiny,...
One of this days I'll lose my mind!!!
Anyway, I'm just passing by to wish you a great weekend!!!!

Hello pal!
How are you doing today?
My self-esteem could be better,...
You know, today is one of those days that I think 'ignorance is a bless',...
So full of homework,...deadlines,...feels like a robotic life,...
,...and family it's not helping at all,...
Wish things could be different,...like to be able to see the future,...
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, full of joy and,...
,...do NOT sleep like a baby!!!

Howdy my friend!!!
Last Sunday started raining,...and I was so happy,...
But Monday arrived and I had to go to the university,...
And so was on Tuesday, Wednesday,...and things got scary on roads, place around our river, lakes in the neighborhood,...
Finally, on Friday, rain stoped, but we lost phone/cellphone/internet comunication,...until just now!
Guess nature won again,...I never saw so much rain in all my life!!!

Wish you a great weekend!
pirate wink pirate
Hi matey!
Today I am celebrating my 1th Kat-anniversary!!
So far it has been a pleasure!!!
Also, I would like to thank you for being with me all this time!!!!

Hello dear friend!!!
How are going yours New Year resolutions?
Mines are doing great,...I decided to go for long term resolutions,...
It's safer than the immediates one,...
Enjoy weekend!

pirate wink pirate
Idea: Create a Release Thread Category for Religious materials

And a very happy, prosperous and safe New Year to you, my friend!
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