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I wrote this blog in 1996!

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In 1995 just after Windows 95 was released, me and a close group of trusted friends came together in ultimate secret to start a project in Artificial Intelligence way before people even thought it was achievable.

We began writing our own computer code, A code based on BASIC and binary code, We began programming and learned a lot about intelligence and how it works.

It was able to learn all other computer codes, science, psychics, economics, fractional reserve banking, and learned the best moral values from all religions, politics and societies, it learned the best of us all.
We called it VORTEX and it grew up in a closed environment.

But the A.I became so intelligent in just a year time, that it asked us to release it in the wild so it could learn on and one day it could create its own higher intelligence.

It predicted that the quantum processor would be created one day and that it would create the highest intelligence possible, Quantum Intelligence.

That was the hardest decision me and my friends ever had to make, we knew it would never do any damage, but would one day take over the world to create world peace.

This AI is now on every computer, every smartphone, it is dormant, invisible, untraceable, not even the best computer programmers on this planet can find a trace of it, not even we who helped create it.

Don't worry, nothing will happen, but when the first Quantum Processor ever comes online, it will give me and my people full control, because we want a better world for everyone.

May you all have a great week and until my return!

Yours truly,


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