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The Wall

SirSeedsAlot107.29K • 02 July 2015, 17:56 Show comment
Bubanee165.8K • 03 July 2015, 10:38 Show comment
LOL.. dead set you could make a story with some of those songs with titles

Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
With Body and Soul
16 and Single
Wishin' Well
Spirit in the Sky
Always Makin' Love LOL

Hawkbk471 • 02 July 2015, 13:46 Show comment
Hey there ;3
Bubanee165.8K • 03 July 2015, 10:38 Show comment
How's it going :)

JGung3 • 30 June 2015, 07:30 Show comment
Is it okay to convert a FLAC file to a MP3 file?
Bubanee165.8K • 30 June 2015, 08:20 Show comment
it is perfectly ok to rip a FLAC to mp3.. :)
FLAC is just like a CD as in Lossless :)
Secludish7561 • 01 July 2015, 03:46 Show comment
I would fire your secretary! Unless.. well you know yes
Bubanee165.8K • 01 July 2015, 12:23 Show comment
I can't fire SirSeeds tittertitter
ZombieQueen57.69K • 02 July 2015, 20:12 Show comment
He really does look good in a short skirtroflroflrofl
Bubanee165.8K • 03 July 2015, 10:39 Show comment
fk,, tittertitter

welxiii0 • 28 June 2015, 17:50 Show comment
hi! do you have the best of spiral staircase? Thanks
Bubanee165.8K • 29 June 2015, 06:41 Show comment
no sorry on that one..

JGung3 • 28 June 2015, 03:51 Show comment
Can you upload a new Artist? His name is Leon Bridges :)
Bubanee165.8K • 28 June 2015, 09:48 Show comment
Leon Bridges - Coming Home - 2015 AAC

Flac and Tracks

JGung3 • 29 June 2015, 06:39 Show comment
Many thanks! :D

sundox31.57K • 27 June 2015, 18:04 Show comment
PirateAlex1110 • 26 June 2015, 17:36 Show comment
georgezra0 • 26 June 2015, 05:42 Show comment
Jimi hendrix Experience- Axis: Bold As Love ITUNES PLUS AAC M4A Thanks
georgezra0 • 26 June 2015, 06:09 Show comment
Dont worry i fond this

georgezra0 • 26 June 2015, 03:35 Show comment
The Fratellis- Here We Stand (Itunes Plus AAC M4A) Thanks!
Bubanee165.8K • 26 June 2015, 10:52 Show comment
8B6E84AC1BB29246196DDA25CA92F5A1F3E290BE - ALAC - Discography

that's all i could find..

Secludish7561 • 25 June 2015, 07:17 Show comment
Heyas.. Got a Req for you.. I am wanting to "redo" my Floyd collection. In your op... whats a good Discography to look at..
Some seem incomplete and others have misnamed albums dates etc... not a purist in most respect but to Floyd I am..wink
Pm is open or come by here few times .. as time is .. well time. ha!
thanx upfront ..works for me as hate going to the back door WITHOUT the front.. ;)
Kids got me in Florida for 2+g's in old beach house. Never came back out the front? hrmm ha!lollol
Bubanee165.8K • 25 June 2015, 09:01 Show comment

these are mine..
Secludish7561 • 26 June 2015, 21:48 Show comment
Outstanding.. Was gonna nuked thew whole 40gb directory but now have a great base to work from. thanx! PMd

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