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just to say thanks

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MASSIVE thankyou goes out to ScallyScouser78.52K for getting me up and running with a computer, even for getting my hopes up regarding delivery times... you got lucky ;P

Big thanks to to George for all my music requests. not failed to deliver yet! although i completely resent him for the name change, i got so confused :( (and again hehe)

i think MoonChild19.81K needs a big thankyou from everyone possible for his constant upkeep of the release date threads, found here so if you have a spare few seconds then please head over to his wall found here and drop a thankyou note :)

also Eppo77.07K for being the best mentor a man could ever have. Plus, he's handsome.

* Eppo nearly falls to the floor, not only his body being touched, but also his soul. Still shivering Eppo looks how bradSleeps walks out the door. Confident, but not arrogant. He admired him more than he ever did before and had just one wish - to be like him. <-- Eppo - 2014

another thanks goes out to ausy50.28K for his flac stuff, my music has never sounded better :) head over to his uploads and grab stuff, make sure you seed!

also a massive thankyou goes out to each and every single member of the mod team :) you guys rock!!!

oysters, cage and cockles!

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am comin with ya brad they just dont care about us lets join up all the elites that made this site work as it is now lets not forget us all ....till we meet again mate respect to ya
★★★Have a Happy and prosperous New Year !!!★★★
Merry Christmas mate... To you and yours...wink
Merry Christmas! loveliness

Merry Christmas BradsAnnoying95.11K !
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