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The Wall

Yeeti2270 • 26 Sep 2015, 23:14 Show comment
Beolab170048.36K • 09 Sep 2015, 22:30 Show comment
GodAndUlster10.07K • 06 Sep 2015, 00:59 Show comment

Beolab170048.36K • 04 Sep 2015, 01:29 Show comment
shebra17.63K • 03 Sep 2015, 00:12 Show comment
Thank you for the add….it's a privilegelovelinesssmile
BigKevMinn13 • 02 Sep 2015, 13:42 Show comment
Just wanted to say how much i appreciate all your work and effort. Your tastes match my own very closely. Thank you so very very much.
Beolab170048.36K • 02 Sep 2015, 22:23 Show comment
Welcome. Enjoy!

Sebastian196968 • 31 Aug 2015, 16:04 Show comment
Thank you for being my friendsmile
ThatsMine882153 • 31 Aug 2015, 07:48 Show comment
Hello first off big fan of your uploads and thank you for taking the time to share with us.

My question for you sir before i grab your http://

I saw in the comments section you mentioned possibly uploading them in 320 kpbs as well do you still plan on doing this?

I usually prefer to have my music in this format (dont have the space for flac) and while there is an uploader on kat that has the u.s. albums in 320 his source is itunes so wasn't sure if that would effect quality in any way.
Beolab170048.36K • 31 Aug 2015, 20:51 Show comment
Files that clam to be sourced from iTunes in 320kbps are 'fake' transcodes. iTunes does not release files above the average 254kbp.

I'm afraid I won't be releasing MP3@320 for this as, look above, my hard drive failed and I no longer have them.

I did upload the FLAC files, if you can't find them all here you probably will from my other accounts. If 320 is how you want them ( MP3 variable is the best for the format, read up on it ). Simply download the FLAC's then re-code them yourself. Lots of free easy programs for doing this on all the major Operating systems. Simply do an internet search.
ThatsMine882153 • 01 Sep 2015, 00:13 Show comment
Thank you for your response I feel dumb not seeing that giant message about your hard drive lol. Sorry to hear of the hard drive failure.

Thank you for the info on the transcodes i wasn't aware makes me wonder how many "fake" files i got in my music library doh

I have tried doing some research on it before but gave up out of confusion and just went with 320 by default cause its the highest bit rate so figured cant go wrong haha.

I have read various forum posts regarding which format is best (aside from lossless) and always saw mixed responses. Some people rave that 320 is the way to go others say aac 256 or VBRV0 which i see Bubanee often use's. From what i gathered they say this because your ears cant tell the difference between 320 and VBR and with 320 cbr it makes the file larger when encoding dead space or ambient noise. While i have space limitations now the extra few mb per file doesn't bother me much just want to get best i can without going lossless.

I don't have the sound system or proper headphones to do testing at the moment so i just go with 320.

You mentioned Mp3 variable is the best is it because of the reasons above? or you find it to sound the best? Im curious because i see you upload both variable and 320 and you seem to upload high quality stuff so i gather you probably have the equipment to test it.
Beolab170048.36K • 02 Sep 2015, 22:17 Show comment
"the difference between 320 and VBR and with 320 cbr it makes the file larger when encoding dead space or ambient noise"

Hit the nail on the head. No point encoding 'dead space' at full bit rate if it has nothing to say wink

True 320, usually encoded from FLAC files retains the best but fills unnecessary space. True VBR retains the best but doesn't overfill the container with something that's not needed for the format. I'm aware that I do a lot of 320's but that's a case of 'giving them what they want'. VBR is best for the format. The sound quality for either ( providing they have been correctly encoded.. not transcoded ) with be exactly the same.

Oh, yes, it never hurts to ask thump_up

Last edited by Beolab1700, 1 month ago

ThatsMine882153 • 04 Sep 2015, 02:01 Show comment
Ok cool thanks man I appreciate you setting the record straight for me now i'll just have to make sure i pay better attention to what the source of the file is i'm downloading so I don't get any transcodes or files that aren't true 320 or true vbr.

I may look into the spectral analysis stuff so i have piece of mind as well. But i think as long as i get my music from you i will be alright rock

Last question i promise lol Do you have any recommendations on spectral analysis software there seems to be quite a few or are they all pretty much the same? Thanks again for all your help Beolab1700
Beolab170048.36K • 04 Sep 2015, 19:04 Show comment
Lots of other excellent uploaders that are trust worthy. I won't mention names because I don't wish to upset anyone by forgetting them titter I could say the same about bad uploaders too lol. Up to you to find and decide the good from the bad.

Here try , but make sure you fully understand what you're looking at. Remember recordings that are 40 years old just aren't going to reach modern standards even if the rips are excellent. thump_up
ThatsMine882153 • 05 Sep 2015, 04:16 Show comment
gracias amigo !

Beolab170048.36K • 29 Aug 2015, 01:34 Show comment
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