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The Wall

Sr.Dr4cuLa11.8K • 17 May 2015, 22:35 Show comment
Have a great day my fiend.
Beolab170041.84K • 18 May 2015, 16:28 Show comment
titter my rep precedes me wink

JimmyRJump4630 • 06 May 2015, 15:45 Show comment
Must say the coppers don't like your advice. Everytime I'm at a crossroads I get on all fours to lay my ear to the ground on the white stripes, but the silly arm of the law takes me away every time... crybiggrin
Beolab170041.84K • 08 May 2015, 16:30 Show comment

fotm19601671 • 30 April 2015, 07:39 Show comment
Thank you for accepting me! pirate
Sr.Dr4cuLa11.8K • 25 April 2015, 17:47 Show comment
Have a nice day my friend cool
Beolab170041.84K • 25 April 2015, 22:25 Show comment
smile right back at ya buddy wink

primusDK398 • 16 April 2015, 17:57 Show comment
I realy hope your ok buddy, not that i dont miss your uploads but your health is more important.

Get well Please.
Beolab170041.84K • 16 April 2015, 21:24 Show comment
smile thanks brother, just about over it now.. not been around much 'cause, hey, there ain't been anything good to upload for ages.. can't really see myself upping pop, or god forbid rap.. can you imagine? lol
primusDK398 • 17 April 2015, 04:30 Show comment
I am pretty sure that we cook our food from the same kind of pot. HA HA HA

I'm also pretty sure that our parents hate our music just as much as we hate our children's or grandchildren's music HA HA HA

The circle must go on. biggrin
Beolab170041.84K • 17 April 2015, 07:47 Show comment
I dunno, I think when you compare it to the utter shit 'kids' listen to these days ( grumpy old man mode ) at least 'our' parents music can actually be considered music. titter
primusDK398 • 17 April 2015, 07:55 Show comment
HE HE HE True I'm almost 60 and i to am in ( grumpy old man mode ) some times.

Beolab170041.84K • 17 April 2015, 07:57 Show comment
GR8FL_LWYR17.54K • 23 April 2015, 21:35 Show comment
I dunno, I think when you compare it to the utter shit 'kids' listen to these days ( grumpy old man mode ) at least 'our' parents music can actually be considered music.

lol, reminds me of South Park S15ER07 "You're Getting Old"

Randy: [mimicking an elderly man] "Back in my day our music was better! Not this garbage the young 'un listen to. Warber warber warber.
Jake_Buss997 • 17 April 2015, 17:16 Show comment
What about uploading some dance or trance?chucklechucklebandit
primusDK398 • 18 April 2015, 06:12 Show comment
I Love to hate it. lol
Beolab170041.84K • 18 April 2015, 22:51 Show comment
ditto that lol

wondermouse1 • 15 April 2015, 18:17 Show comment
Hey Beolab,

Please get well soon!

Your recent torrent of Millions Like Us is amazing. Unfortunately some of the tracks have digital artifacts in. I've posted the 2 i found so far as a comment. Any chance of a reup, or a Flac version and I'll reconvert for you to reup?


Beolab170041.84K • 15 April 2015, 18:51 Show comment
pm sent

JimmyRJump4630 • 04 April 2015, 08:51 Show comment
Hope you get better soon Beolabski... thump_up

And I also hope you'll upload those Bad Company deluxe editions in FLAC rock
Beolab170041.84K • 04 April 2015, 15:40 Show comment
me too.... and hopefully, fingers crossed.

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