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Due to a hard drive failure I'm no longer able to help with re-seed requests... so don't bother asking titter
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The Wall

Konstantin923 • 22 July 2015, 15:29 Show comment
Thank you for being my friendsmile
Beolab170045.2K • 18 July 2015, 00:26 Show comment
Where's all the good music gone?... I dunno, but when I find some I might upload it titter.. damn there's a drought going on.
AyrtonCar1629 • 10 July 2015, 17:17 Show comment
The comment about how you clicked on the Jurassic 1080 copy just 4 weeks after release knowing you would see down votes is totally on point. If someone isn't willing to be appreciative that they are getting the copy months early then I dont see how they would ever be satisfied.
Beolab170045.2K • 10 July 2015, 18:12 Show comment

maxblues26.06K • 08 July 2015, 10:31 Show comment
Hi! Sorry for your HD failure, it's a real nightmare dizzy if I can help you to rebuild your amazing collection - don't be shy to ask pirate

Last edited by maxblues, 3 weeks ago

Beolab170045.2K • 08 July 2015, 17:10 Show comment
thanks man smile
maxblues26.06K • 08 July 2015, 20:24 Show comment
You provided KAT community with thousands files of high quality music. I guess we all owe you ... so we all should help together, that you can grab the stuff you lost. I tried to imagine, what this would mean to me ... A NIGHTMARE! I suppose it's hard enough to get an overview, what you have lost .... If you know what you need, send me pm .... GOOD LUCK
Beolab170045.2K • 08 July 2015, 21:17 Show comment

RobBanks1129 • 06 July 2015, 19:44 Show comment
I Truly love all the work you do..
Keep on uploading, & ill keep-on seeding

Last edited by RobBanks, 3 weeks ago

Beolab170045.2K • 07 July 2015, 07:31 Show comment

Mughal12518.68K • 01 July 2015, 20:46 Show comment
Please read Phishing attempts
and then help spread the word if you're willing to
Beolab170045.2K • 02 July 2015, 09:01 Show comment
I'm already well aware thank you.

Kyle-E2460 • 27 June 2015, 15:22 Show comment
"Elite Uploader"... What a sexy user status titter Congrats Beolab170045.2K !

Last edited by Kyle-E, 1 month ago

Beolab170045.2K • 27 June 2015, 20:09 Show comment

ultramoom4638 • 14 June 2015, 20:32 Show comment
Sorry about your hard drive failure -- I know that's a pain to deal with & hope you're able to recover without too much difficulty.
Beolab170045.2K • 14 June 2015, 22:23 Show comment

Thanks man, I guess uploading music that I like and listen to has its advantages. I can grab my own torrents.. and my upload list is VERY helpful for remembering it all titter... needed a clean out anyway.. six copies of the same album was a tad excessive lol
ultramoom4638 • 15 June 2015, 12:05 Show comment
I have the same feelings about my book uploads -- that's my long-term list of books I want to read. And I can listen to the great music you have provided while I enjoy my books.
Beolab170045.2K • 15 June 2015, 14:28 Show comment

skycop5145 • 13 June 2015, 07:47 Show comment
I wonder why so many downloaders put music that is not complete? Now I own most or all of the Beatles, so let me lay that out first. But....
Why a waste time for me, do you notice this also?
Beolab170045.2K • 13 June 2015, 17:42 Show comment
what ARE you talking about??
andyt10005651 • 14 June 2015, 19:40 Show comment
lollollolEh!,thought I was off my head reading that.
Beolab170045.2K • 14 June 2015, 22:23 Show comment
not just me then lol
ZombieQueen61.44K • 18 June 2015, 18:31 Show comment
So many "WTF'S?" and so little timelollol

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