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I can feel the Spirit ! Suddenly this morning... uploading Music Box Nutcracker Suite, and...

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It hit like a snowball in the face this morning.

It's cold ... real cold here... and we've had snow on several days lately, the mountains are covered. (ok, that's "relative".. I am feeling the cold .. but I am sure some of you would think I'm a whiner)

I've received a "Reseed request" for my Porter Music Box "Sounds of Christmas" torrent this morning, so I uploaded the Porter Music Box "Nutcracker Suite" album, as well as restarting the "Sounds of Christmas" torrent. But to do that, I had to look up information on Tchicovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" history... and BOOM ... the "spirit" just came in with a rush. ***sigh***

SO.. we now have 2 music box collections for the holidays up, before long, we'll have Windham Hill's "Thanksgiving" album ... a classic that I was able to buy NEW from Amazon yesterday. I'm waiting for that to arrive around November 30th. I'll upload it soon as I get it. I was pulling together all my Windham Hills music albums yesterday, to see what I got, and I discovered that I now have 25 Windham Hills albums. I tried downloading the Windham Hills Chill (2 CD) album from KAT yesterday, but it's a dead torrent, so I went to Amazon, and "Amazing Grace !!!" they have the CD (used). I'll hve that one soon here, and I will re-upload that album here to replace that defunct torrent.

But what I'm really excited about is uploading my entire Windham Hill collection. I think I'll upload that today separately from the Thanksgiving and winter "Chill" albums. Can't wait for those to arrive, but since they won't be here for a week or so, I'll share what I have for the moment..... Oh! And many thanks to SirSeeds for sharing with me his Windham Hills First Ten Years (2 CD) album - that I discovered 2 days ago (but he uploaded it back in January). I'm a little slow sometimes here.

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