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Why do you engage in piracy? Why indeed! Seems we do a lot of soul searching on this

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Well, here's my answer...

Let's look at this question closely, shall we?
First, what IS piracy? Well, that depends on who's doing the talking, partly, and also who is defining the term.
By definition, "piracy" is theft. Internet piracy is the theft of intellectual property.

What does piracy cause to happen? A LOT of grief, for those whose property has been stolen...and a good deal of resentment & anger for those who have lost what is theirs.
The unspoken element in this kind of transaction is the 3rd.. the reason that people decide to engage in the risky business of piracy. The WHY....

Now THAT is a complex question, involving moral judgments, as well as practical considerations.

Historically, the incidence of piracy as a social phenomenon tends to rise during periods of great inequality among peoples. When the large majority of people are able to find work for pay, and get adequate pay to meet their living needs with something left over for "wants", then piracy is not as popular. But when governments engage in practices that force people out of work, force more of us into impoverished conditions, or simply miserable conditions, we become angry and we take action to improve our lot in life by means that are not sanctioned or appreciated by those who hold the power to rule, or the monetary power to buy whatever they want and live as well as they like.

Piracy is a defining statement of the extent to which our societies have become polarized between the "Haves" and the "Have-Nots" ... between the "rich", and all the rest of us.

Piracy is a declaration of war against institutions and societies which engage in willful oppression of the Common People through political and economics systems that deny decent people the chance to survive, and to live well... and to meet our needs in ways that are sanctioned by our society & our government. Basically, if "they" will not allow us to earn our way in life and to live decently, respectably, to engage in sanctioned barter for the goods in our lives, then eventually "we the people" must resort to piracy to get what we need, to have the life we are denied, the "Good Life" - by the arrogant few who are holding the majority of the world's wealth.

YES, piracy robs the starving artists, the writers, the performing artists the wages they deserve to receive for their efforts. But piracy is merely a fraction of what is being stolen from them by the governments which oppress us, and the societies which are set to function as discriminating centers of privilege and inequality.
So Ultimately, the shoe must fall on the other foot.

Everyone knows the "old saw," "Which came first, the burglar or the law man?" I think we all need to recognize that laws, and lawmen, are the products of governments, and societies, which promote, maintain and abuse the common people to their own benefit, and to our suffering and our loss. So it it NOT just the artists, the performers, and the writers who are suffering from the conditions which result from piracy, from theivery, from rebellion against the "rich".

No man gets into Heaven, but on the arms of a Brother.. and we all suffer.. ALL OF US, from the conditions which cause piracy. And those conditions originate in the halls of our Congresses, and our Palaces. When my brother sits down to dine at his feast, while all his cousins, nephews, and common folks outside his doors have no bread to eat, and no warmth from the winter chill, then the conditions have been set for anarchy and rebellion.

Piracy is, essentially, a declaration of war against the unfairness and inequality of our societies, where the Rich Get Richer, and the Poor can go to Hell. And THAT is why most of us do not feel the least bit guilty about engaging in it!

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Hello dear Bayfia28.03K !!
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Hello dear Bayfia28.03K !!
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Now that is a genius answer to what is piracy and this pretty much justifies why we all do what we do at or any other torrent site for that matter. Though is the best followed by & Pirate Bay. Bayfia are u sure this post is not plagiarized?
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