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The Wall

Awwww if only they would claw your face off if you touch them lollollol

Remember this one...used to LOVE this stuff

Last edited by katja1976, 5 days ago

rockrockrock timeless classics!! nice one, girl!!

lollollolclap hilarious!! I actually did get shitfaced and am now paying for it. So illfacepalm
pickle juice, 2 raw eggs, horseradish, and 6 beers. You'll be right as rainlol
I presume that is to make me spew so i will feel betterdizzytitter

roflrofl so disturbing...someone had no taxidermy skills. Water tank is cool biggrin
I thought the tank looked stuffed, with them holes in it, and the red healer looks like it has worms or mange lollollol

Last edited by Feralpatch, 1 week ago

killer...missing disco...missing stroboscope
1993....back in the days when we were young...

1983....back in the days when we were young
Been thinking about them. will post some in Radio Tardis :)

Sorry..i am a bit busy this week...but i'll post some nice stuff in between for ya..won't forget youwink
Yay, hat to be forgotten
No worries. Killing it in thread! loving Eat Static!! great stuffsmile

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