[UPDATE] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 1-to-12 [v. ] (RUS)

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[UPDATE] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 1-to-12 [v. ] (RUS) (Size: 303.15 MB)
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[UPDATE] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 1-to-12 [v. ] (RUS)

UPDATE 1-to-12
cumulative patch (includes all previous updates)
Update Version: (RUS)
Version Required: Any (RUS)

New features:

- Ability to choose the legendary difficulty.
- Legendary skills - skills to pump up to level 100, you can make legendary. This will reset the skill level to 15, and will return all abilities, thus allowing the re-skill to influence the growth of the general level of character. In essence, this new provision removes the limitation of pumping overall.


- General stability improvements and memory consumption.
- Fixed a bug where the script of the task is not completed execution correctly.
- Satellites will now wear the best armor and weapons, if they give them to.
- Fixed rare bug where a player could learn a shout Clear skies during the quest "Throat of the World."
- Fixed rare bug where it was impossible to defeat Alduin during the quest, "The Curse of Alduin."
- Fixed rare issue where the player is trapped in coffin of the Night Mother during the quest "Death incarnate."
- Fixed rare issue where secure satellite could die from poisoning with poison.
- Fixed a rare bug with some handfuls of ashes of the resurrected characters - when they are not cleaned properly.
- Fixed a rare bug when after using fast travel next to the player characters and creatures appeared.
- Fixed rare crash when entering the Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood.
- Fixed rare crash when entering the home player.
- Random dragon attacks will no longer occur during the quest "The Battle of Vaytran. "
- Fixed rare crash when you try to save jobs during the "walking nightmare."
- Fixed a bug where the task "Honor undead" does not begin if the player fought Yorlundom gray mane.
- White bottle can no longer be used by satellite player if he is to give it.
- If a player marries Euler, the job "Totem Hirsina" will be available.
- Unused heather heart can now be thrown away after the job "White bottle."
- Fixed a bug where a player paying for crimes against the Companions, could no longer take their job.
- Secrets Thieves Guild now properly appear in the respective cities.
- The ability to "dragon bones and scales" now works properly when making potions Esberna.
- Condition cave Kregsleyn reset when the player gets a random assignment it clean.
- Fixed rare bug where goals jobs bounty not cleaned after completion.
- After passing the Thieves Guild encrypted diary Galla is no longer a quest item.
- In the job "look under every rock," Vex now take unusual stones if, prior to the job they collected all.
- Vökel Warrior now gives quest reward "Games with the dead."
- Fixed rare bug where it was impossible to pass the stolen items during the quest, "Theft adventure."
- Fixed a bug where the satellites became overloaded after repeated recruitment.
- Fixed rare issue where progress tasks "Blade of Darkness" is not increased if a player Grove Keane came on horseback.
- Fixed a bug related to the receipt of duplicate random tasks at earls.
- Fixed a conflict related to the stripped sanctuary Driftsheyd start the quest "In Skyrim, restless."
- Fixed a bug where the use of Screams in prison led to the fact that the guards unlocked the cell door.
- Fixed rare issue where quest characters do not come to the job location.
- Fixed a bug where characters did not sell the master level spells.
- Fixed rare issue where control is not returned to the player in talmorskogo embassy during the quest "Diplomatic Immunity."
- Fixed rare issue where player's home after improvements there disappeared containers.
- Fixed a bug where the player mistakenly attacked in the form of a werewolf during the quest "Call of the moon."
- The Ebon Blade now affect only the ability of two-handed weapons.
- Closed door "tall steeple" can now be opened up the keys.
- Fixed a bug where the merchants do not get extra gold after taken by the player the ability to "Investor."
- Fixed rare issue where a player could learn a word, if a few days left the place the quest "The Way Voice."
- Nordsky bow hero can now be improved.
- For taking the ability to "Clean" is no longer requires the ability to "experimenter."
- Fixed rare bug that did not properly apply the 'embrace of love. "
- When the crypt Frostmir north task "Pale Lady" now starts correctly.
- Fixed rare bug where the player could not talk to Atouba to start the job "cursed tribe."
- Fixed rare issue where in the world the job "Um Madman" could appear dragon and kill the player.
- Fixed a bug where the player could not leave Caprice Japheth.
- Fixed rare issue where not Argneyr Rapid Charge taught player.
- Fixed a bug related to death Sinding before the job "Call of the moon."
- Harold can now train skill players to 75.
- Fixed conflict with a visit to the job Kartspayra "Wall of Alduin."
- Reduced intensity of attacks the player dragons using rapid movement after passing the story line.
- Hired Blades now has the appropriate dialogue while staying at the Temple of Heaven Harbor.
- Fixed rare bug where in the job "Totems Hirsina" player sent to the wrong cave.
- Fixed rare error in the job "Bring a book," occurs when finding the book to take the job.
- Fixed rare issue where a player during the passage of the job "Diplomatic Immunity" appeared in talmorskom Embassy together with the satellites.
- Fixed bug with incorrect operation of the ability of "Complete "that ignores some of the armor.
- Fixed bug with incorrect operation of the ability of "good equipment" that ignores some of the armor.
- Fixed a bug where some characters were killed in a bear trap, during the passage of the job "time of hardship" .
- Fixed an issue where players sometimes get stuck in the doorway to the dungeon Volundrung.
- Imperial light armor can now be forged in the smithy.
- Fixed a bug in the job "Debt Wald" in which the level of the Wald has not increased accordingly.
- Fixed at which Vilkas not welcomed properly after the player "Battle of Vaytran."
- Fixed a bug with the characters brought to life by the power of Ritual stone.
- Fixed a bug where the ability to "ancient knowledge" does not calculate properly.
- Kings Palace now patrolled held on the second floor.
- Reduced likelihood of the boot screen with a werewolf while in the player in the form of a werewolf.
- Flute Pant is no longer a quest item after the quest "Flute Pant."
- Placing on the shelf unread book Oghma Infinium no longer gives the player able to use it again.
- Adjusted dialog priorities to increase the chances to hear phrases from the relevant combat some of the characters.
- Fixed a problem with high damage if dropped on the higher difficulty levels.
- Corrected collision at some sites.
- Fixed rare chance of couriers dressed only in the hat.

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