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Top 1000 Techno, Trance & Dance Collection [Vol 02] [SvC] (Size: 6.37 GB)
  000 - Cover Front - SephirothTrance [Vol 02].jpg 57.13 KB
  2 Tekk Bros - Return To Moscow [2Tekk Edit].mp3 4.35 MB
  2 Tekk Bros - Return To Moscow [Tribun Remix Edit].mp3 4.57 MB
  2 Vibez - Love Will Rise Again [Feat. Dee Dee] [Kindervater Remix Edit].mp3 5.09 MB
  2Sonic - Straight To The Light [Feat. Destiny] [Kremer Remix].mp3 3.76 MB
  2Vibez - Love Will Rise Again.mp3 4.67 MB
  4 Strings - Catch A Fall [Club Mix].mp3 8.09 MB
  4 Strings - Let Me Take Your Breath Away.mp3 2.99 MB
  4 Strings - Take Me Away [Housebrothers Mix Edit].mp3 5.49 MB
  4 Strings - Take Me Away [Katie J Remix].mp3 8.58 MB
  50 Cent - Disco Inferno [DJ Zam Remix Edit].mp3 5.08 MB
  89ers Pres. Rimini Rockaz - Blue Da Be Dee [DJ Ten Remix].mp3 9.6 MB
  A Spencer & DJ Gollum - In The Shadows [Stevie Mycs Remix Edit].mp3 3.14 MB
  A-Lusion - Perfect It [Frontliner Remix].mp3 8.51 MB
  Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight [Original Mix].mp3 9.32 MB
  Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day.mp3 4.56 MB
  Above & Beyond Vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life [Original Mix].mp3 11.91 MB
  Afronics - Everybody Dance.mp3 4.57 MB
  Age Pee - Because Of You [Original Mix].mp3 7.21 MB
  Age-M - Before I Cry [Manox Remix].mp3 5.64 MB
  Agnes - Release Me [Cahill Club Mix].mp3 12.4 MB
  Airscape - My Love [Feat. Jes] [Johan Gielen Radio Edit].mp3 4.28 MB
  Akcent - King of Disco.mp3 5.38 MB
  Akira - I Dream [Commercial Club Crew Extended Mix].mp3 7.52 MB
  Akon - Dangerous [Morty Simmons Radio Mix].mp3 3.72 MB
  Akon - Right Now [Aeon K Remix].mp3 4.97 MB
  Alan Master T. - The Best Of Me [Alberkam Club Mix].mp3 9.29 MB
  Alberto Remondini & Luca Zeta - I Can't Stay.mp3 6.12 MB
  Alberto Remondini And Luca Zeta - I Can't Stay [Electro Dance Short Mix].mp3 4.95 MB
  Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow [Ali Payami Radio Edit].mp3 5.7 MB
  And 970 files more



Artist...................: Various
Title....................: SephirothTrance [Vol 02]
Genre....................: Techno, Trance, Club, House, Psychadelic & Dance
Year.....................: 2009
Channels.................: 2 (Stereo)
Sample Rate..............: 44,1 KHz
Sample Size..............: 16 Bit
Encoder..................: LAME 3.97
Encoder Settings.........: Variable Bit Rate -V 2 (Standard)
Covers...................: Front
Tags.....................: Proper In The Files


2 Tekk Bros - Return To Moscow [2Tekk Edit]
2 Tekk Bros - Return To Moscow [Tribun Remix Edit]
2 Vibez - Love Will Rise Again [Feat. Dee Dee] [Kindervater Remix Edit]
2Sonic - Straight To The Light [Feat. Destiny] [Kremer Remix]
2Vibez - Love Will Rise Again
4 Strings - Catch A Fall [Club Mix]
4 Strings - Let Me Take Your Breath Away
4 Strings - Take Me Away [Housebrothers Mix Edit]
4 Strings - Take Me Away [Katie J Remix]
50 Cent - Disco Inferno [DJ Zam Remix Edit]
89ers Pres. Rimini Rockaz - Blue Da Be Dee [DJ Ten Remix]
A Spencer & DJ Gollum - In The Shadows [Stevie Mycs Remix Edit]
Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight [Original Mix]
Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab - On A Good Day
Above & Beyond Vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life [Original Mix]
Afronics - Everybody Dance
Age Pee - Because Of You [Original Mix]
Age-M - Before I Cry [Manox Remix]
Agnes - Release Me [Cahill Club Mix]
Airscape - My Love [Feat. Jes] [Johan Gielen Radio Edit]
Akcent - King Of Disco
Akira - I Dream [Commercial Club Crew Extended Mix]
Akon - Dangerous [Morty Simmons Radio Mix]
Akon - Right Now [Aeon K Remix]
Alan Master T. - The Best Of Me [Alberkam Club Mix]
Alberto Remondini & Luca Zeta - I Can't Stay
Alberto Remondini And Luca Zeta - I Can't Stay [Electro Dance Short Mix]
Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow [Ali Payami Radio Edit]
Alex C - Liebe Zu Dritt [Feat. Yass] [Brisby And Jingles Remix]
Alex Deluxe - Party Like A Rockstar [DJ Gollum Remix]
Alex Deluxe - Party Like A Rockstar [Megastylez Remix]
Alex K - Long Way From Home [Teen Crew Radio Edit]
Alex Losy - Mens Rea [Fabio Stein Electric Mix]
Alex M.o.r.p.h - No Regrets [Feat. Simon] [Chriss Ortega Sunrise Remix]
Alex Megane - Hurricane 09 [Original Edit]
Alex Megane - Hurricane 2009 [DJ Gollum Remix Edit]
Alex Megane - Hurricane [Hype'd Up 2 The Core Remix]
Alexandre De Beauregard- Sous La Table [Ooh Mix]
Alicia Keys - No One [Hardcharger 2k9 Remix]
Alina - When You Leave [Numa Numa] [Basshunter Radio Mix]
All Of Me - Davide Sonar
Alphascan - You Make Me Smile [Feat. Freestylerz] [Club Mix]
Alt + F4 - Alt + F4 [Original Mix]
A-Lusion - Perfect It [Frontliner Remix]
Alyson - Adios Barcelona [Hex Hector Radio]
Amboza - Can't Live Without You [Freestylerz]
Amex - Back In The Sun [Saint Rush Radio Edit]
Amiel - Be Your Girl [Micha Moor Remix]
Ammonia - Hymn [Luiz Obrian Mix]
Andre Picar - You'll Remember Me [Single Edit]
Andrew Spencer Vs. Lazard - Here Without You [Verano Club Remix]
Andy Guess - Always With Me [Andoria And Soulcry Vs. Gainworx Remix]
Andy Harding - Pentagon [Klaas Remix]
Andy Judge - Castles In The Sky [Jump Mix]
Andy Stroke - I Pray
Andy Stroke Meets Tale & Dutch - Funk [Commercial Club Crew Radio Edit]
Angel Beats - Crying [Original]
Anna Grace - You Make Me Feel [Bimbo Jones Remix]
Annakiya - I Think We're Alone Now [Kindervater Radio Edit]
Antares - Ride On A Meteorite [Alex Van Bass Aka DJ Solovey Remix]
Anthony Wright - Wud If I Cud [Cahill Club Mix]
Antique - Follow Me [Kosmonova Remix]
Antique - Opa Opa [Lost Children Mix]
Antoine Clamaran - Gold
An-Ya - Nightlife [Mike Rizzo Global Radio Mix]
Apollo - Alive [Megara Vs. DJ Lee Dub Mix]
Aquabeat - Cocaine, Pills And Extasy [Club Mix]
Aquagen - Destination Dance
Aquagen - Hard To Say I'm Sorry 2009 [Dany Wild & Gino Montesano Remix]
Aquagen - Lovemachine [Cosmic Gate Remix]
Aquagen - Lovemachine [Radio Mix]
Aquagen - Rock The Disco
Aquagen - Take The Chance [Album Edit]
Arash - Pure Love [Feat. Helena] [Mary Angel Radio Edit]
Arksun - Arisen
Armin Van Buuren - Burned With Desire
Armin Van Buuren - Unforgiveable [Feat. Jaren]
Arnie B. - Another Story [Groove Coverage Remix Short]
Arno Cost & Tristan Garnier - Last Forever [Feat. Errol Reid] [DBN Dub Mix]
Arsenium - Rumadai [Groove Coverage Remix Edit]
Aspyr - Hear It Callin [Feat. Jessica] [Heartstyle X-Tended Mix]
ATB - 9 Pm [Till I Come] [DJ Ivan Flash Club Remix 2009]
ATB - Desperate Religion [Joshua Cunningham Remix]
ATB - Feel Alive [Duende Remix]
ATC - My Heart Beats Like A Drum [Dum Dum Dum]
Audiogate - Ett Plus Ett
Aurora - Love Resurrection [Feat. Amanda Wilson] [Radio Edit]
Axwell & Dirty South - Open Your Heart [Radio Mix]
Baby Alice - Hurricane [Candy Crew Remix Edit]
Baby Directz Vs. Shake Stylerz - Do It! [George Vedort Remix Edit]
Bad Taste - You Want Some
Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine [DJ Tiësto Power Mix]
Bangbros - Happy Hour [O-Seven Remix Edit]
Bangbros - Happy Hour [Radio Edit]
Baracuda - Where Is The Love
Bart B More Vs. Oliver Twizt - Finally
BaseTunez - Rocky Road [Orginal Edit]
Basic Element - Touch You Right Now [Feat. D-Flex]
Bass Invaders - Maid Of Orleans [Planet Trax Mix]
BassCreator - Feel The Bass
BassCreator - Transform
Basshunter - I Miss You [Headhunters Remix]
Basshunter - Please Don't Go [Teequee Uplifting Remix]
Basslovers United - Another Bitch [Fola Remix Edit]
Basslovers United - Kernkraft 400 [Bootleg Mix]
Beat Pitcherz - Behind Blue Eyes [Extended Mix]
Beatbreaker - Freedom [Clubstone Radio Mix]
Beatbreaker - Freedom [Sunset Project Club Mix]
Beattraxx - Beach Party 2009 [Electro Version]
Beattraxx - Project Well 2009 [George Vedort Electro Edit]
Becky Rhodes - Angry [Alex Gaudino Remix]
Belle Lawrence - Hallelujah [Almighty Anthem Radio Edit]
Belle Lawrence - Sweet About Me
Bellezza - My Sunshine [Scott E Remix]
Belmond & Parker - On The Move
Benassi Bros - Illusion [Baby Directz Special Remix]
Benny Benassi - Come Fly Away [Feat. Channing] [Maurizio Gubellini Remix]
Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy [Mark Picchiotti Radio Edit]
Beyoncé - Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It] [Red Top Remix]
Beyoncé - Single Ladies [Red Top Remix]
Big Ange - Angry [Feat. Becky Rhodes] [Black Toys Radio Edit]
Bimbo Jones - And I Try [Orginal Club Mix]
BK - Revolution [Bk's 2009 Rework]
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow [Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix]
Black Eyed Peas - More [Robboz Remix]
Black Jack & Lion Julian - Superfreak [Original Mix]
Bladerunner Vs. Nordfolk Project - Bladerunner [The Tunnel]
Blaster Key - Dancefloor Pleasure
Blaster Key - Forest Plant
Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch [DJ Noiz Remix]
Bob Sinclar - The Beat Goes On [Feat. Linda Lee Hopkins]
Bob Taylor - Crazy
Bodybangers - A Far Lamore Comincia Tu [Radio Mix]
Bomfunk MC's - B-Boys & Fly Girls 2009 [BeMax Whilliam Rise Remix]
Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer [Cornail Vs. Accee Remix]
Boomtown - How Old Are You [Megastylez Tribute 2 Master Blaster Remix]
Boosta - Dance Is Dead [Gareth Emery's Illicit Remix]
Boosterz Inc - The Return
Bootycount - Sunset Eyes [26th Street Remix]
Brandy - Right Here [Moto Blanco Radio Edit]
B-Rey & DJ Bolek - Free Your Body [ForMind Remix]
B-Rey Bolek - Free Your Body [Peppermint Remix]
Brisby & Jingles - She's Like The Wind [Tim Verba Remix Edit]
Britney Spears - Circus [Club DJ Team Remix]
Britney Spears - Circus [DJ Prince Remix]
Britney Spears - Circus [Kelvin Nicolas Club Edit]
Britney Spears - Circus [Max Mafia Remix]
Britney Spears - Circus [Mysto Pizzi Electro Mix]
Britney Spears - Circus [Nick's Radio Remix]
Britney Spears - Circus [Tom Neville Club Mix]
Britney Spears - Everytime [Hi-Bias Radio Remix]
Britney Spears - If U Kissed Amy [I Seek A Girl & EJ Remix]
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy [Bimbo Jones Mix]
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy [JorgeC Orchestral Disco Remix]
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy [PartyGoer Late Night Mix]
Britney Spears - Lace & Leather [PortuX-3891's Dangerous Red Lips Mix]
Britney Spears - My Baby [ToMoose Remix]
Britney Spears - Shattered Glass [Kyama & Bandit Breaks Remix]
Britney Spears - Shattered Glass [Shattered Heart In Pieces Radio Edit]
Britney Spears - Trouble [Sam998899 Vs. Hitmixers Remix]
Britney Spears - Womanizer [K & Candoo Remix]
Britney Spears - Womanizer [Tonal Radio Edit]
Brooklyn Bounce - Sex Bass & Rock N Roll 2008 [Club Mix]
Brooklyn Bounce & Sample Rippers - Louder & Prouder
BSOD - Choplifted [Original Mix]
Bulle - Reckless
Bun - Di Gi Dam [English Version]
Buro - Controller
Buzz Junkies - Sandstorm 2009 [Club Mix]
Buzzy - We Are Alive [Feat. Grooveriders] [DJ Novus Remix]
C&C Music Factory - Make You Sweat 2009 [Amir Nachmias Edit]
Cainam - Broadband Pirate [DJ T-Motion Remix]
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
Camille Jones - Difficult Quys
Cansis - Break Away [Bodybangers Mix]
Cansis - Break Away [Megastylez Mix]
Cansis - Turning Point
Capilari & Salvavida - Oye Como Va [Michae Moor And Deniz Koyu Remix Edit]
Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music [DJ Shog Remix]
Captain Jack - Turkish Bazar
Cardenia - Funkytown [Full On Vocal Version]
Carefree - Broken Strings [Cansis Radio Mix]
Carefree - Broken Strings [Sebo Reed Electro Mix]
Cary August - You Spin Me Round [Will Stewart Remix Edit]
Cary Brothers - Ride [DJ Tiësto Radio Edit]
Cascada - Miracle [Nightstylerz Remix]
Cascada - Perfect Day
Cascada - What Do You Want From Me [Christian Rosenville Remix]
C-BooL & Taito - Better Place [Feat. Rommie S] [Original Mix]
Cc.K Incl. Nordic Allstars - Fly Me To The Stars [Bass Rockers Remix]
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On [Nizzy Inc Remix]
Chanel - Dance [Fish & Chips Radio Edit]
Chemistry - Spirit [Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix]
Chemistry - We Are One 2008 [Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix]
Chris Crime - Ready Or Not [Feat. Antonella Rocco] [Crime N'candys Radio Edit]
Chris Hampshire & Bissen - The Vault
Chris Lake - If You Knew [Feat. Nastala] [ATFC Main Mix]
Chris Lake - If You Knew [Feat. Nastala] [Feed Me Remix]
Chrisso - Hurricane
Christian Rosenville - Eurodancer
Christopher S - Better Part Of Me [Feat. M Angelo] [Original Mix]
Chynna - I'm Every Woman [Brown And Sugar And Niko Luca Mix]
Ciara - Love, Sex & Magic [Feat. Justin Timberlake] [Jason Nevins Sex Club Radio Mix]
City Girls - Make Up Your Mind [Pete Hammond Retro Mix]
Cloudsurfers - Cloudless Sky [Ubp Remix]
Club Gangsters - Sötétebb Éjszaka [Feat. Merci] [Party Revolutions Remix]
Club Obsession - Celebrate The Summer Once Again [Discofreakz Remix]
Club Sounds Allstars - Axel F. [DJ Cobra Reconstruct Mix]
Clubbazz - My Love, Your Love [Radio Edit]
Clubmaster - Electronic Love [Bassbrazzer Remix]
Clubringer - Sound Of My Dream [Handz Up Kidz Remix]
Collective - Message [Extendet Edit]
Comicoon - The Darkside [DJ Gollum Remix]
Commercial Club Crew - La Isla Bonita [Andy Stroke Radio Edit]
Commercial Club Crew - Sakura Girl [Fall 'n' The Miss Radio Mix]
Commercial Club Crew Pres. Erik Ray - Don't Be A Fool [Ccc Remix]
Cosmic Gate - Not Enough Time [Feat. Emma Hewitt]
Cq - 1 Hour
Crapman - Uh La La La [Floorsystem Remix]
Crapman - Uh La La La [Veemaxhaidens Remix]
Crew 7 - Get The Party Started [Club Radio Mix]
Cristian Lavino - Dance Up In The Sky
Crookers - What Up Yall [Dirty Disco Youth Remix]
Crossfire - On Fire
Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight 2k9 [The Hitcher! Remix]
D Ramirez & Mark Night - Colombian Soul
D.o.n.s. - You Used To Hold Me [Feat. Terri B]
D.o.n.s. - You Need To Hold Me [Feat. Terri B] [Greg Cerrone Remix Radio Edit]
Da Others - Viva La Vida [Unplugged Mix]
Dabruck & Klein - Open Up Your Arms [Feat. Stafford Brothers] [Sandy Moss Remix]
Daft Punk - Around The World 2009
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger [Feat. Sincere] [Sandy Moss Remix]
Daisy - Everytime [Radio Edit]
Dan Winter - Don't Stop Push It Now [Raindropz Remix]
Dan Winter - Fading Like A Flower
Dance Nation - Sunshine 2009 [Mark Tribo Remix]
Dance Nation Vs. Shaun Baker - Sunshine 2009 & And Sunshine Radio Version)
Dancecore Rockerz - Into The Night [Dr (1). Jay Remix]
DanceStylerz - Close Your Eyes 2.8 [Original Mix]
DanceStylerz - Pump This Party
Danny - Unite This Heart
Danoff - Chase The Sun [Feat. Planet Funk] [Original Electro Mix]
Dany Wild Vs. DJ Skillmaster - Holding On [Original Mix]
Darius & Finlay - Do It All Night [Michael Mind Remix]
Darius And Finlay - Destination
Darius And Finlay - Destination [DJ Gollum Remix Edit]
Darius And Finlay - Destination [Original Radio Mix]
Darude - I Ran [So Far Away] [Feat. Blake Lewis]
Dash Berlin With Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run
Dave Darell - Freeloader [Klaas Remix]
Dave Darell - Freeloader [Re-Hard's Original Club Mash Up]
Dave Darell - Freeloader [Spencer & Hill Radio Edit]
Dave Darell - Freeloader [Spencer And Hill Remix]
Dave Darell - Silver Surfer 2009 [Feat. Hardy Hard]
Dave Darell - Silver Surfer [Feat. Hardy Hard] [Cyrus Radio Edit]
Dave McCullen - Rave Heaven [B-Laze Pimpin Remix]
David Crane - I Lay My Love On You [Bassreactor Remix]
David Guetta - You're Not Alone [Feat. Tara Mcdonald]
David Shaw - Arabian Nights [Flash Brothers Remix]
Day Din - Dance With Me
D'azoo At Night - Welcome To My Operation [Extended Mix]
Dazzle - Relativity
DCX - Don't Break My Heart [Mark-W Radio Mix]
DCX - Flying High [Hardbase Deejay Team Respect Remix]
Deadmau5 - Clockwork [Jonas Steur Ultra Violence Remix]
Deadmau5 Vs. Jelo - The Reward Is Cheese
Deborah Cox - Beautiful Ur [Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit]
Deep Blue - Look Into My Eyes
De-Grees - I Believe [Danny Wild Remix Edit]
De-Grees - Just Dance [Ti-Mo Vs. Stefan Richly Remix Edit]
De-Gress - Bleeding Love [Club Mix]
Delerium - Angelicus [Andy Moor Remix]
Delerium - Silence [Feat. Sarah Mclachlan]
Delerium - Silence [Feat. Sarah Mclachlan] [Niels Van Gogh Vs. Thomas Gold Remix]
Delirium - Silence [Club Mix Final]
Demande - Tainted Love [Feat. Lesley Scott] [Bleeding Love Club Edit]
Dennis Christopher - Set It Off [Ti-Mo Remix]
Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue - Not Too Late
Dereck Recay - Dream Way
DHT - Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Feat. Edmee] [DiMaros Electro Mix]
Di Den - Mamma Mia [Radio Mix]
Die Vinylvoyeure - Wer Ist Dieser Deejay [Radio Cut]
Dim Chris - French Kiss
Disco Dice - The Letter [Popmuschi Club Mix]
Disco Freunde - Careless Wisper
Disco Service - Boys, Boys, Boys [Baxi & Sleepless Remix]
Disco Superstars - Body Rock [Att White 2009 Remix Edit]
Disco Superstars - Body Rock [Jack Styles Remix]
Disco Superstars - Sweet Love [Feat. Inusa Dawuda] [MacFly Remix Radio Edit]
Discotronic - Shooting Star [Club Edit]
DiscoTuner - Just To Make The Jump [Feat. MilaN Way] [Original Mix]
Distant Soundz - Lovefool [Feat. Rozalla] [Club Junkies Mix]
Dizzee Rascal And Armand Van Helden - Bonkers [Radio Edit]
DJ Alone - We Are Raving [Todd Div

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