The Disappeared

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Matthew Ryan's life is devastated after the disappearance of his younger brother, Tom. Matthew's father had left him to look after Tom and now Matthew feels responsible. His father is trying to hold back the anger and the blame but the cracks are beginning to show. One day Matthew is looking through a box of press clippings and video tapes about Tom's disappearance. Suddenly he hears a ghostly voice on one of the video tapes telling him "you never came for me!". It's the voice of his missing brother. He shows the tape to his father, Jake. This time there's no voice and Jake flies into a rage as the wound is reopened. Matthew tells his best friend Simon about the voices on the tape. Is he losing his mind, is Tom alive or dead? At home, Matthew plays the tape and hears Tom's voice again, desperately pleading for help. Then Matthew sees Tom at the window, gaunt and haggard. He rushes out to Tom but no one is there. Matthew strikes up a friendship with next-door neighbor Amy, who is.

Written by VincibleIgnar10.48K


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