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A compilation of trailers and scenes from science fiction, crime drama and horror films of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Written by thePiratePimp69.06K
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Terror In The Aisles 1984 VHSRip DivX-iMAGiCA avi (Size: 700.45 MB)
  Terror.In.The.Aisles.1984.VHSRip.DivX-iMAGiCA.avi 700.45 MB


Genre: Documentary

Director: Andrew J. Kuehn

Writen by: Margaret Doppelt writer

Year: 1984

Country: USA

Language: English

Filmed in: Black and White, Color

Audio: Stereo

Runtime: 84 minutes

# Tagline: If you can stand more than 100 jolts of 100% pure terror, then you might be ready for 'Terror in the Aisles'.

# If you can handle more than one hundred jolts of one hundred percent pure terror, then you might be ready for "Terror in the Aisles".

# Plot: Donald Pleasance (Halloween I & II) and Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill, Carrie) take us through some of Hollywood's most terrifying moments in horror history in this documentary-type movie, which features several of the finest horror, sci-fi, and crime drama films of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Included are 'Night of the Living Dead', 'Psycho', 'Jaws', 'Halloween I & II', and 'The Fog', as well as countless others. Be ready to be scared! Written by medic249a2

# Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen share narration duties on this anthology that looks at all of the gory sequences from major films, such as the shower scene from "Psycho" and the midnight swim from "Jaws". Blood and gore abound making the film definitely not for the squeamish. Written by John Sacksteder {jsackste@bellsouth.net}

Actors: Donald Pleasence Host / Dr. Loomis (Halloween I & II)

Nancy Allen Hostess / Liz Blake (Dressed To Kill)

Fred Asparagus Featured Moviegoer

Lainie Cooke Featured Moviegoer

Joel S. Rice Featured Moviegoer

Ángel Salazar Featured Moviegoer

Diane Stilwell Featured Moviegoer

Bud Abbott Chick Young (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) (archive footage)

Brooke Adams Elizabeth (segment "Invasion of the Body Snatchers";) (archive footage)

Ana Alicia Janet (Halloween II) (archive footage)

Alan Arkin Harry Roat Jr - Wait Until Dark (archive footage)

Susan Backlinie Chrissie Watkins ("Jaws";) (archive footage)

Kirsten Baker Terri (archive footage)

Martin Balsam Arbogast (Psycho) (archive footage)

Linda Blair Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) (archive footage)

Wilford Brimley Blair (The Thing (1982) (archive footage)

Marilyn Burns Sally (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) (archive footage)

Ellen Burstyn Mrs. MacNeil (The Exorcist) (archive footage)

Michael Caine Dr. Robert Elliott (Dressed To Kill) (archive footage)

Veronica Cartwright Lambert (segment "Alien";) / Nancy Bellicec (segment "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) / Cathy Brenner (segment "The Birds";) (archive footage)

John Cassavetes Guy Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby) (archive footage)

Lon Chaney Jr. Lawrence Talbot / The Wolf Man (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) (archive footage)

Lou Costello Wilbur Grey (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) (archive footage)

Joan Crawford Blanche Hudson (segment "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?";) (archive footage)

Richard Crenna Mike Talman (Wait Until Dark) (archive footage)

Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode (segments "Halloween I & II";) (archive footage)

Keith David Childs (archive footage)

Bette Davis Jane Hudson (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?) (archive footage)

Brad Davis Billy Hayes (Midnight Express) (archive footage)

Robert De Niro (archive footage)

Angie Dickinson Kate Miller (Dressed To Kill) (archive footage)

Eileen Dietz Pazuzu"s Face (segment "The Exorcist";) (archive footage)

Shelley Duvall Wendy Torrance (The Shining) (archive footage)

Clint Eastwood Dave Carver (Play Misty For Me) (archive footage)

Morgan Fairchild (segment "The Seduction";) (archive footage)

Mia Farrow Rosemary Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby) (archive footage)

Jeff Goldblum Jack Bellicec (segment "Invasion of the Body Snatchers";) (archive footage)

Cary Grant John Robbie (To Catch a Thief) (archive footage)

Roosevelt Grier (archive footage)

Wayne Hackett Christian

Charles Hallahan Vance Norris (The Thing (1982) / Henry (Nightwing) (archive footage)

Gunnar Hansen Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) (archive footage)

Deborah Harry (segment "Videodrome";) (archive footage)

Rutger Hauer Wulfgar (Nighthawks) (archive footage)

Wings Hauser Ramrod (Vice Squad) (archive footage)

David Hedison (archive footage)

Tippi Hedren Melanie Daniels (The Birds) (archive footage)

Alfred Hitchcock Himself (archive footage)

Dustin Hoffman (segment "Marathon Man";) (archive footage)

Ian Holm Ash (segment "Alien";) (archive footage)

Season Hubley Princess (Vice Squad) (archive footage)

John Hurt Kane (Alien) (archive footage)

Amy Irving (archive footage)

Duane Jones Ben (Night of the Living Dead) (archive footage)

Carol Kane Jill Johnson (When a Stranger Calls) (archive footage)

Boris Karloff Frankenstein Monster (Bride of Frankenstein) (archive footage)

Grace Kelly (segment "To Catch a Thief";) (archive footage)

Margot Kidder Danielle (Sisters) (archive footage)

Carrie Klein Mom

Yaphet Kotto Parker (Alien) (archive footage)

Elsa Lanchester The Bride (Bride of Frankenstein) (archive footage)

Martin Landau Preacher (Alone in the Dark) (archive footage)

Piper Laurie Margaret White (Carrie) (archive footage)

Ari Lehman Jason - Friday The 13th (archive footage)

Janet Leigh Marion Crane (Psycho) (archive footage)

Jerry Lewis Myron Mertz (archive footage)

Zoë Lund Thana (Ms. 45) (archive footage)

Dean Martin (segment "Scared Stiff";) (archive footage)

Teri McMinn (archive footage)

Ray Milland (archive footage)

David Naughton David (An American Werewolf in London) (archive footage)

Jack Nicholson Jack Torrance (The Shining) (archive footage)

Laurence Olivier (segment "Marathon Man";) (archive footage)

Heather O'Rourke Carol Anne Freeling (Poltergeist) (archive footage)

Gregory Peck Robert Thorn (The Omen) (archive footage)

Anthony Perkins Norman Bates (Psycho) (archive footage)

Christopher Plummer (segment "The Silent Partner";) (archive footage)

Vincent Price (archive footage)

Lee Remick Katherine Thorn (The Omen) (archive footage)

Kurt Russell R.J. (The Thing (1982) (archive footage)

Roy Scheider Sheriff Brody (Jaws I & II) (archive footage)

Tom Skerritt Dallas (segment "Alien";) (archive footage)

Sissy Spacek Carrie White (Carrie) (archive footage)

Sylvester Stallone Sergeant Deke DaSilva (segment "Nighthawks";) (archive footage)

Harry Dean Stanton Brett - Alien (archive footage)

Amy Steel Ginny Field (archive footage)

Harvey Stephens (archive footage)

Donald Sutherland Matthew Bennell (Invasion of the Body Shatchers (1978) (archive footage)

Gary Swanson (archive footage)

Christopher Walken (archive footage)

Robert Walker Bruno (Strangers on a Train) (archive footage)

Jessica Walter (segment "Play Misty for Me";) (archive footage)

Sigourney Weaver Ripley (segment "Alien";) (archive footage)

Jack Weston Carlino (Wait Until Dark) (archive footage)

James Woods (segment "Videodrome";) (archive footage)


imdb.com: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088249
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