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  • Original run: 22 August 2010 — Present
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    Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America's largest swamp–a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. French refugees who were forced out of Canada in the 18th century and settled in this harsh yet majestic environment. And who still carry on many of their ancestors' trades and traditions.

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Swamp People S02


Swamp People is an American reality/documentary television series that was first broadcast on
History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities for several Cajuns living
in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp in Louisiana, USA who hunt American alligators for a living.

Length 12hr 24mn
Size 5.80GB


Each season, the series focuses on five teams of alligator hunters, with each episode generally
featuring three or four teams, as they hunt gator, being subjected to the elements, and the viciousness
of the alligators. Some episodes also feature other aspects of the social and sporting life of the swamp,
including fishing and hunting for other animals, such as squirrel.

Swamp People
S02E01 - Gator Gauntlet
Original Air-date: March 31, 2011

The gator hunters face a new season that will prove to be more challenging than the last. Troy returns with
his son Jacob. Joe and Tommy plan on setting new records, hoping that their "shake and bake" bait seasoning
will bring in more gators. Junior and Willie have more tags than ever before, and to accommodate them, the are
going to need a bigger boat, but even that has its own set of problems. Also: Terral Evans is introduced,
while others hunt gators during the day, he catches gators alive at night as a gator wrangler, risking life
and limb with every catch with his bare hands.

Swamp People
S02E02 - Hunter or Hunted?
Original Air-date: April 7, 2011

Only a few days into gator season, Troy and Jacob have over 300 tags remaining. With hopes of picking up the
pace, they head toward a new honey hole, an area with evidence of many large gators. R.J. and his son J. Paul
soon find evidence of a destructive gator named "Dozer"...an alligator known to rip up the banks like a bulldozer.
Also: Joe and Tommy continue their blistering pace as they set out to hunt...but when they have a large gator on
the line, Tommys mistakes cost them big time.

Swamp People
S02E03 - Shooting Wild
Original Air-date: April 14, 2011

Troy and Jacob struggle without their old sharpshooter Clint, frustrating the boys. R.J. and J. Paul continue to
blaze a trail, threatening to steal Troys crown as "King of the Swamp". R.J. decides to move the hunt three hours
away to an old honey hole. To get there across rough terrain in remote corners of the swamp they will use a secret
weapon: an airboat. Meanwhile, veteran solo hunter Bruce Mitchell starts his own season, and he loves to hunt alone,
not counting his trusty dog, Tyler. Also: Junior and his crew are speeding along the bayou faster than ever, but
they would soon realize that more speed means more danger.

Swamp People
S02E04 - First Mates
Original Air-date: April 21, 2011

To get back on track after the departure of their sharpshooter, Clint, Troy enlists the help of a lady gator hunter
who is good with a gun, Liz Cavalier. Also: Bruce began the season solidly, racking up the gators and filling tags;
but then, his dog Tyler suddenly goes missing. Meanwhile, Joe gets increasingly frustrated when Tommys behavior
disrupted their momentum. Now, a monster gator is popping their lines, and the boys are determined to get him. As
the sun sets, Terral and Trapper Agent Corey Hunt are on the trail of a large gator thats been menacing the locals.

Swamp People
S02E05 - Hot Pursuit
Original Air-date: April 28, 2011

Troy is benefiting from his new partner, Liz, on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but Troys goal is to catch
25 gators, and there are still a lot of gators to catch. Also: R.J. and J. Paul captured an impressive gator count
so far but it all changes when R.J.s lines are the target of a poacher. Junior decides to send Willie out on his own,
as captain of his own boat, hoping that a tag team tactic would net more gators; however, pleasing Junior wont be as
easy as it sounds. Meanwhile, Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist, born and raised on the bayou, are hunting and fishing,
with and a unique way of getting business done.


Swamp People
S02E06 - Dark Waters
Original Air-date: May 5, 2011

After a rough start to the season, Troy is back in the groove, and on pace to fill his 320 tags, thanks to Liz; but
during a capture, Liz is injured, putting Troys momentum in doubt. Also: loner Bruce hires a greenhorn named Nick,
a local kid who wants learn the craft from a master, to join him on a hunting expedition, but when the kid makes a
mistake that could cost Bruce his season, Bruce wishes he was still alone. Meanwhile, Joe and Tommy comes up against
a massive, aggressive cannibal gator. Then: when the Guist Brothers food supply is low, they decide to hunt rabbit,
using only Glenns intuition to find the game.

Swamp People
S02E07 - Deadly Skies
Original Air-date: May 12, 2011

As a severe storm nears Southern Louisiana, the hunters prepare for the worst. With his sharpshooter Liz still
recovering from an injury, Troy and Jacob employ an old Cajun strategy, a special bait to lure the gators despite
the storm. Joe becomes incensed when Tommy chose to take a day off, while Joe believes that every day during gator
season is a work day, as long as there are tags that need to be filled. But with a storm brewing, Joe is determined
to run their lines in any weather, and drags Tommy along with him. Meanwhile, Jay Paul dreamed about catching a
large gator in the storm, a dream that may soon become reality. But while the rest of the swampers head to their
lines, Junior and Willie are taking theirs down, believing that fighting the storm is not worth the money or effort
as long as they're on pace to tag out.

Swamp People
S02E08 - Rising Sons
Original Air-date: May 19, 2011

Liz, who was on the mend following her injury, returns to Troys boat. As they both set out on the hunt together, they
got a tip from an older Creole gentleman that a monster gator, nicknamed "T-Rex", has killed a dog and is threatening
locals. To catch him, Troy and Liz must board their own pirogue, a rickety wooden contraption ill-prepared to handle a
large gator. Meanwhile, after a ton of rookie mistakes on Nicks first day, Bruce puts Nick to the test and challenges
Nick to show him what he has learned. Also: Willie is captaining his own boat, but when Willie reaches his first line
he realizes he has brought along the oldest shotgun in the arsenal. Willie must find a way to bag gators and fill his
tags before Junior ends his days as captain. Later that night, Terral has the day off and sets out to catch catfish by
noodling, jumping into the swamp and grabbing the fish with his bare hands.

Swamp People
S02E09 - Full Moon Fever
Original Air-date: May 26, 2011

Joe and Tommy are out at work at night, scouting for a new honey hole, but while they are looking for gators, they find
another valuable side benefit, shrimp; they head off hoping to bag a boatload before sunrise. Also that night, Terral,
his wife Dana and their friends search of the fabled monster of the Honey Island Swamp. R.J. and Jay Paul search for a
poacher that is stealing their gators, but their night plan to find the thieves comes to a standstill when the engine
dies and the duo waits for rescue in the dark. Then: Willie goes nighttime snake hunting to make extra money at night
while hunting for gator by day. Meanwhile, frogging under the full moon is a Landry family tradition: Troy, Jacob and
Troys dad Mr. Duffy head out in search of tomorrows dinner. Later that night, the Guist Brothers, who know the swamps
as well as anyone, found themselves getting turned around in the dark.

Swamp People
S02E10 - It's Personal
Original Air-date: June 9, 2011

Liz offers some of her own hunting ideas to Troy; Willie heads out to hunt solo; R.J. and Jay Pauls lines come under
attack by a vicious cannibal gator; a large hog encroaches on Terrals property.


Swamp People
S02E11 - Beat The Clock
Original Air-date: June 16, 2011

Tommy screws up again and oversleeps, forcing Joe to hunt by himself. Troy still has over 100 tags to fill and tries to
use all hours of the day to fill them. Bruce and Nick are after a notorious gator, nicknamed "Lucifer", who dwells in an
area known in Cajun lore as The Devils Swamp. But the hunt becomes personal when Bruces faithful dog, Tyler, falls overboard,
leading Bruce to catch him before the gator does.

Swamp People
S02E12 - Rising Pressure
Original Air-date: June 23, 2011

With only eight days left in the season, the old hot spots are completely fished out. To stay in the game, hunters venture
into new grounds. Troy moves his lines every 3 to 4 days to a new area of the swamp. Junior and Willie are headed to a new
pond that is teeming with big gators, but the waters in this canal are too shallow, leading to Junior to take a risk with his
boat and his engine. Meanwhile, tensions between Joe and Tommy escalate when Tommy didnt show up for work yesterday, even more
so when they run their lines and find that they are all empty; Joe believes had Tommy been at work, they would have already
run these lines and moved to more populated waters. Then: Glenn and Mitchell are in the mood for squirrel for supper, so they
head into the swamp to hunt squirrels.

Swamp People
S02E13 - House Divided
Original Air-date: June 30, 2011

After more than twenty years working together, Joe and Tommy have decided to part ways, and split the remaining tags amongst
themselves. To fill Tommys shoes, Joe hires an up and coming hunter named Timmy. Meanwhile, Tommy decides to hire his old friend
Steve. While Joe and Timmy continue business as usual like it was a business, the mood is a lot looser for Tommy and Steve, until
they find out that gator hunting is serious business that needs to be treated seriously. And with only days left in the season,
both teams need to succeed in order to tag out on time. Also: after spending most of the season fishing apart to fill their tags,
Junior and Willie are reunited on the same boat, for good reason: Willie spotted a monster gator on the bayou, nicknamed "Moby",
which could be the biggest gator anyone has bagged this season. Then: when R.J. and Jay Paul head to a favorite honey hole, they
discover they are not alone, duck season has begun, and this area is the duck hunters own honey hole.

Swamp People
S02E14 - Two Captains, One Family
Original Air-date: July 7, 2011

After starting the season with more tags than anyone, Troys ahead of the game, and on pace to tag out by seasons end, but the
landscape at his favorite honey hole has changed drastically and water lilies are now clogging the entire area, leading to Troy to
find an alternate plan. Across the bayou, Joes hunting with his new helper, a pistol marksman named Timmy, and so far, the team is
working well. Then: Tommy is again captaining his own boat, trying to fill Joes tags and prove he is an elite hunter. But soon,
engine troubles threaten to derail the day and Tommys tenure as captain could be in jeopardy. Meanwhile: Glenn and Mitchell are
again squirrel-hunting, to get the meat needed for their dads Famous Squirrel and Dumplings.

Swamp People
S02E15 - 2 Days To Tag Out
Original Air-date: July 14, 2011

In the race to the finish, Troy is on pace to tag out early, until engine problems suddenly stall the hunt, forcing Troy to return
to the dock for repairs. Also: as Junior and Willie head to new hunting grounds, theyre hopeful momentum will continue to be on their
side, but when it is time to bag a beast, Junior realizes he has forgotten the guns. Meanwhile: Bruce and Nick are down to a handful
of tags with the finish line in sight, but suffered a setback when they find that a gator on one of the lines they pulled up was
mutilated by a cannibal. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul have an ambitious plan to finish on time: using two boats, fishing 150 lines over
more territory, but to tag out by seasons end, they will need to catch a boatload in a hurry. Meanwhile: Joe and Tommy bury the hatchet,
reuniting for the final push of the season, with Tommy having a better grasp at the situation.


Swamp People
S02E16 - Swamp Showdown
Original Air-date: July 21, 2011

Its the final day of the season, and hunters are in a hurry to fill their remaining tags before time runs out. As Troy and Junior head
to run lines for the final time, the bayou is buzzing of sightings of a giant gator in the area; both men set their sights on the beast,
to win bragging rights in a bayou showdown. Also: Joe and Tommy are feeling a different kind of pressure, when rain soaks their supply
of bullets, and theyre too far out in the bayou to head back to the dock for more, forcing themselves to make every shot count with no
margin for error. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul are on pace to tag out to finish by day's end, with sunny skies and smooth water ahead.

Swamp People
S02E17 - Swampsgiving Special
Original Air-date: November 17, 2011

Gator season has come and gone, but down in the swamp, life goes on for the beloved Swamp People. In this special holiday-themed episode,
SWAMPSGIVING, the varied traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday in the Atchafalaya River basin, and the ways in which all of
these born hunters and fishers go about procuring their fish and fowl for the big meal. This Thanksgiving episode follows the food from
swamp to table, with all of the drama, hijinks and hilarity that America has come to expect from Swamp People, as well as a healthy dose
of heartwarming Cajun family know-how and love of a rip-roaring good time.

The show features swamp favorites Troy Landry and his son, Jacob, R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere, Bruce Mitchell, and the wild and wooly Guist
Brothers. All have a different approach to Thanksgiving, and a different plan for putting the main course on the table. But true to the can-do
ingenuity of the swamp, none of these plans involves a trip to the grocery store. Troy and Jacob have a longstanding Thanksgiving tradition that
couldnt be more American, a wild turkey hunt. Meanwhile, the Molinere family always celebrates their Native American roots with a holiday meal
made up entirely of recipes passed down by their ancestors in the Houma tribe. This means that rather than hunting turkey, R.J. and Jay Paul are
on the prowl for a fierce feral hog.
The Guists are going on a squirrel-hunt, although, with characteristic Guistiness, they dont have much of a plan in mind, which will probably
force a change of the menu and a substitute dish thrown together with chaotically improvised creativity. Finally, Bruce Mitchell is trolling
the swamp for a massive beast, but this time of year, its not gator he is after. He is trying to catch Gar, the largest fresh water fish in
America. In addition to the prehistoric looking fish, Bruce is going frogging to round out the holiday menu with his famous fried frog legs.
Here's what's on the menu:
TROY: (and his mama Miss Teresa) Wild turkey Oyster and chicken liver stuffing
GUISTS: Guist Gumbo with Rabbit sausage Snapping turtle sauce piquante
RJ AND JPAUL: Roasted feral pig Bell pepper stuffing
BRUCE MITCHELL: Smoked garfish Fried frog legs


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