SUPREME 41-68 (1996-2013) Complete Alan Moore, Erik Larsen runs

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SUPREME 41-68 (1996-2013) Complete Alan Moore, Erik Larsen runs (Size: 443.72 MB)
  Supreme 041 (1996) (Image).cbz 10.64 MB
  Supreme 042 (1996) (Image).cbz 10.19 MB
  Supreme 043 (1996) (Maximum).cbz 11.01 MB
  Supreme 044 (1997) (Maximum).cbz 10.95 MB
  Supreme 045 (1997) (Maximum).cbz 10.23 MB
  Supreme 046 (1997) (Maximum).cbz 10.71 MB
  Supreme 047 (1997) (Maximum).cbz 9.88 MB
  Supreme 048 (1997) (Maximum).cbz 9.76 MB
  Supreme 049 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 10.61 MB
  Supreme 050 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 16.68 MB
  Supreme 051 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 10.09 MB
  Supreme 052a (1997) (Awesome).cbz 16.51 MB
  Supreme 052b (1997) (Awesome) (cover only).jpg 52.93 KB
  Supreme 052b (1997) (Awesome) (missing cover).cbz 15.27 MB
  Supreme 053 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 9.45 MB
  Supreme 054 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 12.11 MB
  Supreme 055 (1997) (Awesome).cbz 10.91 MB
  Supreme 056 (1998) (Awesome).cbz 10.83 MB
  Supreme 057 (1999) - The Return 001 (Awesome).cbr 10.2 MB
  Supreme 058 (1999) - The Return 002 (Awesome).cbr 9.79 MB
  Supreme 059 (1999) - The Return 003 (Awesome).cbr 10.7 MB
  Supreme 060 (2000) - The Return 004 (Awesome).cbr 11.44 MB
  Supreme 061 (2000) - The Return 005 (Awesome).cbr 11.9 MB
  Supreme 062 (2000) - The Return 006 (Awesome).cbr 11.98 MB
  Supreme 063 (2012) (Image) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr 22.71 MB
  Supreme 064 (2012) (Image) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire).cbr 22.6 MB
  Supreme 065 (2012) (Image) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire).cbr 19.84 MB
  Supreme 066 (2012) (Image) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire).cbr 18.65 MB
  Supreme 067 (2012) (Image) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire).cbr 46.37 MB
  Supreme 068 (2013) (Image) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire).cbr 51.66 MB


This torrent collects the comic series Supreme from its 1996 revamp (written by Alan Moore) through its 2012 revival (written by Erik Larsen). This includes "The Story of the Year," "The Return," and all the issues up to this month's "The Khromium Age" -- the last from Larsen.

Supreme 041-042 (Image, 1996)
Supreme 043-048 (Maximum, 1996-97)
Supreme 049-051, 052a, 052b, 053-056 (Awesome, 1997-1998)
Supreme: The Return 001-006 (Awesome, 1999-2000)
Supreme 063-068 (Image, 2012-13)

Alan Moore won the 1997 Eisner Award for his Supreme scripts (and for From Hell). Did you know that out of 24 Best Writer Eisners, that guy has won 9 of them?!

I don't look forward to Rob Liefeld taking over this title.

If you look at his record when he's been *ahem* responsible for writing or scheduling or publishing ANYTHING, it's went to shit. For example, Supreme: Eric Stephenson, now Image's Publisher, was editing it and he (not Rob) got Alan Moore to write it. 15 issues came out from August 1996 to November 1997 -- 16 if you count #52 as two comics, which I don't.

By the end of that critically-acclaimed and popular run, Rob had begun his Maximum Press imprint, then had dropped it, and then had started Awesome Comics -- after he was caught embezzling funds from Image AND was fired by Marvel off his two Heroes Reborn titles. Rob followed up with only 7 Supreme issues in 2 years (#56 and "The Return" 1-6) and didn't even publish the last story Alan Moore turned in.

Flash forward to 2012 and the PROFESSIONALS seem to be getting pushed out after revamping or revisiting Liefeld's old characters in the Youngblood, Bloodstrike, Glory, Prophet and Supreme revivals. Erik Larsen -- another Image founder -- had deadline issues, but put out 6 good Supreme issues in 10 months. He and artist Cory Hamscher built upon the rich tapestry woven by Alan Moore (and artists like Chris Sprouse and Rick Veitch) in the 1990s.


Anyway, I'll step off my soapbox now. If you like superheroes but you've never read this book, give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

All credit to the original scanners! These include Zone-Empire, Nahga-Empire, and probably a dozen others who did the work on the older issues. Please seed and share with our friends here on The Pirate Bay.

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SUPREME 41-68 (1996-2013) Complete Alan Moore, Erik Larsen runs

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Thank you for the very detailed description, it was nice to have the backstory!
does anyone have the original 0-40? i know it's a reboot and i wanted to see the changes alan moore made but i couldn't find those
thanks, awesome

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