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Shaun The Sheep Complete Series Season 1 2 clean high res XviDs (Size: 4.16 GB)
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  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E01_Off.the.baa!.avi 106.74 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E02_Bathtime.avi 106.49 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E03_Shape.up.with.Shaun.avi 106.8 MB 107.41 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E05_Scrumping.avi 106.68 MB 106.75 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E07_Mower.mouth.avi 106.25 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E08_Take.away.avi 106.92 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E09_The.bull.avi 106.75 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E10_Saturday.night.Shaun.avi 106.82 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E11_The.kite.avi 106.53 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E12_Little.sheep.of.horrors.avi 107.09 MB 106.27 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E14_Fleeced.avi 106.71 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E15_Shaun.shoots.the.sheep.avi 106.74 MB 107.02 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E17_Fetching.avi 106.67 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E18_Mountains.out.of.molehills.avi 106.65 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E19_Whos.the.mummy.avi 107.41 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S01E20_Things.that.go.bump.avi 107.44 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E01_Troublesome.tractor.avi 106.07 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E02_Hiccups.avi 106.39 MB 106.05 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E04_Heavy.metal.Shaun.avi 106.16 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E05_Sheep.on.the.loose.avi 105.84 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E06_Washday.avi 105.26 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E07_Tooth.fairy.avi 107.41 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E08_Camping.chaos.avi 106.1 MB
  Shaun.The.Sheep.S02E09_Save.the.tree.avi 105.56 MB
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A fantastic stop-motion animated comedy from Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit.

Shaun, originally seen in the Wallace And Gromit feature A Close Shave, is now an independent-thinking member of a flock of sheep on a farm. The flock spend their time disobeying the sheepdog Bitzer, and ensuring that the farmer doesn't discover how organised they are.

With no spoken dialogue the programme is suitable for all nationalities, and indeed is broadcast in dozens of countries across the world. There's great slapstick humour to appeal to kids, along with lots of homages to classic movie and television that adults will enjoy spotting.

These episodes were captured from a high-definition DVB-T broadcast - with no watermarking or annoying advertising crawlers - and then downscaled slightly to 960 x 540 pixels. The episodes look like they're straight from DVD, only with better resolution!

I tried to add a full-resolution screen capture to this post to give an idea of the size of the episodes when played, but Demonoid didn't seem to let me link an image that large! The image at the top of this post was captured from an episode, the logo added and was then scaled to 50% ... so the actual videos are double the height and width of that image, if it helps to know.

Note that although the AVI files use standard codecs (XviD/MP3), the higher resolution of the video stream means that you may not be able to play these files on a stand-alond disc player or console. If you just watch your shows at your computer though - or (like me) have a computer-based media player in your lounge - then you should be fine.


Number of files: 40
Total file size: 4260 MB (approximately one single-layer DVD)

Source: 1280 x 720 progressive DVB-T PAL broadcast
Resolution: 960 x 540 progressive (16:9)
Frames per second: 25

Video format: XviD, ~1950 kbps
Audio format: MP3, 44 KHz, 192 kbps CBR, Stereo

Subtitles: None
Language: English (which really only affects the intro and closing credits)

Watermarks/advertising: Nothing at all on Series 1. Brief closed captioning logo near the start of each episode in Series 2.

Episode 1: Off the baa!
When a cabbage accidentally rolls into the field, a game of football (soccer) breaks out.Episode 2: Bathtime
Shaun and the flock carry out a mission to try and get hot water for their sheep dip.Episode 3: Shape up with Shaun
Shirley the Sheep has become even heavier, so Shaun puts her on an exercise regimen.Episode 4: Timmy in a tizzy
Timmy is inconsolable when the farmer takes away his teddy bear, but Shaun and the flock get it back.Episode 5: Scrumping
The flock beg for apples from the naughty pigs' yard, but after several failed attempts a war breaks out.Episode 6: Still life
The Farmer takes up painting, but during a break the flock investigate.Episode 7: Mower mouth
A new addition to the farmyard - a voracious goat - consumes the sheep's grass, breaks free, and takes Shaun on a ride.Episode 8: Take away
The sheep take a trip to local pizzeria disguised as a human being.Episode 9: The bull
A bull in the field sees red all over when the pigs add paint to the sheep dip for a prank.Episode 10: Saturday night Shaun
Shaun uses a dumped record player to hold a rave, but the pigs gate-crash the party.Episode 11: The kite
A kite blows into the field but gets stuck in a tree, so itΓÇÖs up to Shaun and the flock to get it down.Episode 12: Little sheep of horrors
Intrigued by a horror film on television Timmy wanders into the farmer's House, and Shaun's rescue mission wreaks panic.Episode 13: Buzz off bees
The occupants of the farmer's new hive make the flockΓÇÖs life a misery.Episode 14: Fleeced
It's time for a haircut for Shaun and his friends, but is the farmer really the right man for the job?Episode 15: Shaun shoots the sheep
Shaun finds a lost camera and "shoots" the flock, but Bitzer is on the scent of the missing camera.Episode 16: Big top Timmy
Shaun and the flock must rescue a wandering Timmy from a nearby circus before the farmer finds out.Episode 17: Fetching
Distracted by a visiting female dog, Bitzer misses the flock's rampage through the farmhouse.Episode 18: Mountains of out molehills
The flock are dancing in the field until a rude mole interrupts, so Shaun endeavours to get rid of him.Episode 19: Who's the mummy?
The newly-hatched chicks think Shaun is their mother and he can't seem to get rid of them.Episode 20: Things that go bump
On a dark and stormy night the flock cannot sleep; Shaun discovers the culprits.

Episode 1: Troublesome tractor
The tractor seems ready for the scrap heap. The farmer wishes he could afford to buy a new one, so the sheep see what they can do with it.Episode 2: Hiccups
Shirley drinks Bitzer's lemonade too quickly and gets the hiccups. Shaun tries to help with the usual remedies but has unusual results.Episode 3: Bitzer puts his foot in it
The farmer has Bitzer guard some freshly laid concrete, but Shaun and the rest of the flock have other ideas.Episode 4: Heavy metal Shaun
The farmer inspects the lawn with a metal detector. When Shaun and Bitzer try it, they discover a metallic threat behind a hedge.Episode 5: Sheep on the loose
Nearly all the sheep take the bus to the fun fair. Left behind, Shaun and Shirley must convince the Farmer that the flock is still out to pasture.Episode 6: Washday
The sheep play on the farmer's washing line. The clean garments get dirty and have to be washed before the farmer returns.Episode 7: Tooth fairy
Bitzer has a bad tooth but hasn't let the farmer know, so Shaun tries taking the job as dentist.Episode 8: Camping chaos
A grumpy camper sets up his tent in the sheep's field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the flock decide to do some exploring of their own.Episode 9: Save the tree
The farmer wants to fell the tree in the sheep's field for firewood, so the flock must take desperate measures to save their beloved tree from the chop.Episode 10: Shaun the farmer
The farmer is sick in bed, and with Bitzer playing nurse-maid it's down to Shaun and the flock to handle the daily chores around the farm.Episode 11: Sheepwalking
It is a peaceful night at the farm ... until Shaun starts to walk in his sleep, and the flock cannot resist their natural instinct to follow.Episode 12: The farmer's niece
When the farmer's niece comes to stay, Shaun and Bitzer soon discover she isn't as cute and adorable as she seems.Episode 13: Stick with me
Bitzer sticks the farmer's broken glasses back together, but when the flock get their hooves on the tube of glue things start getting very sticky.Episode 14: If you can't stand the heat
It is a scorching hot day, and the flock is desperate to cool down in the sheep dip. There's only one thing in their way ... the sun-bathing farmer!Episode 15: Tidy up
The sheep's field gets in a mess and the farmer tells Bitzer to clean it up, but he makes the mistake of enlisting Shaun and company to help.Episode 16: The visitor
When a strange space craft crash-lands on the farm, the flock help its little green occupant get air-borne again.Episode 17: Helping hound
The farmer decides to get a robotic sheepdog. When it turns out to be even stricter than Bitzer, Shaun decides it has to go.Episode 18: Snore-worn Shaun
Shirley's snoring is keeping the flock awake, so Shaun decides that the only way to get some sleep is to get her out of the barn.Episode 19: Abracadabra
When the farmer throws out his old magic set, Shaun decides to put on a show ... but things get out of hand when the flock start disappearing.Episode 20: Shaun encounters
Two alien kids land at the farm one night and run riot. Can Shaun and Bitzer stop them before they wake the farmer?

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A10/V10 For a DVDRIP, But the thing you should now is that EACH season is 40 episodes, not both of em. the episode "Bitzer from the Black Lagoon" is the 67th episode from the second season and from the first season it misses the "Bitzer Puts His Foot in It" episode. Please consider to complete it.
Check this link for more information about the series :

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Virus free. Great upload. Much appreciated, thank you. No playback issues via VLC.
Excellent quality. Slapstick humor. Love it. Cheers.
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Yes. This is just Season 1. I had to edit most of the episodes.. but no biggie. Thanks. The quality is fantastic.
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inloveThanks for sharingclap
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If this is only season 1 then please rename!!!!!!
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