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World Gone Sour

  • Alias: Sour Patch Kids: World Gone Sour
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Summary:

    The game is a 3D sidescroller, consisting of 13 levels, playable to one or two players. The player is joined by other "followers" who are abandoned Sour Patch Kids, trekking across a number of platforms from left and right and maneuvering around the playable area. Boss fight levels are interspersed and generally follow a series of regular levels themed around a given setting, designed to reflect the story's progression. The player must, at times, sacrifice other Sour Patch Kids to overcome enemies and hazards. Gumdrops and Stars are featured as collectible items, worth extra life accumulation and level score points (respectively); these items may be hidden or placed in areas that the player cannot safely access without using followers. For example, if a gumdrop or star is hovering above a hot stove or other deadly hazard, the player can retrieve them, without taking damage or dying, by throwing followers into the desired items; upon being touched, the items are instantly collected. Checkpoints appear as bottle rockets which fire upon activation. Provided the player has extra lives, collected items are not lost if the player is killed. If the player dies without extra lives, the game ends, offering the option to quit or restart the level from the beginning; either way, the player's previous count of extra lives is restored as if the failed level was never played. Followers abandoned, killed, or sacrificed in the game will soon respawn and rejoin the player. Extra points are awarded in each level for either dying or killing followers in a series of specific different ways (8 possibilities, 1 instance of each is counted per level); extra points are also awarded for collecting "secret" golden gummies (5 per regular level) and for rescuing all the level's followers (25 per level).[

    Written by arntr211.04K

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