KickassTorrents Rules


  • Do Not Upload Torrents that are Fake, Infected or Spam.
  • No Malicious Content such as Keyloggers or Bitcoin Miners
  • No Password Protected torrents, any passwords must be included in a text file within the torrent.
  • Child Pornography and Zoophilia are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not Re-Tag/De-Tag other users Torrents.
  • No Manipulating or Faking the Seed Count.
  • Do Not Upload Torrents containing Real Violence, Rape, Coprophilia or any Torrent Intentionally Provoking Hatred & Violence.
  • No Incest Pornography, Role Play must be made clear in the description.
  • Should your torrent receive a genuine DMCA complaint it will be removed, you cannot appeal and we will not restore them.

For Porn Uploaders:

  • If actresses are of questionable age - proof will be gathered by mods. If no/insufficient proof has been found the torrent will be removed without warning. Too many of these incidents will cause your upload rights to be revoked.
  • Screenshots should be uploaded in the screenshot tab - not displayed in the descriptions.

How to Apply for Uploader Status:

  • Submit a request preferably in English, state your intentions and the type of torrents you want to upload. The more specific, the better your request.

How to gain Verified Uploader Status (VUL):

How to Gain Elite Uploader Status (EUL):

  • Been a Verified Uploader for at least 3 months.
  • Good description is mandatory.
  • No dumping torrents from any other source or a history of doing so. Deleting any previous dumps will NOT gain you Elite Status.


  • Comment about the quality of the actual torrent, the content of the torrent is irrelevant.
  • As long you mention the quality of the torrent you may make a very brief comment regarding the content.
  • Your Rating of a torrent should be based on the torrent quality not the content.
  • Commenting on your own torrents is only allowed to answer questions.


  • Choose your Username & Avatar wisely, Anything obscene, hateful, racist or violating rules will be removed. Nudity in your avatar is also not allowed.
  • Cursing is allowed on your profile but insulting others is not.
  • No pornographic imagery, hateful or racist posts.
  • Please keep your signature to a reasonable size: 500x100 or 400x200 should be enough.
  • Duplicate accounts are strictly forbidden.


Blogs are a personal space, good judgement is still required before posting.
  • Any attempt to intimidate, mock or bully another User, Mod, Staff or Admin may result in the loss of your account.
  • Racism, hatred or religious propaganda is strictly forbidden.
  • Only 1 Blog per 24 hrs is allowed, daily blogs are fine.
  • Do not post Blogs that are too short, common sense should be used.


  • Post your Threads in the correct section, any threads posted in the wrong section will be moved by mods.
  • Cursing is not allowed the only exceptions are the Adult section and certain Social Groups.
  • Serial Numbers, Keygens & Cracks are only allowed in PM.
  • No duplicate Threads, please use the search function before posting.
  • Respect and consideration should be shown towards all users at all times.
  • Any type of bullying is strictly forbidden and will be taken very seriously.
  • The Bloves Rule. If a user is unable to understand our rules or cooperate with the mods in solving the rule violation issue, he will fall under the Bloves Rule and declared a persona non grata. Any of his further established accounts will be removed after a first serious violation and the staff will refuse to cooperate with this user in order to solve this problem.

External Links:

  • You may post external links depending on their nature and where they lead to. The link should be related to the subject/topic where you intend to post. Common sense should be used when posting links to ensure the safety of our users. Mods will decide at their own discretion whether or not to remove a link they consider unsafe or not welcome.


  • If you have any user related issues or regarding the site in general, feel free to contact a member of the team listed HERE. It is common courtesy that you maintain a respectful attitude as you will receive from all members of the team.
  • Please use the FAQ which may well have the answer to your question or issue.


  • The administration holds no responsibilities for any damage that may occur while using our website or due to torrents you might find through our website.
  • The administration holds no direct responsibility for interaction between the users, although we do our best to regulate it. You are personally responsible for disclosing or exchanging any kind of personal information between you and other users through personal messages, statuses, comments or forum posts. We are not responsible for any harm that may occur due to such situations.
  • The administration holds no responsibility for any legal or copyright Issues. Each user should personally check local copyright laws and regulations and the rules of their internet service provider.


  • Should anything occur that isn't mentioned here it doesn't mean it is allowed or not considered violation of the rules.
  • Mods, Staff & Site Admin will deal with certain situations on a case-by-case basis.
  • We want every user to feel welcome here, have fun, make friends and enjoy the site features & functions as much as possible. In order to do that it is important that every user follows our rules.

The KAT Team

Verified Uploaders Rules


  • As soon as you receive the Verified Uploader or Elite Uploader status you become a member of the Kickass Team. As a Verified Uploader/Elite Uploader we protect your uploads and you as a user, but you need to stick to following rules.
  • As a Verified Uploader/Elite Uploader you are still obliged to follow the main rules of the website. In addition you receive a number of rules concerning your uploads. Please follow them or else you might lose your Verified Uploader/Elite Uploader status and even your account.
  • A Verified Uploader/Elite Uploader is a representative of KickassTorrents, so you must be a role model for other uploaders or users. Please pay more attention to your language, withdraw from all possible conflicts and stick to the rules.
  • If you feel that your torrent/profile was removed for no reason, due to a mistake or personal conflict - feel free to contact Mr.White9085 or Mr.Gooner480.31K by PM.

Rules for all Verified Uploaders

  • As a VUL you are required to upload (per month) 20 torrents minimum spread over the month for 3 following months from the date you are verified
  • All uploads must not break any site rules
  • You must not upload .torrent files within your torrent. All uploaded content must be in the torrent you upload here! Any torrent uploaded should not require any further downloading of files via another torrent or File Host Any one uploading .torrent files embedded inside torrents will be subject to Loss of Status
  • Password protected archives are not allowed unless you supply the password in the description and in a text file in the torrent itself.
  • Encrypted Torrents are not permitted and will be treated in the same way as a .torrent file.
  • Commenting on own torrents is not allowed. Repeat offenders will loose their VUL Status.
  • Replying to Comments questions etc posted by other users is the only time we expect to see you comment on your own torrents


  • All VUL's are required to Seed all their uploads and maintain a minimum of 1 seed per torrent.
  • Some unseeded torrents will be over looked however anything uploaded in the last 48hrs found: unseeded, paused, stalled or Deliberately Limited: Will be unverified without Warning! You then have 24hrs to return to seeding it fully
  • Torrents still not seeding properly after that 24hrs will be Subject to Removal Any further torrents like this in the next 30 days will result in the loss of your VUL status.
  • Important: If for any reason you are unable too seed your torrents: you are required to either PM a member of staff or update your status to state your problem. Any new uploads you cannot seed due to this problem need to be Deleted until you can return to seeding them properly.

Please note:

  • Manipulating the seed count in any way to get your torrents to show up on the main page is forbidden!
  • Any verified uploader found to be pausing/capping their seeding/uploading will be subject to the removal of the torrent and/or to a suspension from Verified Status determined by Staff/Admin.
  • Any Tracker you use should connect correctly and show correct seed/leech count as advertised, any trackers used to fake the seed count will be removed and blocked by our System and you will loose your VUL Status.


  • Your uploads should continue to have good & correct descriptions.
  • Links to images or samples located on an external site for streaming or downloading is not allowed. This also applies to any other kind of link to external sites.
  • Definition of a link to an external site: Clickable or non clickable text of a sites url this includes text embedded in images.
  • Anyone found using external links to streaming or download sites will be subject to loss of torrents until you have edited them and removed all links. Frequent problems with links could lose your VUL status this will be left to the mod dealing with the problem. Such links will be added to our list of spam sites preventing further use.

Content Dumping

  • EUL: No dumping of torrents from any other source EUL found dumping will loose their Elite Status and it will not be returned.
  • VUL: You may Dump but if a title is released say today you have 48hrs in which to upload these kind of torrents. Anything outside this time frame is not allowed, if found dumping outside the time frame constantly will result in loss of VUL Status

Uploading Activity

  • When you request verified status you are agreeing that you intend to regularly upload to KAT. If a 6 month period passes with no uploading, your status will be removed and you'll be required to start the VUL process over again, in order for it to be returned.


  • All Uploaders must cooperate with our Moderation Team staff & Admin, when contacted regarding any issues. Failure to cooperate or aggressive behaviour will result in the loss of your VUL Status, failure to cooperate too many times and you will fall into the sites Blove Rules:
    The Bloves Rule.
    If a user is unable to understand our rules or cooperate with the mods in solving the rule violation issue, he will fall under the the Bloves Rule and declared a persona non grata. Any of his further established accounts will be removed after a first serious violation and the staff will refuse to cooperate with this user in order to solve this problem.
  • Once verified you will continue to upload (per month) 20 torrents minimum spread over the month for 3 following months from being verified. This does not include doing a 40 one month and having a break for the next month, there is no way round this wanting to be verified should mean you intend to be a serious uploader.

The Official Guide for KickassTorrents Translation Interface

First of all thank you for participating in our translation! We appreciate your contribution and hope that together we will be able to make KickassTorrents more available and easier to use for all people on this planet!

The Guide

The translation panel can be found here
When you enter the panel you will be offered to select a language from the drop-box, select your language and you will be redirected to the translation page.
The language page shows six columns id, description, plural, original, versions and comments.

  • Id is the code of the item, it can be used to make search easier or sent to other translators instead of the phrase;
  • Description points to the original position of the item (f.e. community/addforum means that the text is located on the add forum page in the community), can also contain a screenshot of the phrase on the website, example of the phrase on the website or a small clarification of the special symbols (%1, %2, etc.);
  • Plural indicates if the item requires more than one translation for certain phrase depending on the number used in the phrase;
  • Original is the original English phrase;
  • Versions is for translation text;
  • Comments for discussing the translation with other translators.

Above the translation you can see if the language is finished (the percentage) and you can see other translators who are working on this language. The translators are generated automatically by choosing all people who took part in the selected translation. It is important that you avoid translating phrases in other languages and stick to your language only, so that other translators won't be confused by a large number of volunteers on their language.
To translate a word click on the Arrow sign between the Original and Versions columns and you will be offered a box where you can enter your text. After that save the text and your translation will appear in the versions column and after the overall confirmation on the website. The pencil allows editing the translation and the red cross allows to delete a translation.
If you have some doubts about a translation please leave a message in the comment field (the last column) by pushing on the comment icon. If you can't come to some compromise or the other translators are not replying to the comment, please notify Mr.White9085 .
If the word has no translation in your language (f.e. api, seed, leech, etc.) please copy the English word. The percentage is calculated from the number of filled version fields, so it is important to fill them all.
Phrases can hold special symbols like %1 or parts of the code. Please make sure that you stick to the initial spelling and translate only the words outside the code.

If you have doubts about a phrase please alert Mr.White9085 via PM. You can also check the Russian version and see how it was translated there (you can easily distinguish the Cyrillic symbols from the inner code).

If you encounter a link in the translation please ignore the text within the html code.

<a href='text'>%1</a>

There is no need to translate this text!

Some phrases have plural forms, so if you see a yes in the plural column it means that you will need to enter two or more forms of translation depending on the language. It will be easy for each native speaker because he knows the numbers span that needs a different translation word. For example most of the Cyrillic languages have this change at number 5 (2-4 has one word and 5-999999 another).

Notice that the second translation has a different word. Enter the translations in numeric order f.e: first version for the 2-4 span, second version for the 5-999999 span, etc. If you have doubts about a phrase please alert Mr.White9085 via PM.

Due to the volunteer nature of this work all changes can be made by all translators, which means that you can correct and delete the versions of other translators. To avoid possible conflicts or vandalism, please be in touch with other translators and discuss the changes. It is important that we all work as a team and see our goal only as the overall benefit of KAT and not as someoneĆ­s nickname under all the versions.

The current version is still a beta so in case of any problems just refresh the page in the browser and missing things like the posting date will appear in the versions column.

While you translate stick to following rules:

  • If it is possible - try to make the translated phrase not longer than the original. If the phrase turns out to be too big and there is no way to shorten it and please notify Mr.White9085 and we will change the design for the specific language.
  • Make sure that the phrase fits the context and check the description field and the original website.
  • Synchronize all terms like username, userpic, community, etc. with other translators. Be sure that you use the same term in the whole translation.


From now on you receive the translator status, which gives you the access to the translation panel (but no additional powers). The Translator Status makes you a member of the Kickass People, still you are obliged to follow all the website rules and have no power over other users.

  • Please make sure that you stick within your language/languages and don't try to edit the ones that you don't know or haven't learned.
  • There might be more than one translator for each language and for some phrases each translator might offer his own translation. In this case you can discuss the versions in comment section attached as a small symbol on the right of each translation. All comments must be in English only, so that I can understand the issue and give final judgment in case of a draw. (The best arguments for such issues are similar translations used on other websites)
  • In all discussions please try not to insult other translators and keep everything professional. We don't have special rules for translators, but if you tend to create conflict situations you might loose the access to the translation web interface and the Translator status.

Mr.White9085 is responsible for the whole translation part, so in case of rudeness, insults or other translation issues please notify him over personal messages.

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