The Dark knight Rises DVDrip/BDrip/BRrip

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Anything along those lines- know it comes out in December, but please share if u find it from another source.
- Thanks in advance

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HanSOul 3 years and 1 month ago
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Request: The Dark knight Rises DVDrip/BDrip/BRrip

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YIFY uploads 720p movies for 700mb and 1080p for like 1.6gb - 2.2gb (if you dont mind waiting a day or two after the dvd release for bluray to get released)
That b*****d, t3chie98-6 ... got my hopes all up. Thank you to quick response in deleting the fake!
Yaa, YIFY3.66M 's work is really commendable. Do they a great job! smile

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Where is piratepedia?
where is piratepedia?
That b*****d, t3chie98-6 ... got my hopes all up. Thank you to quick response in deleting the fake!
"Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic The Dark Knight Rises will be released on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, and digital download on Dec. 4, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group announced exclusively to Entertainment Weekly."

wow we have to wait a long time for this movie. Unless someone gets a thousand dollar camera into the movie theater..
you can't capture surround sound onto a microphone
(..unless in the impossible world, you place 20 stage mike's all around the cinema 5cm from each speaker and master the whole thing on a digital sound desk and recorder.. never mind capturing a good image, thats impossible).
Any CAM is going to be crap quality.

We have to wait till december? :O
lmO,, aint r5 due november? but even r5 id srill rather wait for bdrip, ive waited this ong without watching it i may as well go the full thing aint i?
r5? r5 is just a format of cam release. just something uploaders do. you could have r5 from day 1 in the movie theater.
good thing ur a book uploader FYI R5 is region 5 DVD and you cannot get that from day 1 lol

the movie is nice but the good quality is not available ???????????
yyyyyyy it is like that sadsadsadsadsadsad
99% of the time you will not get the "good quality" you seek till a film is released on DVD/Blu-Ray.
nope. got to wait till december for the release :( fortunately hwever it's really only a few weeks away - it is now the end of october, and it comes out on dvd in beginnning of december, so about 5 and 1/2 weeks or so

where the hell is all this damn spam coming from??? jeez
spammers i guess

Still not out? Wow
If you want... I can upload "Avatar 2" in bluray full now...
Haha! Rather, y don't you premiere it in d theaters?? biggrin
i got avatar 3 in bluray

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