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Kitty Powers' Matchmakers

 in Games

May you upload Kitty Powers' Matchmaker? Really need this game!
Would seed for a few days.
Thank you.

0 comments    1 view    Requested by GabGame, 5 months ago    

Ira Rott fox

 in Books requested from KnittingLady60.9K

HI Knitting lady first let me say thank you so much for all your sharing i check daily for crochet things, much appreciated. I am looking for the Ira Rott fox rug, baby cocoon, and any other fox or sock money items. I already have the last collection that included her things, reviewing thru they were not in it. If its possible I thank you from bottom of my heart ;)

1 comment    6 views    Requested by CdnBrat, 5 months ago    

VirtualRealPorn April-May new content (GearVR)

 in XXX requested from ntfzutjo78

I would be extremely grateful if you could upload a torrent containing the new Gear VR content from VirtualRealPorn that has come out since your last Site Rip torrent

You have already uploaded Asian Bunny by itself, so the new content I'm looking for is the videos listed below:

Between The Sheets
Hot Cam
Taking care of You
Exotic Moments
Shiny Morning
Hot Cam II
Estate Agent
Women's Party

0 comments    5 views    Requested by sp1r1t0fc4t, 5 months ago    

Kanchana 2 (Muni 3) - HDRip - AC3 5.1 - MKV

 in Movies requested from TeamRockers31.79K

After this movie is uploaded on HeroTalkies.Com, please upload this movie in MKV format with Dolby 5.1.

0 comments    11 views    Requested by thesman11, 5 months ago    

sebastian maniscalco- aren't you embarrassed

 in TV

Hi guys i am looking for this special if ya'll could find it it would be great. Thanks a bunch

2 comments    2 views    Requested by SexyDecoy, 5 months ago    


 in TV requested from DeeJayEscobar54.67K

Could you please upload Treme, since you did The Wire? It has the same creators...

1 comment    8 views    Requested by henkie23, 5 months ago    

Star Wars 'Digital HD' Collection w/Bonus features

 in Movies requested from loadstone303.04K

You're amazing mate. I know you're probably swamped with requests, but if you could package up the bonus content from the Star Wars 'Digital HD' collection that was released on April 10th? There are about 9 hours of bonus footage, documentaries, interviews, screen tests,the works, which would be awesome to have. In addition to that, having the deleted scenes in higher quality would also be a great get. (Some, like Yoda's exile to and landing on Dagobah were fully produced and scored, but released with the DVD and not included in the BluRay Collection.) It may be unnecessary to encode all the films again (I know the Blu-Ray are marginally better in terms of definition anyway, but the best copies I have now have Hard Coded subs in the alien bits, would be nice to have the option of changing them, and also to have the films with the new Lucasfilm open that doesn't include the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare [note: A New Hope does have the fox fanfare bc of a decade old distribution deal, the rest do not]) Also some minor tweaks were made to the audio mix, so audiophile SW fans would love you for it. You released the best Star Wars Rebels files, bar none. Releasing these movies, as we ramp up excitement to The Force Awakens, would be a great service to us all. MTFBWY

0 comments    3 views    Requested by Diziet_Sma, 5 months ago    

Castaway Paradise Complete Edition on steam

 in Games requested from IGGGAMES44.19K

Hello IGGameslol. Can you upload Castaway Paradise Complete Edition?
I've checked the torrent of this game on this site and came up with nothingsad

1 comment    2 views    Requested by adimetro00, 5 months ago    

Crocodile Stitch book request

 in Books requested from KnittingLady60.9K

Do you have or are you able to get Leisure Arts Beginners Guide to Crocodile Stitch?

Would appreciate your efforts!


0 comments    0 views    Requested by thanks.uppers, 5 months ago    

The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Writing by Parthesh Thakkar

 in Books

Could someone get me The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Writing by Parthesh Thakkar

0 comments    1 view    Requested by P-DawG, 6 months ago    

Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings 2

 in Applications requested from oddsox13.15K

please master :)

1 comment    6 views    Requested by btudos, 6 months ago    

Scrubs All Seasons

 in TV requested from E.Rev6560

Can u do the following Show?

1 comment    10 views    Requested by temper0, 6 months ago    

Help me Knitting Lady ;(

 in Books requested from KnittingLady60.9K

Hello knitting lady if your not busy can you help me with the following Amigurumi Pattern ?

1. Lalylala - Vlad the Vampire
2. Lalylala - Paul the Toadstool
3. Epickawaii - Chrysanna the Albino Fairy
4. Epickawaii - Althaena the Summer Fairy
5. Epickawaii - Lilanna the Baby Fairy
6. Epickawaii - Lalaloopsy Cinder Cinderella
7. Epickawaii - Lalaloopsy April
8. Epickawaii - Lalaloopsy Mint
9. Epickawaii - Lalaloopsy Mei
10. Epickawaii - Tibbers Teddy Bear
11. Epickawaii - Sock Monkey
12. Epickawaii - Bancha the Red Fox
13. Epickawaii - Nilgiri the Brown Bear Cub
14. Epickawaii - Jasmine the Red Panda Cub
15. Epickawaii - Ceylon the Persian Kitten

Thanks . sorry if it's too much

0 comments    2 views    Requested by UheiCun, 6 months ago    

Embrace Octopus Sweater

 in Books requested from KnittingLady60.9K


I was wondering if you have the Embrace Octopus Sweater pattern and 200 Fair Isle Motifs by Mary Jane Mucklestone?

Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in thus far!

0 comments    0 views    Requested by ParryOtter, 6 months ago    

Mad Men All Seasons 1080p

 in TV requested from DeeJayEscobar54.67K

Please upload all seasons of Mad Men in 1080p.

0 comments    1 view    Requested by nadeemtg, 6 months ago    


 in Movies requested from anoXmous125.36K

i would like to see

it's already on criterion collection.

much appreciated ^^

0 comments    0 views    Requested by americonsol, 6 months ago    

Lynda - How to Rock Social Media

 in Other requested from giomak1574

1 comment    9 views    Requested by David3366, 6 months ago    

One Tree Hill and Prison Break

 in TV requested from E.Rev6560

Buddy, Can you please rip and upload One Tree Hill all seasons(1-9) and Prison Break all seasons (1-4).

3 comments    15 views    Requested by Theresurrect, 6 months ago    

Clean coders by Uncle Bob

 in Other requested from nex_xen17.99K

Could you upload the clean coders series linked below? There's a couple of other series' on the site as well which are very good.

Very much appreciated.
Thank you!

0 comments    1 view    Requested by weebabyseamus, 6 months ago    

RuPaul’s Drag Race s7 e12

 in TV requested from fabutrash3102

RuPaul’s Drag Race

0 comments    1 view    Requested by benjois, 6 months ago    


 in TV requested from fabutrash3102

May you please upload the latest rupaul " and the rest is drag " please

0 comments    0 views    Requested by montie334, 6 months ago    

looking for a pattern

 in Books requested from KnittingLady60.9K

hi i'm looking for viamin D (heidi kirrmaier pattern) , can you help me ? thanks for your hard job . have a nice day

0 comments    8 views    Requested by salimaitou, 6 months ago    

Kate Plus 8

 in TV requested from SRIGGA98.21K

Can you upload the Kate Plus 8 S03E06?

1 comment    12 views    Requested by sweden88, 6 months ago    

kenshi 0.74.2 version

 in Games requested from IGGGAMES44.19K


kenshi 0.74.2 update plz

I can't speak English. sry

1 comment    6 views    Requested by Mingii, 6 months ago    
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