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  • Artist: Pretty Maids
  • Format: flac - lossy
  • Summary []: Pretty Maids is a NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) inspired heavy metal band formed in Horsens, Denmark, by Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer in 1981. Over the years Pretty Maids have sold hundreds of thousands of records, but have never broken through in a major way. They have supported such well known acts as Black Sabbath , Deep Purple , Alice Cooper , Saxon , Nazareth and were also featured at the 1987 German version of Monsters of Rock where Metallica headlined along with <a href="http:
Pretty Maids Discography 15 CD's [Flac][TechUK][h33t] (Size: 5.61 GB)
  (1983) Pretty Maids [Japan][Reissue 1990]
  (1984) Red, Hot And Heavy [Japan]
  (1987) Future World [Japan]
  (1990) Jump The Gun
  (1992) Offside [Japan]
  (1992) Sin-Decade [Japan]
  (1993) Stripped [Japan]
  (1995) Screamin Live
  (1995) Scream [CD Maximum]
  (1997) Spooked [Japan]
  (1999) Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
  (2000) Carpe Diem [Art Music Group]
  (2002) Planet Panic
  (2003) Live At Least
  (2006) Wake Up To The Real World
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Pretty Maids Discography 15 CD's [Flac]


Pretty Maids - Pretty Maids (1983) Japan re-issue 1990



Artist: Pretty Maids

Album: Pretty Maids

Rating: 3 Stars

Release Date: 1983

Label: Import

Genre: Heavy Metal


AMG Album ID: R   204595

This record was actually quite hard to get hold of when I was trying to get hold of it back in the 80´s. When I finally did (I had to actually go to Denmark to find it) it didn´t really merit all the efforts. It´s an ok record, nothing more, but on “Children of Tomorrow” and “Fantasy”, despite being the softest tracks on offer here, there are traces of what would come on future albums.

Pretty Maids had a special sense of melody, with the keyboards/guitar interaction often serving as their own trademark, something that set them apart from others, often more straight to the point 80´s metal bands. Ronnie Atkins´ vocals added to this perfectly.

“City Lights” is a decent track: as an opener, it works fine. Nothing to really wet your pants about.

The only song I would really regard as great is “Children of Tomorrow”, with a fantastic verse and fine vocals from Atkins, it shows off a real sense of song-writing, something that is not always the case on the other songs here.

“Fantasy” is a pop track, basically, very poppy but still decent. The other songs, “Bad Boys”, “Shelly The Maid” and “Nowhere To Run” are basically throw-away tunes, but this is their first EP, so I guess that´s what happens.

Compared to what would come, just a decent start.


Tracks    Title    

1           City Light          

2           Fantasy          

3           Shelly the Maid          

4           Children of Tomorrow          

5           Nowhere to ....    

Enjoy! TechUK


Pretty Maids - Red, Hot and Heavy (1984) Japan Re-issue



Artist: Pretty Maids

Album: Red, Hot and Heavy

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Release Date: 1984

Label: Sony Music Distribution

Time: 36:09

Genre: Heavy Metal

AMG Album ID: R   316781

I first heard Pretty Maids while driving to a concert with one of my buddies. He popped in this cd and I was amazed. At first I thought it was HammerFall, because they played Back to Back, which I learned is not a HammerFall song at all, but a Pretty Maids tune, and a damn good one at that. Most people consider Pretty Maids to be more of a melodic 80s band. In reality it is hard to place Pretty Maids. Some songs make you want to think Asia. Other songs make you think damn this is heavy metal at its best like Dokken or Accept. One of my friends is fixed on labeling them hair metal, so I guess I’ll let you pick and choose.

The album opens up very dramatically with the beginning to Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana – that is Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, or Empress of the World, a pretty popular piece that is used in a lot of movies. It then jumps right into the best song on this album, Back to Back. This song features a pretty fast paced tempo and if you don’t headbang to this song then you don’t love heavy metal! The rest of the album is pretty upbeat, and in ways reaching out to this void that doesn’t exist yet – I am talking about power metal that is. In songs like Battle of Pride, you can see a definite birth of the genre leading to bands such as Helloween, for example, to actually get the ball rolling.

If you swear you’ve never heard this band, you probably have if you grew up in the 80s or know a lot of 80s hit, which I am sure the song Waitin’ For the Time was one. This song offers a slower tempo and a catchy chorus, the formula for a 80s hit right?! It is a good song, but after listening to the album collectively you being to wonder how it got on the album in the first place.

If you love 80s metal then you should pick this up. In fact if you like metal, hair metal, power metal, whatever…you should own this album. It definitely appeals to a wide variety of an audience. The album is packed full of solid tunes featuring great guitar riffs and solos. Some songs are really heavy while others are more melodic, but it is worth it if you love metal!


Tracks    Title     Time


1     Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Carmina Burana)          :22

2     Back To Back          3:34

3     Red, Hot and Heavy          3:58

4     Waitin' For the Time          4:45

5     Cold Killer          4:42

6     Battle of Pride          3:14

7     Night Danger          3:52

8     A Place In the Night          3:58

9     Queen of Dreams          4:45

10     Little Darling          2:59

Enjoy! TechUK


Pretty Maids - Future World (1987)



Artist: Pretty Maids

Album: Future World

Rating: 3 Stars

Release Date: 1987

Label: Collectables Records

Time: 41:22

Genre: Heavy Metal


AMG Album ID: R    75689


Review    by James Christopher Monger

After achieving regional success with their first three records, Danish rockers Pretty Maids released Future World. Fueled by constant airplay on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and fresh off of a Scandinavian tour with Black Sabbath, the band finally had a record that connected with American audiences. The blistering title track boasts a killer guitar riff, a driving rhythm section, and lead vocalist Ronnie Atkins' full-throated Klaus Meine-like snarl. Keyboardist Alan Owen punctuates Ken Hammer's licks with a refreshing urgency that's the direct antithesis of wimpy contemporaries like White Lion and Night Ranger. Even requisite '80s power ballads -- a painful genre unto itself -- like "Love Games" and "Eye of the Storm" sound less contrived than anything that Europe ever recorded. That's not to say that Future World doesn't fall into the same traps that have ensnared past metal bands taking a detour into pop. "We Came to Rock," a diluted facsimile of Ronnie James Dio's superb "We Rock," shrivels beneath inane lyrics like "Can you feel the fever burnin'" -- with a five-second delay on the word "burnin'" -- and showcases the group's weakness for lame rock posturing.

Tracks    Title     Time


1     Future World          5:23

2     Loud 'N' Proud          3:52

3     Love Games          4:13

4     Yellow Rain          5:30

5     Rodeo          4:14

6     We Came to Rock          4:30

7     Needles in the Dark          5:03

8     Eye of the Storm          4:57

9     Long Way to Go          3:27

Enjoy! TechUK


Pretty Maids - Jump the Gun (1990) Japan re-issue Bonus Tracks



Artist: Pretty Maids

Album: Jump the Gun

Release Date: 1990

Label: Sony Music Distribution

Genre: Heavy Metal


AMG Album ID: R   230000

This album has been critizised by many, but even when it first came out, I totally enjoyed it. In my opinion, this is the last really good album bearing the Pretty Maids monicker; the last one to have any resemblance to the greatness of “Future World” and “Red Hot And Heavy”. From here on, they evolved into a standard hard rock band, one of those you can hear down your local pub on Saturday nights.

“Jump the Gun” has a more commercial approach than previous albums, as evident referring to both song-writing and production. Still, I can remember when I first heard it, and it sounded nothing like I had expected, but exactly like I wanted.

“Lethal Heroes” is one of the best songs they ever wrote, a great metal monster with pounding riffs and high vocals. Magnificent!

“Don´t Settle For Less” and “Rock The House” are both straight-forward rocking songs, good ones both.

“Savage Heart” is the obligatory ballad, a great moody one with magnificent vocals.

Then “Young Blood” picks up the pace a bit before side one finishes in metallic style with “Headlines”, also a great song.

Side two kicks off in magnificent fashion with the title track, before “Partners In Crime”kicks you sideways with great harmonies and a fantastic chorus.

“Attention” is a rather simple song that works ok, nothing special.

After this comes a couple of songs, “Hang Tough” and “Over And Out” that doesn´t really do anything to add to the album, before it picks up againn with final song “Dream On”, a laid back, loose affair that end the album on a good note.

As I see it, “Jump The Gun” is an essential part of Pretty Maids´ recording legacy. Go get it.


    Tracks    Title    Time


1           Leathal Heroes          

2           Don't Settle for Less           

3           Rock the House           

4           Savage Heart           

5           Young Blood           

6           Headlines           

7           Jump the Gun           

8           Partners in Crime           

9           Attention           

10           Hang Tough     Wexler      

11           Over and Out           

12           Dream On         

Enjoy! TechUK


Pretty Maids - Sin Decade (1992)[Japan Bonus Track]



Artist: Pretty Maids

Album: Sin Decade [Japan Bonus Track]

Release Date: 1992

Label: Sony Music Distribution

Genre: Heavy Metal


AMG Album ID: R   807416

After the disappointment with the way overproduced Jump the Gun, that more or less sounded like a Deep Purple record, Pretty Maids lost 3 members and the founding members Atkins & Hammer found themselves without a band. After a few weeks they decided to continue Pretty Maids with a couple of new musicians. Kenn Jackson (bass) and Michael Fast (drums) were the new people in the band and Sin-Decade were the first result!

The 5 first tracks range from good to great (with Running Out being the absolute best on the record! Really a super hard rock track!!!) and you really get in a headbanging mood, but the second half of the disc is a little kind of dull... It's not bad, but it's just way too average to be good. The songs are well played however and no matter what, even an average track can't ruin the greatness of Ronnie Atkins' amazing voice or the fabulous solo playing by Ken Hammer.

The two last tracks however (In the Flesh + Please Don't Leave Me) pulls the album up again. The first of the 2 is a fastpaced catchy headbanger while the last is the absolutely stunning cover of Sykes/Lynott's Please Don't Leave Me. Pretty Maids turns the track into one of the best power ballads ever!!!

Well, if you read my review of Jump the Gun, you know that I was disappointed with the sound that was way too Deep Purple-ish... This album however is a step back in the right direction. Okay, it's not heavy metal, but the maids prove that they also are capable of writing/playing some real good hard rock songs. The sound is heavier than Jump the Gun and the two new members of the band really improves the band's skills!

Don't miss out on this. It's a good album!


Tracks    Title         

1           Running Out          

2           Who Said Money          

3           Nightmare in the Neighbourhood          

4           Sin-Decade          

5           Come on Tough Come on Nasty          

6         &nb

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