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    Two heroes. One destiny.

    Nobunaga's evil scourge has now spread across time to affect the future. As Samanosuke prepares for battle, a new hero enters the fray: Jacques Blanc, French military officer. Together, this unlikely team must stop the King of the Demons. Starring Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Samanosuke, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege is the final chapter in the Onimusha Trilogy. Control the fate of both men as you journey from 16th Century Japan to modern day Paris and back to defeat the evil Nobunaga and his hordes of darkness. Let the battle begin.

    Written by WinterKilla47.97K
Available in versions: PlayStation 2PC
Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege [Ntsc], Ps2 (Size: 1.53 GB)
  Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege (NTSC) PS2.7z 1.53 GB


Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege for the Ps2 Rel. 02/26/2004

Lang.: English
Discs: 1
Image: MDS/ISO
Genre.: Beat-Em Up
Rating: M (Mature)
Requirements: Modded/Chipped Ps2 or Swap Magic Disc Method.

Compressed with 7Zip, Game was tested and works.

Note: No Ps2 backup disc/game or copy will work unless your Ps2 Console is Modded
(allows playing of backups), or if you use Swap Magic.

You could try the homebrew exploit to (Free Mc Boot - Also known as soft modding for ps2), if your ps2 system isn't hard modded with a chip or if Swap Magic isn't working as a last resort. There are ps2 emulators but its not 100% & the quality isn't as good as playing your game on your ps2 console.

If your using swap magic and don't have a flip top, you'll need to first
remove the front cover of the disc tray for use of the slide card.

Here's a link for how to remove the front cover...


And here's some links on using the slide tool to open the tray to swap in your ps2 copy or backup game.




Those that don't have a modded Ps2 Here's a few links for Free MC Boot & how to use it to soft mod your ps2 so you can be able to play burned games. Free Mc Boot won't work on newer models of ps2 you'll have to use an older version the tutorial explains this.

-- http://bootleg.sksapps.com/tutorials/fmcb/

Then you will also need to patch the iso (the PS2 game) with ESR disc patcher GUI v0.24a if your using free mc boot with ESR Elf to boot your p2 copies or backups (No-swapping required for esr method).

After patching burn the iso with Imgburn or Dvd Decrypter to respectable media
then use the ESR through fmcb after you installed everything to boot your game.

You will still need to use the proper media for the game to run or load properly regardless if your using fmcb, a modded ps2, or swap magic. Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden is preferred.

Note: If fmcb isn't working and your Ps2 isn't Modded, Swap Magic should do the

Game Description:

Samanosuke is whisked away to present day Paris when he attempts a siege on Nobunaga's fortress. Here he teams up with Jacques, a French commando modeled after actor Jean Reno to take on Nobunaga for the final time. The game also takes place in medieval Japan just like the previous 2 in the series. The game features a new control scheme and a totally 3-D Graphic Engine has opposed to the 2-D pre-rendered graphics of the first 2. The music is a combination of European-style orchestral and Japanese-style instruments. The game itself is fast, visually impressive and has many twists.

Onimusha 3 Demon Siege features expansive settings to explore, a dual hero fighting system, enhanced gameplay and motion picture quality cinematics that the series is known to deliver. Onimusha 3 Demon Siege intertwines two different stories that transcend four centuries from ancient feudal Japan to modern day France. Takeshi Kaneshiro reprises his role as Samanosuke Akechi from the original title in the series. Joining him is Jean Reno the world-renowned movie star who is best known for his roles in ‘The Professional’, ‘Big Blue’ and ‘La Femme Nikita,’ starring as French military officer Jacques Braun.


* As a first for the series, Onimusha 3 Demon Siege utilizes full polygonal
backgrounds as Capcom strives to realize the title’s real and dramatic camera
work. Gamers will exalt the battle scenes, as they are full of depth and with
even more sword slashing action.

* Explore new and diverse environments – Onimusha 3 Demon Siege not only includes
familiar feudal Japan backdrops such as Anshi Castle, Sakai Town or Honnoji
Temple, but also showcases world renowned Paris landmarks, such as Notre Dame
and the Arc de Triumph, all of which have been painstakingly recreated with such
rich detail that it exceeds the scale of the previous incarnations of the

* The opening CG movies have been pushed to a new level. Returning to the Onimusha
project is Robot, the company responsible for making all of the Onimusha opening
movies and Yamazaki Takeshi, the CG movie director. Capcom has enlisted the
talents of Hong Kong action star and director Donnie Yen as the CG action
director. Onimusha 3 is a collaboration of several talented staff members as
they focus on bringing a masterpiece that rivals even the biggest blockbuster

* Flagship, the company responsible for scripting the stories for Onimusha:
Warlords and Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny increase the level and depth of the
story for Onimusha 3 Demon Siege. With more drama and thrills than before,
Onimusha 3 Demon Siege weaves an epic tale bringing the series to a whole new
level in this final battle against Oda Nobunaga.

* Master devastating one-hit moves – Now enemies can effectively be defeated with
an unprecedented one-time dramatic slash.

Game Pics Included.

Burn with DVD Decrypter, (Included in download).

Burn at 8x or 4x Speed.

Use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD Media for best quality, or if other media isn't

If Using DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM.
(If your Mod-Chip or Ps2 doesn't support DVD+R)

Any Problems or questions please post a comment.

If this is working fine for you let us know write a comment.

Please Seed this when your done.

(I can't seed 24/7, do your part and seed to keep the torrent healthy).


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Can be play using PS2 emulator
Work 100% on PS2..... ntsc .... tnx man for uploading !!!!! lol
when you turn on your ps2 PAL and NTSC on your screen or what????? Please answer my question.......
This game came the closest to killing me. I played obsessively late into the night and started again when I woke up. Demon Siege's mix of frenzied action and intelligent puzzles left me powerless to free myself from its grip. When I reached the ending I was sad the game was over but happy I would finally be able to get some sleep
Kat said 5 seeders, got like 50 from peer exchange, downloaded really quick. Only problem is I don't have a game big enough to launch it on my PS2 :( I'm using the FreeMCBoot with CogSwap method and apparently the actual game your using needs to be bigger than your "backup" :/
Anyway, though, I know it's a legit ISO because I tested it in PCSX2...
Also if anyone happens to know how this has such a great compression ratio, I know theisozone.com tends to do that with games a lot but I've tried a few ISO's in 7-zip and they just go at 100% ratio (no compression at all).
Must be better than Onimusha 2, which has barely any seeds, and the game is bigger.

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