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  • Original run: 07 June 2010 — 26 July 2010
  • Summary:

    When Satan learns that an American company has the ability to drill so far down into the Earth that it will hit Hell, he sends a family to the United States to stop them.

    Written by SuperLemKilla51.86K
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Neighbors From Hell Season 1 HDTV XviD-MiXED (cartoon series) (Size: 1.71 GB)


Genre: Animation, Comedy

Year: 2010

Country: USA

Runtime: 22 min

Producer: Pam Brady

Cast: Patton Oswalt, Molly Shannon, Will Sasso, Tracey Fairaway, Kyle McCulloch

.: Plot :.

Neighbors From H╨╡ll centers on the Hellmans, a typical, all-American suburban family, with Balthazor; his wife, Tina; their two children, Mandy and Josh; and their dog Pazuzu. They're your average family who happen to hail from Hell. They have been sent to Earth to pose as normal suburbanites with a mission to keep humans from drilling their way to Hell. Their task is made all the more complicated by Balthazor's growing affection for humans and their odd but endearing qualities. But, as long as they follow Satan's acronym "Snorfindesdrillsalgoho" (Seem Normal, Fit In, Destory Drill, Save Hell, Go Home), the the Hellmans have nothing to worry about.

Main Characters

Balthazor Hellman (voiced by Will Sasso) - The family's patriarch. He is a bit naive but is very kind-hearted demon. He has a vast knowledge human behavior from watching lots of human television in Hell. He almost faced punishment from Satan because of that. He is constantly trying to either get promoted or demoted at work in order to get closer to the drill, the target of which he was sent to destroy. Balthazor is shown to have an evil side too, as he almost drowned Tina's father Zebulon when he insulted his father and tried to get him fired. He appears self-conscious about being overweight as he gets offended when others make fun of it. Despite being a demon, he is overall a nice guy where he cares for his friends, such as when he covered for his friend Chevdet after getting him drunk despite it preventing him from destroying the drill, and deeply loves his family, usually ending each episode having a group hug with his family as well as state "I love you all". He has the power to breathe fire out of all his cavities such as his mouth, nostrols and once farted fire.

Tina Hellman (voiced by Molly Shannon) - Balthazor's strong-willed wife and mother of Josh and Mandy. She has a short temper, a bad driver, stubborn streak and is very protective over her family. She is an alcoholic and has an obsession with gossip as she is constantly seen with an alcoholic beverage in one hand and a gossip magazine in the other. Tina is bitter about her abrupt transition from a hardworking employee to an average housewife. She is also very sultry and sexy-looking and she and Balthazor have a passionate and sexually-charged marriage.

Pazuzu (voiced by Patton Oswalt) - The family's helpful goblin dog that pretends to be a regular dog while on Earth. He is shown to have the ability to freeze and unfreeze time. He is deeply fond of many pop-culture sensations, which explains his love for pop stars like Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers. Pazuzu and Vlaartark are often found together, generally up to some sort of mischief.
Vlaartark Mimlark (voiced by Kyle McCulloch) - The eccentric, possibly schizophrenic, uncle of Josh and Mandy. He enjoys eating cats. He also considers himself of a higher standard, judging by his voice and general knowledge. It's never stated if he's Balthazor or Tina's brother, though they both called him "uncle" as well. He also has Gerontophilia.

Mandy Hellman (voiced by Tracey Fairaway) - Balthazor and Tina's attractive yet materialistic teenage daughter. She appears as vain, shallow and obsessed with her cell phone usually texting. She can erase people's memories from their minds. Despite shallow tendencies, she broke up with Killbride's son Wayne when he showed cruelty to disabled or unpopular kids. She is 15 years old.
Josh Hellman (voiced by David Soren) - Balthazor and Tina's preteen son. A chubby, immature and mischievous young demon boy. He has the ability to emit lasers from his eyes, can talk with animals, and has re-animation powers (only on animals thus far). He is shown to enjoy playing video games. He also has a crush on a neighborhood girl named Bethany. He is 12 years old.

Don Killbride (voiced by Kurtwood Smith) - Balthazor's boss and head of Petromundo. He is very ruthless, morally depraved and somewhat of a sadist. He takes a liking towards Balthazar and treats him with the littlest of respect. He also pops out at random times usually riding in his limo often to check in on Balthazar. He is often seen with a golf club. has several vices such as bribery, inflicting physical harm, "dog golf", exploiting cheap labor and beating and cheating on his wives. Balthazor sees Killbride as more evil than Satan. He has an obvious attraction to Tina. Overall he is a businessman, and promotes Balthazor when he does his job well.

Marjoe Saint Sparks (voiced by Dina Waters) - The crazy, talkative and stereotypical Southern Belle next-door neighbor. She engages in bestiality with her dog Champers and annoys Tina to no end. She has a tendency to pop out at random times. Champers often tries to kill himself . She loves to chat about her sex life. In the first episode, she is oblivious that Tina is deliberately trying to strangle her to death. She is from an upperclass background and is possibly an associate of the Killbrides as she was seen at the Country Club and at Killbride's barbecue.

Chevdet Tevetoglu (voiced by Kyle McCulloch) -Chevdet is Balthazor's best friend and the chief engineer behind the drill project at Petromundo. As a recent immigrant, Chevdet works hard to make a better life for his large Turkish family. When he's not working on the drill or enduring Killbride's constant ethnic slurs, he is often hanging out with Balthazor.

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