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Hindi with English subtitles

Resolution: 352x272

Frame Rate: 29.97

Codec: mp4a

Stereo 1411 kbs

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IMDB Number: tt0158417


What Homer's ILIAD is to Greek Civilization and the great classics of yore are to different nations of the world, the MAHABHARAT is to India. Written by Rishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient philosopher-thinker who was known to be the fountain of all human knowledge, it has been translated into many languages and even presented in ballet form in western and oriental countries.

But the MAHABHARAT is not an abstruse philosophical or religious tract. It encompasses all shades of human nature from the utterly base to the completely divine; its high points is Lord Krishna's message to humanity, the Song Celestial - the divine GEETA, acknowledged to be the quintessence of all knowledge embodied in the Hindu ethos.

To capture the magnificence, the grandeur and drama of this great epic was the dream of producer-director Dr. B.R. Chopra, one of India eminent filmmakers. B.R. TV has staked enormous resources, to bring to television audiences the richness and the grandeur of the period to which the MAHABHARAT belonged. rated as the most popular TV program on India's Doordarshan, the serial consists of 94 episodes each with a running time of 45 minutes - a total of 65 hours of Hindutav.


Episode 1: King Bharat sows the seed of democratic thinking by appointing a commoner as his successor. Many generations later, King Shantanu risks the tradition when he marries Ganga and promising never to question her for anything she does.

Episode 2: Bound by his promise, Shantanu does not question Ganga as she sacrifices seven sons. When he protests at the birth of their eighth son, Ganga leaves him. Years later the son is returned, trained and educated as Prince Devarata.

Episode 3: Devarata is crowned as Yuvraj, heir apparent. But, to enable the marriage of his father to a village girl, Devarata renounces his rights to the throne and also vows never to marry. Gods shower blessings and Devrata is renamed as Bhishma.

Episode 4: Bhishma (Devarata) defends his sacrifice and carries out his duties to look after all the affairs of the State. King Shantanu dies in grief and guilt towards Bhishma.

Episode 5: Shantanu's son Vichitraviya ascends the throne. Bhishma arranges the marriage of Ambika and Ambalika, the daughters of a neighboring king, to King Vichitravirya. However, Vichitraviya dies young and without any offspring.

Episode 6: Threatened with extinction, Queen mother Satyavati, calls on Ambalika and Ambika to marry Vyasa. Ambalika gives birth the Dhritarastra who is born blind. Ambika gives birth to Pandu who is born anemic and weak. Bhishma is forced to look after this generation too.

Episode 7: Dhritarastra and Pandu are married to Gandhari and Kunti. As Dhritrashtra was blind, Gandhari binds up her eyes with a piece of silk, refusing to see the world. Kunti was the daughter of the King of Yadavas and thus the sister of Vasudeva, father of Lord Krishna.

Episode 8: Pandu establishes the supremacy of the Kuru House. During his campaigns he takes another wife, Madri. After the campaigns, Pandu goes to the forest for relaxation with his two queens Kunti and Madri.

Episode 9: While hunting, Pandu accidentally kills a Sage. To do penance Pandu decides to spend his life in exile and entrusts his Kingdom to Dhritarastra. In time five children - Yudhishtra, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadeva, are born to Kunti and Madri. Dhritarastra had a hundred sons from Gandhari, the eldest being Duryodhana.

Episode 10: In Mathura, King Kans dethrones his father and takes over the Kingdom. He arranges his sister Devki's marriage with his influential friend Vasudev. But when a Sage predicts that her eighth son will be responsible for Kans' death, he imprisons Devki and Vasudev.

Episode 11: Kans personally kills Devki's first six children born in the prison. Devki's seventh "pregnancy" is taken over by Vasudev's second wife who gives birth to Balram. And when the eighth child, Krishna is born, miraculously the prison doors open and Vasudev is able to smuggle out the child and leave him in Gokul with his friend Nand.

Episode 12: Unusual celebrations in Gokul make Kans auspicious that Devki's eighth child must be there. Pootna is sent there as a toy seller to kill all the children born in Gokul. When she tries to kill Krishna, she herself is killed. Meanwhile all the people of Gokul, including Krishna's foster parents, shift to Nandgaon.

Episode 13: Childhood of Shri Krishna, the Supreme Being, and Narayan. While Yashoda happily reared Shri Krishna in Nandgaon his real mother Devki, and his father Vasudev spent days inside the prison in Mathura. Krishna regaled the entire Nandgaon with his divine sports.

Episode 14: Krishna's divine sports make him the darling of his friends. To everyone's amazement he killed Kalia the Serpent King who lived in the river Yamuna, while retrieving the ball of his friend Sridham from the bottom of the river.

Episode 15: Krishna grows up to an 11-year-old boy. Now he has given up stealing butter; instead he steals the hearts of the young "Gopinis". Radha is one such "Gopini" who has lost her heart to him. Two songs illustrate this beautiful relationship. Also, Krishna encourages the habitants of Nandgaon to stop sending butter, as a levy, to Kans, the ruler of Mathura. Kans feels slighted that someone has defied him.

Episode 16: Kans tries to subdue Krishna. He commands two demons to destroy Nandgaon. However, Krishna and Balram, annihilate the evil demons. The episode also covers two major portions of divine sports - one, saving of Nandgaon by lifting the Goverdhan Mountain and the other, "Maharass" in which Shri Krishna creates the illusion among the dancing Gopis, each one of whom thinks that he is dancing with her and her alone. Meanwhile, Kans tricks Vasudev's friend Akrur into inviting to Mathura with the intention of killing him.

Episode 17: Krishna departs from Nandgaon for Mathura. The residents of Mathura have heard of his divine sports and they pay obeisance to him as an "Avatar" (incarnation of God). Eventually Krishna faces his uncle, Kans. The cruel ruler had planned to slay Krishna but he meets his own death at the hands of Shri Krishna. Before killing him, Krishna reveals to him his 'Viraat Roop' (Deity Incarnate in its full form).

Episode 18: Shri Krishna releases King Ugrasen and his parents Devki and Vasudev who had been imprisoned by Kans. People of Mathura rejoice and celebrate the coronation of King Ugrasen. Krishna goes to Sandeepani Gurukul for his education. In Nandgaon, Yashoda is upset learn that Shri Krishna had stayed back in Mathura and probably would never return. The Pandava children, Yudhishtra, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev grow up and receive their education in the Forrest. Pandu dies in the forest and Kunti returns to Hastinapur with her children

Episode 19: Vyas takes Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika to Tapovan (forest). Before leaving, Satyavati tells Dhritarashtra to look after the Pandava children. The Kaurava and the Pandava children grow up together. They are educated under Kripacharya. Shakuni instigates Duryodhan against the Pandavas and rivalry develops between the Kauravas and Pandavas.

Episode 20: Adirath is released from the duties as blind-King Dhritarashtra's assistant. Sanjay takes over from Adirath as Dhritarashtra's assistant. Rivalry between Duryodhan and Bheem develops. Duryodhan plots to poison Bheem. After poisoning Bheem he throws him out in River Ganga. Bheem survives the attempt to kill him and he is returned safely to Kunti and his brothers.

Episode 21: Kunti forbids Bheem from saying anything about Duryodhan's attempt to kill him. Vidur suspects something is behind Bheem's silence. He goes to see Bheeshma to discuss his concerns. Bheeshma is worried about the development, but is helpless as he had vowed to protect the throne of Hastinapur and he cannot take sides. Duryodhan and Shakuni continue to plot against Bheem. Dhritarashtra is concerned about the development in Hastinapur but Gandhari is a sobering influence on him. Meanwhile, in Mathura at the Sandespani Gurukul Shri Krishna and Sudama become bosom friends. Also, in the episode Dronacharya (Drona) is introduced as one of the teachers of Kuru princes.

Episode 22: Dronacharya trains the Kaurva princes in the art of archery and other military skills. Arjun gets poised by his teachers, Duryodhan is often advised to control his arrogance. Shakuni rebukes his sister Gandhari for not seeing through all the plots of the Pandavas.

Episode 23: Drona trains the Kuru princes in the art of 'Gada Yudh' (Mace fighting). Bheem and Duryodhan specialize in it and exhibit their skills. Drona is specially delighted by Arjun's prowess and he loves him even more than his own son, Ashwathama. Drona informs Bheeshma that the education of Kuru princes is complete. They agree to hold a tournament to test the war-skills of the princes.

Episode 24: A special stadium is built to exhibit the feats of the Kuru princes in front of spectators. Members of the royal household are invited. Dressed in pure white, lending dignity and grace to his personality, Drona enters the stadium. His son Ashwathama accompanies him. The Kuru princes enter one by one in the arena, led by Yudhushtra - the eldest prince. The princes perform amazing feats with their bows, arrows, swords and javelins. There follows fight with maces between Duryodhan and Bheem. Drona asks Ashwathama to bring the duel to a close, when it gets too spirited. He then asks Arjun to perform his feats. A deafening cheer welcomes Arjun to the stage, and the blind King Dhritrashtra

Episode 25: The education of the Kuru princes is over. Drono continues to advise the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. The pandavas do well and this makes Dhritarashtra unhappy. Shri Krishna and Balram finish their education of Sandeepani Gurukul and plan to return to Mathura. Pursuram arrives at the Gurukul and gives Shri Krishna his Sudarshan Chakra. He asks Shri Krishna to lay the foundation of a New Yuga (New Era).

Episode 26: After finishing his education of Sandeepani Gurukul Shri Krishna returns to Mathura. Krishna advises Ugrasen, the King of Mathura, to shift his capital from Mathura to Dwarka. The Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur is to be chosen and Duryodhan is staking his claim while Drona, Vidur and the people of Hastinapur favor Yudhishthir. Bheeshma remains silent as he is bound by his vow to serve the throne which is with Dhritarashtra.

Episode 27: The court meets to name the Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra is compelled to appoint Yudhisthir because of his superior intellect. Jarasandh, the King of Magadha, arrives in Vidharbha to meet King Bheeshmak. Jarasandh asks Bheeshmak to invite Shishupal, the Chedi King, to marry his daughter Rukmani and make Shishupal his ally. Rukmani, however, has lost her heart to Shri Krishna so she writes him a letter to take her away.

Episode 28: Shri Krishna has received a letter from Rukmani asking him to take her away from Vidarbha before she is married to Shishupal. Krishna goes to Vidarbha where he defeats Bheeshmak and Shishupal and takes Rukmani away. In Hastinapur Dhritarashtra is worried about his throne. Yudhishthir has been made Heir Apparent (Yuvaraj) and due to his popularity the people want him to become their king as soon as possible. Meanwhile Duryodhan and Shakuni plot against Yudhishthir. They would like him to die before he becomes the King. Shakuni invents a plan to send Yudhishthir and his brothers to Vamavat where they would be burnt alive in a house of wax.

Episode 29: Duryodhan asks Dhritrashtra to send the Pandav brothers to Varnavat to attend a festival. He threatens to commit suicide if Pandav brothers are not sent to Varnavat. Dhritarashtra is worried about the growing conflict between Yudhishthir and Duryodhan. He consults Vidur and is advised to send Yudhishthir and Duryodhan to Varnavat to represent Hastinapur in the festival.

Episode 30: Kunti takes Yudhishthir to Gandhari to seek her blessings before leaving for Varnavat. Gandhari is happy to learn that Yudhisthir will stay in the beautiful palace built by her son Duryodhan. She is unaware that the palace is meant to kill Yudhishthir. The Pandav brothers are suspicious of Duryodhan's eagerness to send Yudhishthir to Varnavat; so they accompany him to Varnavat. Kunti also decides to go with them. Vidur learns that Duryodhan's spies had been collecting wax, oil and other flammable materials in the recent past. Vidur warns Yudhishthir in words that are intelligible only to him. Yudhishthir understands Duryodhan's hideous plan and the means to escape.

Episode 31: Only three days are left for the house of wax to go up in flames and for Kunti and her five sons to burn to death. Vidur informs Pandas of the evil plan and sends them a miner who helps them dig a tunnel to escape. The charred corpses of a woman and her five sons mistakenly give credence to the news that the Pandavas were burnt alive. The Kauravas shed false tears for the "dead" Pandavs.

Episode 32: After escaping from the tragedy, the Pandavas arrive in a forest and rest. Bheem and Arjun want to confront the Kauravas, but Kunti and Yudhishthir decide against it. Bheeshma goes to the river Ganga to perform the last rites of the Pandavas. Vidur then informs him that the Pandavas are alive and to keep the secret to himself.

Episode 33: The Pandavas stay in the city of Ekchakra in the guise of Brahmins. Kunti and Bheem learn of a cruel and terribly strong rakshasa named Bakasur who was harassing the people. Bheem sets out to eliminate this rakshasa. A great fight ensues and Bheem kills him. Not wanting to be recognized by the citizens of Ekchakra, the Pandavas leave the Brahmin's house unnoticed and proceed on their journey, waiting for better days to come.

Episode 34: The Pandavas journey through the forest and learn about Draupadi the daughter of King Drupad. At Droupadi's royal wedding ceremony many warrior princes were invited to attend. The candidate for the hand of the princess was required to string a mighty steel bow and shoot a steel arrow. Many noted princes rise and try in vain to string the bow. Then a youth arises from among the group of Brahmins and advances towards the bow. It is Arjun in the guise of a Brahmin. On Shri Krishna recognizes him. Arjun easily lifts the bow and strings it.

Episode 35: Without pause or hesitation Arjun shoots his arrow into the target. He wins Draupadi's hand in marriage. The princes are loud with anger. "How can a Brahmin marry a princess?" they demand. A fight seems imminent. Shri Krishna seeks to appease the princes and Arjun and Bheem protect Draupadi. At long lost they take Draupadi to their temporary abode. Kunti unknowingly asks the five Pandava brothers to share their bride prize. Also, Shri Krishna meets his aunt Kunti and his cousins. Meanwhile Dhrishtadyumna, who had followed them, reports back and reveals the true identities of Pandava brothers.

Episode 36: Duryodhan and Shakuni are furious when they learn that the Pandava brothers are alive and that King Dhritrashtra has sent Vidur to call them back to Hastinapur. Karna, as usual, is ready to fight them, but Shakuni realizes that with King Drupad and Krishna on the side of the Pandavas it would be difficult to defeat them. Dhritrashtra consoles Duryodhan and assures him that his rights as the Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur will be fully protected. In Kampilya, King Drupad and Shri Krishna advise Yudhishthir to fight for his right to the throne of Hastinapur. Just then Vidur arrive

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