Mac OS X leopard Install DVD5 bootable **ENGLISH ONLY**

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Mac OS X leopard Install DVD5 bootable **ENGLISH ONLY** (Size: 4.31 GB)
  Mac OS X leopard Install DVD5 bootable.cdr 4.31 GB


torrent is a slimmed down version of leopard which if ur reading this will prolly be aware its an OS for MAC computers, .....


All lang aprt from obvious hardcoded english
All Printer Driver pkg's (easy to get from vendor)
Developer Tools(XTools)
mibbe some other bits and pieces i forgot about.....

liposuction was performed on the original developers image of OS X LEOPARD 10.5
using carbonCC to do the actual surgery, i cant remember if i just saved it as an cdr image with ccc but if i remember correctly i resized it a baw-hair with disk utility first. yeah thats what i done then burnt to a TDK SL DVD -R using the mac "superdrive" (total misnomer, fkin superSLOWdrive would be more accurate tbh)
any way you burn it using your desired software of choice, disk util is slow as fck but gets the job done toast is faster i dunno its fkin academic anyway as everyone has there own likings, but whatever i sure i used disk util but it might have been "burn" but im leaning to disk util as im sure burn is schict, cant mind, lol ( would you guesss i smoke too much weed???? lol)

so to confirm the score what we have here is a "Bootable" "Installable" (gets you access to time machine, disk util, passy changer etc from boot as per full size dvd9) i have burnt, booted and installed it to check it works so if you like it pls buy the real thing or even buy a license to go with a downloadable. you know.

the *ONLY* (and i dont mean it wont work on others) mac this was tested on is a white 2ghz dual core intel based mac,


this dvd will take 20+ minutes to boot on your machine, some macs take 1 whole hour !! yeah a whole hour, hardly seems worth it but i know ppl want this disk.if it takes more than 1 hour just bite the bullet and get a dl capable burner cos when "time + efort = wrong_result_annoyed_wanttosmashelectricals" its easier to get 20 quid out your skip and buy the real mcoy dl-dvd burner, external if need be.

**ALWAYS** boot while holding down the option key and select the disk that says "EFI BooT"

( i have found that booting with C held down is hit and miss to say the least, pure kak would be more accurate)

/siren_noise /randomness alert w00t w00t randommness alert w00t w00t .....>

+++++ but hey macs are better than PC;s LOLOLOL, well i have got both and macs are good fun to muck around on, mine looks like you just want to touch it !! oooooh :) and makes little to no noise, but everything is CASH oriantated with apple i have found and a tad harder to warezify it, games are sh1t on it and it kinda just does stuff wheter you like or not. its secure(oob) so im told, pc is noisy looks pretty good aswell things just "work" where on mac you need to make them work if u get me. right ffs im off on a mac v PC rant, so i will stfu and go bust out a few pipes of skunk :)+++++



when you get to the part of the install where you tick or untick components make sure you take the tick out of any language you can find other than english any thing with the word printer and xcode tools also or you will get files not available errors at the end,


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4.31 GB
Mac OS X leopard Install DVD5 bootable **ENGLISH ONLY**

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Torrent: Mac OS X leopard Install DVD5 bootable **ENGLISH ONLY**


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I found the developer's instructions on how to create a working dvd5 of Leopard. I am attempting it now. Should it work (I will be testing it on a G4 867 MHz Quicksilver w/ dvd5 Superdrive) I will create a torrent of it, link the torrent in the comments here, and seed like crazy.
As suspected, and probably should have noticed from the semi coherent description. THIS IS NOT 10.5.6! 10.5.6 was the PPC distribution. This IS an EFI, IDENEB intel strip! It registered as a boot device on my intel iMac... although I did not wait for the complete boot-up. After 20 minutes of Apple+pinwheel, I gave up; as, WHY WOULD SOME ONE NEED AN INTEL DVD5 DISTRIBUTION OF 10.5? ALL intel Macs came/come with DL DVD drives!!!!! The DL distribution was Apples way of forcing older G4 users to upgrade. Your efforts were an epic FAIL. or perhaps your description should have said "FOR HACKINTOSH". On another note.... Your castigating, highly UNEDUCATED statements regarding the PC vs. Mac were cute. They were almost full thoughts! Good job! I would suggest learning how to actually USE your Mac PROPERLY, enrolling in an English course, and maybe putting down the bowl of skunk when creating your torrents.
EPIC FAIL!!! I burned copies using Toast. and Disk Utility, at slowest speed using an iMac (2010). I then attempted to install on an 867 MHz G4. The DVD is not recognized as having a bootable system in either "start-up disk", bootloader, nor by holding "C" at start-up. I would ask the creator: Is this extracted from the intel distribution of Leopard? If the answer is, "No. PPC (or Universal Binary)", then I must conclude it was improperly extracted and compiled. Hmmm... Maybe I'll try booting my iMac from it now...... Let ya know!
With Mac OS X use either Disk Utility, or Toast Titanium to burn. Img Burn to burn it in Windows. And, in Ubuntu, just convert the .cdr to .iso by right clicking on it, choosing "Copy Disk" and setting to "File Image". Should be able to burn it with Brasero, Toaster, Nautilus, etc... . Downloading now..... good speed. Will post whether it works or not, and seed it if it does.
...on a ubuntu linux machine that is, maybe Ill try img burn in wine.
well it is a .cdr image - cant find anything to burn it...
so does it works?

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