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Learn and Master Drums (12 DVDs, 5 CDs and Lesson Book) DVDRip (Size: 12.25 GB)
  Learn & Master Drums - 00 - How to Use This Course.avi 83.66 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 01 - Starting Off Right.avi 661.88 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 02 - Basics of the Beat.avi 682.81 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 03 - Musical Notation.avi 407.63 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 04 - The Ride Cymbal.avi 675.87 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 05 - Expanding on the Basics.avi 685.21 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 06 - Blues & Shuffles.avi 339.2 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 07 - Basic Rock Beats.avi 634.87 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 08 - The Jazz Ride & Brushes.avi 408.57 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 09 - Jazz Coordination.avi 458.19 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 10 - Rudiments.avi 647.18 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 11 - Rolls.avi 409.97 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 12 - Moeller Technique.avi 674.65 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 13 - Drum Fills.avi 351.83 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 14 - Advanced Rock Coordination.avi 281.48 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 15 - Advanced Sticking & Linear Drumming.avi 381.71 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 16 - Time, Groove, & Pocket.avi 414.61 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 17 - Double Bass Drumming.avi 403.14 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 18 - New Orleans and R&B Drumming.avi 440.23 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 19 - Latin, Brazilian & Reggae Drumming.avi 565.42 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 20 - Song Structure & Musicality.avi 605.51 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 21 - Soloing.avi 258.58 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - 22 - Beyond Drumming Technique.avi 426.41 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 01 - History of the Drumset.avi 54.76 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 02 - How a Drum Is Made.avi 72.29 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 03 - How to Tune a Drum.avi 197.74 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 04 - Setting Up the Drumset.avi 144.76 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 05 - Drumsticks.avi 48.57 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 06 - Warm Up Stretching Exercises.avi 54.76 MB
  Learn & Master Drums - Bonus Disc - 07 - Bass Drum Technique Workshop.avi 197.67 MB
  And 3 files more
  Play Along CD 1 - Blues & Early Rock 1
  Play Along CD 2 - Blues & Early Rock 2
  Play Along CD 3 - Basic Rock, 60's Rock & Modern Rock
  Play Along CD 4 - Soul and R&B
  Play Along CD 5 - Soul and R&B, Jazz & Brazilian


Learn & Master Drums

Complete Set (12 DVDs, 5 Play Along CDs, Lesson Book PDF)
***UPDATE*** I've accidentally uploaded a duplicate video from the bonus DVD. The video labeled "History of the
Drumset" is actually the same video as "Warm Up Stretching Exercises". I've uploaded the correct video
which you can find here: http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1827773
Play Along CDs:
CD 1 - Blues & Early Rock 1

CD 2 - Blues & Early Rock 2

CD 3 - Basic Rock, 60's Rock & Modern Rock

CD 4 - Soul and R&B

CD 5 - Soul and R&B, Jazz & Brazilian
DVD Lessons:
Introduction – How to Use This Course
1) Starting Off Right

Playing the Bass Drum, Heel Down Position, Heel Up Position, Bass Drum Exercises, Setting Up the Snare Drum, Proper
Hand Movement, Gripping the Drumstick, Developing a Rebounding Stroke, Basic Rebound Strokes
2) Basics of the Beat

Introduction to the Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat Exercises, Playing the Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Together, Adding the Snare Drum, The
Mother of All Beats, Subdividing the Beat: Quarters, 8ths and 16ths, Alternating Sixteenth Notes, The Dance Beat
3) Musical Notation

The Basics of Reading Music, Clefs, Notes, and Rests, Time Signatures, The Note Tree, Dotted Notes, Musical Terms,
Straight vs. Swing Beats, Music Reading Using the Reading Pages
4) The Ride Cymbal

Ride Cymbal Technique, Drum Notation, Coordination with Bass, Snare and Hi-Hat, Quarter Note Ride Cymbal Exercises,
Eighth Note Ride Cymbal Exercises, Playing the Bell of the Ride Cymbal
5) Expanding on the Basics

Snare Alternating 16th Notes, Alternating 16th Note Snare Drum Exercises, Dynamics in Music, Accents, Accented
Alternating 16th Note Exercises, 16ths with Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Exercises, Variations on the Bo Diddley Beat
6) Blues & Shuffles

Blues & Shuffle Basics, Blues Shuffle Beats, 12/8 Blues Beats, Blues Dynamics
7) Basic Rock Beats

Introduction to Rock Drumming, Basic Rock Beats, The Money Beat, 2 Bar Rock Grooves, Early Rock Beats
8) The Jazz Ride & Brushes

The Jazz Ride Pattern, Four Positions of the Jazz Ride, Playing with Brushes
9) Jazz Coordination

Jazz Coordination & Independence, Two Way Jazz Coordination, Charleston Rhythm, Three Way Jazz Coordination, Three
Bar Exercises, Triplets Between Bass & Snare, Four Way Jazz Coordination, Jazz Coordination Using the Reading
10) Rudiments

Rudiments, Grace Notes, Ruffs and Drags, Flams, Paradiddles, Swiss Rudiments, Applying Rudiments to the Drumset
11) Rolls

Single Stroke Roll, Closed Rolls, Open Rolls, Rolls Exercises
12) Moeller Technique

The Fundamental Moeller Strokes: the Downstroke, the Tap and the Upstroke, Moeller Technique Practice, Moeller Triplet
Exercises, Moeller Sixteenth Note Exercises
13) Drum Fills

Introduction to Fills, Tips for Playing Fills, Developing Coordination, Playing in Shapes, Three Over Two Phrases,
Practical Drum Fills
14) Advanced Rock Coordination

Rock Systems, Systems with Hi-Hat Eighth Notes, Snare Backbeats & Melody on Bass Drum, Advanced Rock Systems
15) Advanced Sticking & Linear Drumming

Advanced Sticking, Type A Stickings, Type A Stickings in 16th Notes Exercises, Type A Stickings in Triplets
Exercises,Type B Stickings, Type C Stickings, Linear Drumming, Linear Drumming Sequence
16) Time, Groove & Pocket

Time, Groove & Pocket, Improving Your Time Practice Ideas, The Note Tree Exercise, The Jazz Ride Meditation, The
Charleston Warm Down, The 20 Minute Groove, Making the Most of Your Metronome
17) Double Bass Drumming

Double Bass Drum Technique, Alternating Strokes, Latin Variations, Enhanced Rock Grooves, Sixteenth Note Variations,
Bass Drum Reinforcement, Double Bass Fills, Double Bass Shuffles, Latin Double Bass Grooves
18) New Orleans and R & B Drumming

New Orleans Drumming, Second Line & New Orleans Beats, R & B Beats, Motown Beats, Memphis Rock Beats, Funk
Beats, Modern Beats, Half Time Grooves, Hip Hop Beats
19) Latin, Brazilian & Reggae Drumming

Latin Drumming, Clave, The 6/8 and Cut Time Relationship, Rumba Clave, Son Clave, The Tumbao, Ponche, Bombo Note &
the Cascara Rhythm, Cha-Cha, Songo, Brazilian Music, Samba, Reggae Beats
20) Song Structure & Musicality

Song Structure, Jazz Song Form, Writing a Drum Chart, Drum Figures, Drum Set Ups
21) Soloing

Free Form Soloing, Soloing Over Song Form,Working Out a Solo vs. Improvising, Soloing Over an Ostinato, Exploring
Alternative Sounds, Trading Fours in Jazz
22) Beyond Drumming Technique

Left-Right-Right Running Pattern, The Never-Ending Charleston, The Eight Combinations
Bonus Disc:

-History of the Drumset: Get it here: http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1827773
-How a Drum Is Made

-How to Tune a Drum

-Setting Up the Drumset


-Warm Up Stretching Exercises

-Bass Drum Technique Workshop

-Hi-Hat Technique Workshop

-Thanks and Credits

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