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WYSWYG editing for better visuals and also later edit.

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Hi all,
As of right now it is very sparse the editing skills or/and control over either the look and feel of data posted on either the forums and especially in creating ideas.
I wish there was a way we could have richer set of tools so I could distinguish between say any code/italics I want to write or something else altogether. I know it can be done even in the existing way but that needs either knowing using HTML or markdown or whatever script is being used to do stuff.
It would be nice if we can get some tools for the same.
Again I'm using the General enhancements route as I don't know which is the right place and I feel it could be used everywhere.

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Idea: WYSWYG editing for better visuals and also later edit.

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ok seems I didn't see that almost all I said has been implemented, maybe it happened in the March update or just a brief before. Can this one be taken out/deleted.
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